Nick Saban Retires

The greatest coach in college football history is hanging it up.

College Football Playoff Chaos

The four-team Playoff will go out making a lot of folks mad.

College Football Playoff Expansion

The inevitable is now very much in progress.

Alabama Wins 6th Championship in Saban Era

The Crimson Tide’s best season is one that shouldn’t have been played.

Another Alabama Coordinator Hired During Playoffs

Steve Sarkisian joins a frustrating trend.

Citing Health Issues, Urban Meyer Retires As Ohio State Head Coach

Nine years after retiring as Head Coach at Florida, Urban Meyer announced earlier this week that he would retire from his current position at Ohio State after the Rose Bowl.

ESPN’s Conflict of Interest

Can ESPN cover sports while partnering with the sports leagues?

Bring Back the BCS!

Some preliminary thoughts on the inaugural college playoff system.

Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State Head To College Football Playoffs

You’ve got your playoff College Football fans, as imperfect as it was inevitably going to be.

The New College Football Playoff System Won’t Be Any Better Than the B.C.S. Was

The B.C.S. was far from perfect, and the College Football Playoff system will be, at best, only slightly better.

Has Soccer Finally Captured American Hearts?

Only two 2013 college football games attracted more viewers that Tuesday’s World Cup match vs. Belgium.

GOP Looking To Overhaul Primary, Convention Process Ahead Of 2016

Republicans have some good ideas about overhauling how they pick a nominee. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see how most of them can be enforced.

Democrats Dominate List Of Most Vulnerable Senate Seats In 2014

The 7 seats most likely to switch parties are held by Democrats.

Judging The 2012 Preditions

Last January 1, some of us made a series of predictions. Here’s how we did.

The College Coaching Carousel

FSU’s Jimbo Fisher offers interesting insights into the coaching profession.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Exorcism of Arizona Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Four Game College Football Playoff Approved, Will Start With 2014 Season

After years of calls for a College Football playoff, we’ll finally get one. Let the criticism begin.

What The Heck Happened With The Facebook IPO?

It was supposed to be the return of the heady days of the great Tech Industry IPOs. But, things didn’t quite go as planned.

College Football Playoff: It’s Complicated

College football will get a four-team playoff. What it’ll look like is anyone’s guess.

The Man Who Broke Alabama’s Championship Trophy

You’ve likely heard that Alabama’s 2011 football championship trophy was accidentally smashed last weekend by the father of one of the players. Now, as Paul Harvey would have said, for the rest of the story.

Pat Summitt and the Evolution of Women’s Basketball

Pat Summitt’s predecessor stepped down as head coach to work on her doctorate.

Mitt Romney Walks Away Unscathed From Yet Another Debate

Watching last night’s debate, you would have been surprised to learn that Mitt Romney has any real opponents in the Republican race.

A Glance Into The Crystal Ball For 2012

So, what’s next?

Cam Newton, Racism, and Black Quarterbacks

The Panthers rookie is having a historic season. Were doubts that he could succeed colored by race?

Ed DeChellis Leaves Penn State for Navy

Now here’s a story you don’t see every day: The head coach of a major college basketball team leaving for a service academy.

BCS vs. Playoffs

While I support a college playoff, there’s an argument to be made for the integrity of the regular season.

Oregon: Plasma Screen Sports, Covered Wagon Academics

While the University of Oregon’s athletic programs are flourishing in a seas of green, its academic programs are woefully underfunded.

Big 12 Imploding

Congress vs. BCS is BS