Biden Delivers ‘Fiery’ Campaign Speech

The state of the union is apparently fiery.

Keeping Insurrectionists Out of Office

It’s easy if you try.

Appeals Court Ruling Threatens 100+ Capitol Rioter Sentences

The “interference with the administration of justice” enhancement was wrongly applied.

Congress Contemplating Counter-Insurrection

A truly insane proposition.

Trump Confuses Haley With Pelosi

The man is not well.

“Just Joking”

Some things shouldn’t be joked about (and they often aren’t jokes anyway).

‘Passive’ Capitol Rioters Still Criminals

An illustration of the justice system working as designed.

Biden: “Is Democracy Still America’s Sacred Cause?”

Making 2024 about 2021 and 1777.

14th Amendment Solutions

One weird trick could save us from Trump.

Violent Rhetoric: Legal But Dangerous

Politicians and other thought leaders are playing with fire.

Pelosi Desk Guy Gets 4-1/2 Years

Seems about right.

Zealots and Pluralists

A moderate Republican almost diagnoses the problem.

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keeper leader, fatass loser POS

Oath Keeper Founder Guilty of ‘Seditious Conspiracy’

A watershed moment in the prosecutions of the Capitol Rioters.

Calcified Democracy

A deep dive into why our politics are so broken.

Craziness, Disconnectedness, and a Toxic Political Climate Equals Violence

The attack at the Pelosi house should surprise no one.

The January 6 Hearings Are Over. Now What?

The investigation produced mounds of evidence. Will it matter?

Prosecuting Trump for Mishandling Classified Materials

It’s complicated, hard to prove, and politically fraught.

Defending the Constitution Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic

What should conservatives who can’t support the party of Trump do?

The Capitol Riot and Fox News

A large plurality of the network’s viewers think left wingers trying to make Trump look bad are to blame.

The Weak Case Against the January 6 Committee

Republicans killed their parents and demanding mercy for being orphaned.

Trump Ordered the Code Red

You’re goddamn right he did.

Taking Notes on a Criminal Conspiracy

The Proud Boys, Trump family, and Alex Jones all filmed documentaries of their actions leading up to January 6.

Sotomayor Defends Thomas

The longest-serving Supreme Court Justice is a nice guy.

Takeaways From the Takeaways

It’s not all about Trump.

Fox Tried to Derail the ‘Big Lie’ Before Going All In

Chris Stirewalt takes a victory lap.

The January 6 Committee’s Audience

It was yuuuge! And nobody saw it!

Unity My Ass

Are you going to believe this index or your own lyin’ eyes?

January 6 Committee Public Hearings: Day 1

The laying out of the case begins.

January 6 Committee Divided on Which Non-Starter Recommendations to Make

They’re taking their eye off the ball.

Star Trek Goes Woke!

Has a franchise that’s always been political gone too far?

January 6 Committee Subpoenas Republican Leaders

An unprecedented manuever in response to unprecedented obstruction.

New York’s Gerrymandering Disarmament

When doing the right thing is the wrong thing.

Chip Roy’s Texts

More willingness to subvert the election.

Proud Boys Leader Turns Rat

A key planner of the Capitol riot has agreed to testify against others in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Trump Judge Acquits January 6 Non-Rioter

Two hundred-odd people have pled or been found guilty. One has been acquitted.

Garland Under Pressure to Indict Trump

Democrats want the DOJ to act more quickly.

More Details On 7 Hours “Missing” From 1/6 White House Phone Logs

They’re not missing and that points to a systemic issue

Judge: Trump Committed Crimes

His conversations with lawyers about stealing the election are not protected by privilege.

Chris Wallace Found Fox News’ Relationship with Truth ‘Unsustainable’

The network’s longtime weekend anchor couldn’t take it anymore.

Ginni Thomas the Insurrectionist

A Supreme Court Justice’s wife urged the White House and Congressional Republicans to steal the 2020 election.

Pence Attacks Trump Without Attacking Trump

One can see the faintest hint of a backbone in the former Vice President.

Jan 6 Committee Alleges Trump Criminal Conspiracy

The former President should have known that his claims of election fraud were baseless.

‘Freedom Convoy’ Coming to DC

Right wing protestors are expected to attempt to create (more) gridlock in the capitol later today.

But His Documents!

Former President Trump routinely broke the law with respect to protecting public records.

A Modest Step on Voting Integrity

It’s Manchin-approved.

Donald Trump Shrugging Donald Trump Shrugging

Not Baffling at All (Headline Reaction)

Trump’s pardon offer is just another way to propagate the big lies about the election and 1/6.

Normalizing Political Violence

In their censure of Cheney and Kinzinger the GOP wants to rewrite history.

Clarence Thomas’ Continuing Conflict

Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion. Alas.

Which Black Woman Will Biden Appoint to the Supreme Court?

The 46th President will follow the lead of the 40th in making a historic appointment.

The Disqualification Clause and January 6

A provision of the 14th Amendment to keep Civil War generals out of office is back in play.