Yellen Again Rejects Trillion Dollar Coin

A silly workaround to an infuriating problem that won’t go away.

More Alaskan Politics

And thoughts on party systems more generally.

What’s Kyrsten Sinema’s Game?

The political calculus of Arizona’s senior Senator is unclear.

The 1% are Paying Slightly Less Tax Than They Owe!

An interesting but rather misleading report from a Biden Treasury official.

Competitive Pressures and Party Behavior

Assessing Republican strategic positioning (and the incentives in our system).

Sullivan on Biden (and a Discussion of Fiscal Policy)

On fiscal policy and historical comparisons.

President Donald J. Trump listens to a reporter’s question during the coronavirus (COVID-19) update briefing Sunday, March 22, 2020, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks) President Donald J. Trump listens to a reporter’s question during the coronavirus (COVID-19) update briefing Sunday, March 22, 2020, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

Quid Pro Quo Federalism

This isn’t how it is supposed to work.

The Problem with Trump: The Turks and the Kurds

Trump’s error in Syria.

Raise The Debt Ceiling? Let’s Eliminate It Instead

The Trump Administration is warning Congress that we will need to raise the debt ceiling by September. Congress should take this as an opportunity to eliminate it entirely.

Sooner Or Later, We Will Have A Recession

The current economic recovery is nearly ten years old. It isn’t going to last forever, though, and that could pose a problem for the GOP in 2020.

Economic Growth Beats Expectations, But It’s Hardly Impressive

The first estimate of economic growth in the first three months of 2018 beat expectations slightly, but it doesn’t bode well for the immediate future.

The Case For Bringing Back Earmarks

It’s been seven years since Congress eliminated earmarking, and what we’ve seen has provided good evidence for the argument that it should never have been eliminated.

Eliminating The Debt Ceiling: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Perhaps it’s time to consider getting rid of the debt ceiling entirely.

Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates For Third Time In Fifteen Months

For only the third time since the Great Recession ended, the Federal Reserve Board has raised interest rates.

As Expected, Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates For Second Time In Ten Years

The Federal Reserve Board raised interest rates for only the second time in a decade, but it still seems like it’s chasing an inflation monster that doesn’t exist.

September Jobs Report Reveals A Resilient, But Not Strong, Economy

The September Jobs Report continues to show an economy that is growing to some degree, but hardly growing as fast as it should be.

Federal Reserve Board Declines To Raise Interest Rates Again

An unsurprising decision from the Federal Reserve.

The End, At Least For Now, Of The Bush Dynasty

For now at least, the Bush Dynasty has seen the end of its involvement in national politics.

Final Spending Bill Sails Through Congress, Giving Speaker Ryan Another Legislative Win

The final spending bill for the 2016 Fiscal Year sailed through Congress today, marking the end of a very successful first two months in office for Speaker Paul Ryan

Senate Passes Two-Year Budget Deal

As expected, the Senate easily passed the two-year budget deal early this morning.

Paul Ryan Now Has A Clear Path To Become Speaker Of The House

With the top conservative caucus in Congress acquiescing to his candidacy, Paul Ryan is largely certain to become the next Speaker of the House.

Who’s Going To Pay For The President’s War Against ISIS?

As we head into a new conflict, perhaps we ought to give more thought to fiscal issues than the President is to overall strategy.

The End of Work?

What if the jobless recovery is but the beginning of a trend?

Obama Ending 2013 On A Rough Note

For a year that seemed to start out so well, 2013 has been among the President’s worst of this five years he’s been in office.

John F. Kennedy A Conservative? No, Not Really

Conservatives have their own Kennedy myth to compete with the myth of Camelot.

Another Month, Another Disappointing Jobs Report

The American jobs market continues to disappoint.

The May Jobs Report: Steady, But Nothing To Write Home About

The jobs news in May was good, but far from great.

Yet Again, Institutional Design Matters

It would be nice if columnists for major newspapers would consult political science, rather than Hollywood, for their understanding of our system.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Happy HoHoHolidays Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Romney, And The GOP, Still Haunted By The Legacy Of George W. Bush

The GOP still hasn’t dealt with the legacy of George W. Bush.

Interest Rates and Hacky Political Analysis

Seniors face a variety of economy-based difficulties–but let’s criticizes the media!

Do Voters Really Want A “Big Picture” Election?

Both campaigns seem to be focusing on an argument that the voters don’t want to hear.

Friedman Finds His 3rd Party Candidate: Obama

Thomas Friedman continues his quixotic quest for a third party. His candidate: a fantasy Barack Obama.

Reagan the RINO Redux

The main problem is governing should be different than simplistic rhetoric.

The Euro Zone: Join, Or Die

There may be only one solution to saving the Euro.

Get Ready For Another Debt Ceiling Showdown

The battle lines are being drawn for another showdown over the debt ceiling.

Study: Buffett Rule Would Generate Less Than $3 Billion Per Year In Revenue

What happens when political pandering substitutes for serious fiscal policy.

The Truth About The So-Called “Buffett Rule”

On it’s own, the so-called “Buffett Rule” is unlikely to do much to reduce the deficit.

Santorum on Suffering and Death

Rick Santorum has some extreme views on social welfare. Of course, he isn’t alone.

Taxing The Rich Won’t Alleviate Income Inequality

Increasing taxes on the rich may be a fiscal policy worth talking about, but it won’t make the poor richer.

The 53%

Thinking about some of the claims of the 53%.

I Thought Tax Cuts Were the Elixir that Heals all…

Many in the GOP do not like the idea of extending payroll tax cuts.

Is There Really Anything Ben Bernanke Can Do?

Ben Bernanke didn’t offer many clues in his speech today, but one wonders if he really has any tricks left up his sleeve.