Steve Story, 1976-2021

We have good reason to believe that a longtime member of the OTB community has passed.

Pope Francis’s Remarks On The Big Bang Are Nothing New For The Catholic Church

Pope Francis restates something the Catholic Church has taught for a long time and, again, the American media thinks its something new and revolutionary.

British Ban Teaching Creationism As Science, Should The U.S. Do The Same?

It is now illegal to teach creationism as science in the United Kingdom in any school, public or private, that receives public funding.

Majority Of Americans Don’t Believe In The Big Bang Theory

More bad news when it comes to scientific literacy.

Just 60% Of Americans, 43% Of Republicans, Accept Theory Of Evolution

Once again, a poll shows that large numbers of Americans, and most Americans, reject Evolution via Natural Selection as the explanation for humanity’s origin. How do we explain that?

Texas May Block Biology Textbook Because Of Evolution

Once again, some groups in Texas are trying to block approval of a science textbook because it is too deferential to Evolution.

Is Prayer At The Start Of A Legislative Session Constitutional?

Do prayers opening legislative sessions violate the First Amendment? The Supreme Court is set to decide that issue.

Where Huntsman Went Wrong

Huntsman’s tactics reinforced his fellow Republicans’ natural skepticism of his candidacy.

When Is A Candidate’s Religious Faith A Political Issue?

Is it every appropriate to ask candidates about their religious faith? In some cases, yes it is.

Rick Perry: Evolution Just “A Theory That Is Out There”

Like Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry has something to say about evolution today and he handled it very differently.

Michele Bachmann’s Odd Views On Slavery And The Civil War

Michele Bachmann’s view of history is based in a world view that would be foreign to most Americans.

The “Is Economics a Science” Debate, from a Darwinian Perspective

Evolution is falsifiable and biology is a science. Economics might be.

Academia’s Liberal Bias

Yet another study finds conservatives wildly underrepresented in higher education.

Politics and Evolution

Science and Faith

Waterloo in Dover

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