Obama’s New National Security Team?

While no official announcements have been made, President Obama’s second term national security team appears to be taking shape.

Generals Live Like Kings

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates is bemused that the generals who worked for him lived more lavish lifestyles than he did.

DOMA, Double Standards, and the Military

Couples of the same sex can marry at the West Point chapel, they’re treated much differently under the Defense of Marriage Act.

Global Trends 2030

The National Intelligence Council has released its quadrennial strategic forecast, Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds.

Pete Dawkins, Most Accomplished Heisman Winner Ever

The title of most impressive Heisman winner of all time goes to Pete Dawkins, who won the award in 1958.

Air Force Cracks Down On Objectification

The Air Force has a leadership crisis.

Drone Strike on Democracy

My first piece for the New York Daily News, “A Drone Strike on Democracy,” has posted.

Does The New Stolen Valor Act Pass Constitutional Muster?

Congress is trying to re-write a law that the Supreme Court found unconstitutional in June. Have they succeeded?

NATO Patriots to Turkey for ‘Defensive Purposes Only’

NATO has agreed to deploy Patriot missiles along the Turkey-Syria border to protect Turkish airspace and territory, while making clear no escalation is intended.

Stolen Valor Act of 2012

Outgoing Senator Jim Webb is making another attempt at passing the Stolen Valor Act, deemed unconstitutional last year by the US Supreme Court.

West Point Chapel Hosts Lesbian Wedding

One of West Point’s first female graduates has married her long-time girlfriend at the Cadet Chapel.

Drone Crashes at Civilian Airports Multiplying

US military drones are crashing at civilian airports around the world.

The Answer to the Benghazi “Scandal”?

Has Petraeus provided the basic explanation for the administration’s immediate responses to Benghazi?

Israel Seems Headed Toward An Invasion Of Gaza

The conflict between Israel and Hamas appears to be heading in one unfortunate direction.

Petraeus Debunks Petraeus Conspiracy Theories

People continue to spread conspiracy theories explaining the “real reason” that David Petraeus’s extra-marital affair became public.

The Petraeus Scandal And The Surveillance State

If nothing else, the Petraeus affair is teaching us a valuable lesson in just how extensive the Surveillance State has become.

Reconsidering The Petraeus Hagiography

The scandal now surrounding David Petraeus should lead people to reassess his past record.

FBI, DOJ Knew About Petraeus Affair For Months

The David Petraeus/Paula Broadwell story gets curiouser.

What do I Mean by “Benghazi Conspiracy Theories”?

An attempt to lay down some basic groundwork for discussing this story.

Petraeus Hindsight Bias

As is often the case with sex scandals, pretty much everything ever written about General David Petraeus takes on an ironic double meaning in hindsight.

The Petraeus Scandal Within a Scandal

The scandal that led to P4’s downfall has many layers, none of them flattering to the most famous American general of his generation.

David Petraeus Resigns As CIA Director, Admitting To Extra-Marital Affair

A surprise Friday resignation at the CIA.

Praying Passenger Gets Denver to DC Plane Military Escort

A passenger praying in the aisles will apparently get your plane priority landing privileges.

In 2012, Democrats Had The Advantage On Foreign Policy

Without question, Barack Obama won the foreign policy debate in the 2012 campaign.

Presidents Do Foreign Policy, Too?

In a posting for New Atlanticist titled “Status Quo Election,” I note the near total absence of foreign affairs from a presidential campaign that’s mercifully coming to an end.

Twitter Hoax: SEAL Who Killed bin Laden Killed in Battle

Trending on Twitter this morning: “R.I.P. Paul Davis. The Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden died in battle today. Retweet to honor him.”

Tomb of the Known Unknowns

Do we really need to guard the Tomb of the Unknowns in the midst of a hurricane?

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