Is There Really Anything Ben Bernanke Can Do?

Ben Bernanke didn’t offer many clues in his speech today, but one wonders if he really has any tricks left up his sleeve.

Bachmann and the Soviet Union

Does Bachmann think the USSR is on the rise? I expect not, but her defense and fiscal policy skills still need some work.

Standard & Poor’s Cites Tea Party Resistance To Debt Ceiling Increase As Factor In Downgrade

Denying the Tea Party’s role in the downgrade of U.S. debt is to deny reality.

Michele Bachmann: Still A Debt Kamikaze, Still Completely Wrong

Michele Bachmann is claiming that the debt downgrade proves she was right about not raising the debt ceiling.

The Austerity Experiment

If we cannot adequately diagnose our problems it will be even harder to fix them.

S&P Debt Downgrade Leads To Same Old Washington Blame Game

The immediate reaction among the political class to the debt downgrade was the play the same old stupid games.

Downgrading Standard & Poors

While it’s hard to argue with S&P’s political analysis, its economic judgment is a head-scratcher.

S&P Speaks

The main issue driving the downgrade appears to be lack of faith in the political parties to act responsibly and compromise over entitlements and revenues.

The Second Great Contraction

Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff says we’re undergoing much more than a mere recession.

A New Normal For Debt Ceiling Increases?

Has a precedent been set for future requests by the President to increase the debt ceiling?

Debt Deal Reveals GOP Split On Defense Spending

The cuts to Pentagon spending in the new debt deal are further revealing a split in the GOP over foreign policy and military spending.

Tired Tropes: Kickin’ that Can

The problem with the ever popular complaint about kickin’ the can down the road.

Debt Deal Winners and Losers

Now that America’s political leadership have probably averted a self-inflicted global economic calamity, it’s time to assess the winners and losers.

The Debt Ceiling Debate: Social Democracy v. Limited Government?

Charles Krauthammer claims we are in the midst of a great debate. I am not so sure.

Tom Coburn: Lady Gaga of Fiscal Conservatives

If a crisis over the national debt is averted, Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn may be the unlikely hero.

Balanced Budget Nonsense (Part II)

Let’s look at the actual proposal.

Rick Perry Advocates the Biblical Virtues of Keynesianism

Rick Perry makes a valid point about bringing the economy back to Biblical principles.

Enact a Credible, Long-term Plan for Fiscal Consolidation

Is it possible to address the U.S. fiscal situation?

Trying (Again) to Explain the Debt Ceiling Vote

What are the options regarding the debt ceiling?

The Radicalness of Alleged Conservatives

In all honesty, much of what is coming out of the mouths of self-described conservatives is actually pretty darn radical.

Shailagh Murray Biden’s New Communications Chief

Shailagh Murray becomes the latest reporter to join the Obama White House.

Bipartisan Budget Busting

It is always easier to compromise on more spending and less taxes.

American Voters Continue Their Perpetual Fiscal Immaturity

We won’t be able to solve our fiscal problems until the American people grow up. So far, there are no signs of that happening.

The Health Care Debate Underscore the Fundamental Problem with the GOP

The current approach of the GOP to health care is not dissimilar to its approach to fiscal policy: not a lot of substance.

Deficits, the CBO and H.R. 2

When determining the effects on the deficit of a certain legislative action, both revenues and spending have to be accounted for. Indeed, you can’t determine whether there is a deficit, surplus or balanced budget without both variables.

POL 101: To Govern is to Redistribute

Is it possible to govern and not engage in some amount of redistribution?

What Should the GOP House do Now?

Ok, what strategy should Speaker Boehner pursue?

An Observation on the State of the Debate over Fiscal Policy

Instead of decades-old retreads like talking about abolishing the Department of Education, it would be nice if we had a real debate about the fiscal circumstances in the country.

David Stockman’s Scathing Indictment Of GOP Fiscal Policy

Twenty-five years after retiring as President Reagan’s Budget Director, David Stockman is back with a scathing indictment of Republican fiscal policies over the past four decades.

Political Fight Over Expiring Bush Tax Cuts Heats Up

Congress and the White House are starting to stake out sides in the upcoming battle over extending the Bush tax cuts.

Obama Loses Deficit Spending Argument At G-20 Summit

President Obama’s powers of persuasion were severely lacking at the G-20 Summit this weekend.

A Few Euros Short