Blame The Afghan Rioters For Murder, But Condemn The Demagogues Too

The only people responsible for the murders in Afghanistan are the people who committed them, but the demagogues like Terry Jones deserve condemnation as well.

The Fukushima Reactor Suffered a Partial Meltdown

The Japanese government has announced that the Fukushima Reactor suffered a partial meltdown.

The Political Consequences Of Japan’s Triple Disasters

Will one of the worst natural disasters to hit Japan in centuries change the relationship between the Japanese government and the people?

Obama Fills Out His Bracket While World Collapses

President Obama is once again catching flak for his leisure activities.

Japanese Nuclear Disaster

A March 12 explosion at the earthquake-damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Okuma, Japan, appears to have caused a reactor meltdown.

88,000 Missing in Japan?

The damage in Japan from today’s quake is dramatic and heartbreaking.

Dalai Lama Stepping Down

The Dalai Lama will give up his political role in the Tibetan government-in-exile and shift that power to an elected representative.

Charlie Sheen Symbolizes Western Decadance

An op-ed by a Hao Leifeng in China’s Global Times argues that “Actor Charlie Sheen is a classic example of the difference in Western and Eastern values and norms.”

A Crash Coming In China?

Is the Chinese economy headed for a correction?

China: Balancing Interests

Like it or not, human rights is only at the top of the agenda for countries that otherwise don’t much matter.

Tweet of the Day

At Least 50 Dead in Suicide Bomb Attack in Iraq

While the violence is down in Iraq, it’s not gone.

New Wikileaks Cables Show Deep U.S. Concern Over Pakistan

The latest wrong of documents from Wikileaks show that American diplomats are as worried about Pakistan as the rest of us, and not quite sure how to deal with the situation.

China Ready To Bail On North Korea?

The latest Wikileaks revelations suggest that China may not be willing to protect North Korea for much longer.

McCain and North Korea

McCain brings up “regime change” in re: the DKRP and China apparently isn’t doing enough.

A Basic Point on the Korea Situation

There is at least one simple reason why dealing with the North is so difficult.

North Korea Shells South Korean Island, Tensions Rise

Tensions are on the rise again on the Korean Peninsula after North Korea shelled a South Korean island.

New Plant Raises New North Korean Nuclear Concerns

North Korea has unveiled to the world a new nuclear processing facility that puts back on the table the question of just what we should, or can, do about the fact that a rogue state possesses nuclear weapons and wants to build more.

Few Afghans Know Why The U.S. Is In Their Country

Afghans in two crucial southern provinces are almost completely unaware of the September 11 attacks on the United States and don’t know they precipitated the foreign intervention now in its 10th year, a new report showed on Friday.

Afghan President: U.S. Should Reduce Military Presence

Hamid Karazi says that the United States needs to reduce it’s military presence in his country. Perhaps we should listen to him.

Afghanistan: A War Without End

According to reports, the Obama Administration is set to abandon the July 2011 withdrawal deadline that was set earlier this year.

U.S. Military Operations Having Little Impact On Taliban

The military surge in Afghanistan appears to be having little impact on the Taliban.

Karzai Corruption Includes Iranian Bribes

We already knew that Hamid Karzai was corrupt, now we know he takes bribes from the Iranians.

Rising China

While the American economy languishes, China is booming again.

Chinese Dissident Dedicates Nobel Peace Prize To Tianamen Square Victims

Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo has dedicated his Nobel Peace Prize to the victims of the June 1989 massacre in Tianamen Square. Proving again that the events of that day still live on in the memory of many Chinese people.