Is The Chinese Economic “Threat” Overblown?

Are the worries about China overtaking the United States realistic?

“We’ll Fight Against America For A Thousand Years If We Have To”: The Folly Of Afghanistan

The U.S. War in Afghanistan sounds disturbingly similar to the Soviet one.

Poll: Americans Say Asia More Important To U.S. Interests Than Europe

A new poll shows that Americans are starting to look East.

U.S. Troops In Afghanistan Until 2024?

The U.S may be on the verge of committing the next decade to the future of Afghanistan.

Very Little Of What U.S. Consumers Spend Goes Toward Stuff Made In China

What you think you know about the U.S.-China trade relationship may not be entirely true.

China, US Debt, and Power

Joseph Nye explains why China’s “demand the United States address its structural debt problems and ensure the safety of China’s dollar assets” is really just talk.

China and US Debt

Contrary to myth, China holds only 8 percent of US federal debt.

GDP Alone Does not Tell the Development Story

Yes, China’s GDP growth has been impressive for some time now, but it is not the sole way to understand development.

Should We Be More Like China?

I’m continually shocked when demonstrably bright and accomplished people fall in love with authoritarian states.

North Korea Famine: Starving Soldiers

Australia’s ABC News has video smuggled out by an activist showing widespread famine in North Korea, including filthy children begging in the streets and evidence that even soldiers are not getting enough to eat.

Majority Of Americans Want Troops Removed From Afghanistan ASAP

As the President prepares to announce his plans for the future in Afghanistan, a majority of Americans want the troops home now.

Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants Linked to Osama Raid

The ISI appears to have shown a special interest in informants that helped the CIA find bin Laden.

AKP Retains Majority in Turkish Elections

Turkey has had elections, and the ruling AKP has retained a majority in parliament. The next major issue appears to be constitutional reform.

China is Not Our Enemy

The Navy’s director of warfare integration says China is a “smart and learning enemy.”

Pakistan Claims It Did Its Part To Catch Bin Laden

The question of how the world’s most wanted man could’ve hidden in plain sight in Pakistan continues to be asked.

Bin Laden Was Mostly Disconnected From The World

Bin Laden spent the last half-decade in a compound where his only contact with the outside world was a few couriers.

Pakistan, You Got Some `Splainin’ To Do

How exactly was the most wanted man in the world able to hide in this house without anyone in Pakistan knowing about it?

Pakistani Man Unwittingly Live-Tweets Raid That Killed bin Laden

A Pakistani man named Sohaib Athar unwittingly became part of history in the early hours of Sunday morning when he started telling twitter about some odd events in Abbotabad, Pakistan

Blame The Afghan Rioters For Murder, But Condemn The Demagogues Too

The only people responsible for the murders in Afghanistan are the people who committed them, but the demagogues like Terry Jones deserve condemnation as well.

The Fukushima Reactor Suffered a Partial Meltdown

The Japanese government has announced that the Fukushima Reactor suffered a partial meltdown.

The Political Consequences Of Japan’s Triple Disasters

Will one of the worst natural disasters to hit Japan in centuries change the relationship between the Japanese government and the people?