Austan Goolsbee Stepping Down

Austan Goolsbee is resigning as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors to return to the University of Chicago.

Lower Home Prices Aren’t Necessarily A Bad Thing

The housing market has changed over the past five years, and that’s a good thing.

Wage Growth Over Past Ten Years Worse Than During Great Depression

The jobs market has been weak for much longer than just the past two years.

We Are On the Verge of Great, Great Depression

All in all, not looking like it will be a fun summer.

Housing Prices Hit New Low, But Buyers Are Staying Away

Real Estate prices continue to fall, but where are the buyers? Maybe they’re acting sane this time.

President Obama’s Address to Parliament

While President Obama has had some amusing gaffes on his trip to London, including getting the year wrong in the guest book and an awkward toast to the Queen, his speech to Parliament today hit all the right notes.

Gingrich: 2012 Biggest Election Since 1860

Newt Gingrich says the coming presidential election will be the most important since the Civil War.

Who in Their Right Mind Would Want to be President?

Who wants that job? (And is willing to work that hard to get it?)

Michele Bachmann “Leaning Toward” Presidential Run

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is beginning to more like a real candidate for President. She won’t win, but she will be entertaining.

Obama Derangement Syndrome And The American Right

The American right has become infected with the notion that Barack Obama isn’t just wrong, but evil. That won’t be healthy in the long run.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter One, Part Two

Part two of the ongoing series blogging Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny.

Midterm Grades: Barack Obama

Time for midterms.

Republicans Want to Ban Czars

House Republicans want to do away with the increasing number of “czars” in the White House.

2010 Census: Republicans Win

Red States should gain 10 seats while Blue States should lose eight.

The Individual Mandate And America’s Ongoing Debate Over The Role Of Government

The battle over the individual mandate is really just nothing more than the latest round in a batter that has been ongoing for 221 years.

Cutting Congressional Pay: Pointless Symbolism

Taxpayer “watchdog” groups are urging House Republicans to cut Congressional pay as an act of symbolism. It’s symbolism all right, pointless symbolism.

Bachmann v. Hensarling A Microcosm Of Internal GOP Battles

The race between Jeb Hensarling and Michelle Bachmann for Chair of the House GOP Conference is a microcosm for a battle that is likely to take place within the GOP for the next two years.

Broder, Iran and the Economy

David Broder offers up some odd ideas on the relationship between a war with Iran and the economy.

Schwarzenegger: Obama Will Win in 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger predicts President Obama’s re-election. Historically, that’s the safe bet.

Great Recession Ended June 2009

Great news, everybody: The biggest economic calamity since the Great Depression has been over for well over a year.

Paul Krugman’s Economic Silliness

According to Paul Krugman’s latest column, the massive destruction of World War Two was actually good for the U.S. economy. Sadly, there are people who consider him an expert.

British National Health Service in Trouble?

Depending on which papers you read, the British NHS is undergoing minor restructuring, secretly planning major cuts in basic services, or doing nothing of concern.

The Capital Strike Of 2010

American businesses are sitting on a big pile of cash, and giving no indication that they have any intention of spending it any time soon.

Extend Unemployment Benefits

The Senate’s stonewalling of unemployment benefits extension makes no sense.

June Unemployment Report Shows Anemic Job Growth

So much for the Obama Administration’s “Summer of Recovery.”

Robert Byrd Dead at 92

Senator Robert Byrd has died at 92, after years of poor health.

Hitler Comparisons and Bad History

Contrary to popular belief, Adolf Hitler didn’t come to power by democratic means or because of his ability to whip the public into a frenzy.

Obama and the Road to Tyranny

President Obama is following the example of his predecessors in abusing his power to enact his preferred policies. Has he gone too far?

Piling on China