DOMA Under Fire At The Supreme Court

The Defense Of Marriage Act didn’t fare very well during today’s Supreme Court oral arguments.

Same-Sex Marriage Gets Its Day In Court

A big week at the Supreme Court.

A DOMA Confrontation was Inevitable

DOMA’s trip to SCOTUS was practically baked into the legislation.

Can We Really Get Government Out Of Marriage?

Is the answer to the same-sex marriage debate as simple as getting the government out of the marriage business, or is it more complicated?

Senator Rob Portman Comes Out In Support Of Same-Sex Marriage

Senator Rob Portman changes his position on same-sex marriage. Another sign of the times.

Obama Administration Urges SCOTUS To Strike Down Proposition 8

The Obama Administration has weighed in on the Supreme Court’s other high profile same-sex marriage case.

Why Gay Marriage Can’t Be Left to States

Separate, it turns out, is not equal.

DOMA, Double Standards, and the Military

Couples of the same sex can marry at the West Point chapel, they’re treated much differently under the Defense of Marriage Act.

Supreme Court To Hear Appeals In Two Same-Sex Marriage Cases

The issue of same-sex marriage will be before the Supreme Court early next year.

West Point Chapel Hosts Lesbian Wedding

One of West Point’s first female graduates has married her long-time girlfriend at the Cadet Chapel.

Supreme Court May Decide To Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases This Week

Possibly a big week for the Supreme Court.

What Exactly Has Conservatism Accomplished Lately?

Judging by the record of the past decade and a half, movement conservatism has accomplished very little.

Same-Sex Marriage Wins At The Ballot Box

Voters in four states endorsed marriage equality yesterday.

Another Federal Court Of Appeals Strikes Down DOMA’s Section Three

Another loss in the Federal Courts for the Defense Of Marriage Act.

‘Military’ Doesn’t Mistreat Same-Sex Spouses; US Law Does

Don’t blame the Defense Department for following a bad law.

Supreme Court Faces Another Potentially Groundbreaking Term

The Court’s 2012-2013 term begins tomorrow morning, and there are plenty of big cases on the docket.

Three States Challenge DOMA on Estate Taxes

The Defense of Marriage Act is under challenge through a unique angle: estate taxes.

Ninth Circuit Declines En Banc Review Of Proposition 8 Decision

The case against Proposition 8 is headed to the Supreme Court.

Federal Appeals Court Rules DOMA Section 3 Unconstitutional

An unsurprising decision on the Defense of Marriage.

Obama: Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

The same-sex marriage pivot that everyone was expecting has come.

Joe Biden Appears To Back Gay Marriage, White House Walks it Back

Did Joe Biden misspeak, or drop a hint that he shouldn’t have?

President Obama Much Bigger Fan of Executive Power Than Senator Obama

Charlie Savage documents a major shift in Barack Obama’s philosophy of presidential authority.

On The Phony Charge Of “Judicial Activism” From ObamaCare Supporters

The White House and its allies have already declared war on a decision that won’t even be rendered until three months from now.

Barack Obama, Same-Sex Marriage, And Political Expediency

Barack Obama’s position on same-sex marriage continues to “evolve,” along with the polls.

Another Step In The Right Direction On Marriage Equality

Another Federal Court rules in favor of marriage equality, and the biggest news is how unsurprising the outcome of the case is.

How Conservatives Have Moved The Goalposts On Same-Sex Marriage

When it comes to same-sex marriage, the right is fighting a losing battle.

The GOP’s Bizarre Iowa Debate/Forum/Church Revival Meeting

Did you know there was another GOP debate last night? Well, you didn’t miss much.

James Carville To Obama: Time To Get Tough And Fire Some People

James Carville has some advice for Barack Obama. It boils down to “be like Bill Clinton.”

Americans To The White House: It’s (Still) The Economy, Stupid

President Obama’s job approval numbers are even worse when you just look at the economy.

State’s Rights Is Not The Answer To The Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Does the 10th Amendment contain the answer to the same-sex marriage debate? Not really.

Franken v. Minnery Redux

On reflection, Al Franken was right.

With President Obama’s Backing, Senate Takes Up Repeal Of DOMA

It won’t go anywhere this year, but after 15 years someone is finally trying to repeal a bad law.