Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, And The Minister Who Thinks It’s Okay To Kill Gay People

Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee recently kept company with a very disturbing religious leader.

No, Ben Carson Is Not Being Subjected To ‘Unfair’ Scrutiny

Ben Carson and his supporters would have you believe that he is being subjected to unprecedented and unfair scrutiny. That assertion is completely false.

George Stephanopoulos And A Question Of Journalistic Ethics

George Stephanopoulos’ s ties to the Clinton’s have always raised questions about his objectivity. Now, there’s further reason to doubt that he can play fair when the Clinton’s are part of the story he’s covering.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Aggregate Limits On Campaign Contributions

Once again, the Supreme Court reminds us that limiting political speech is unconstitutional.

“Shocking” Obama Video Turns Out To Be Not So Shocking

A five year old “shocking” video of President Obama speaking to a group of African-American ministers proves to be not very shocking at all.

Romney’s Supporters Want Him To Go For Obama’s Jugular

Just as we saw in 2008, the conservative base doesn’t want to hear their nominee saying that the President is a basically decent man.

The Nastiest Campaign Ever? Or Just The Pettiest?

Maybe the real problem this year isn’t that the campaign is unduly nasty, but that it’s incredibly petty.

Why 2012 Is So Nasty And Likely to Get Nastier

Dan Balz summarizes what has been “A most poisonous campaign” and is likely to get much worse before it gets over.

Another Ridiculous Demand For Obama’s College Transcripts

Once again, people are demanding to see Barack Obama’s college transcripts for no good reason.

Romney Campaign Adopts Risky “Take Off The Gloves” Strategy

The Romney campaign has apparently decided to be more aggressive in its attacks on the President, which poses serious risks for the campaign.

No, Hillary Clinton Is Not Going To Replace Joe Biden As Vice-President

The “Clinton-Biden Switcheroo” Scenario is the pundit’s fantasy that will not die.

Conservative ‘Race War’ Meme

The people who gave us the “war on Christmas” are now touting an upsurge on black-on-white crime.

Cory Booker’s Kinsley Gaffe And The Relevance Of The Bain Attacks

Yesterday, Cory Booker committed the rookie mistake of saying what was on his mind.

Super PAC May Resurrect Reverend Wright In New Ad Campaign

A pro-Republican SuperPAC may be bringing the Jeremiah Wright story back. That would be bad news for the Romney campaign.

Dog Eating, Composite Girlfriends, And Other Memes That Won’t Win An Election

The argument that Barack Obama hasn’t been vetted is simply absurd.

Attacking Obama’s “Radical Past” Won’t Work

Some Republicans seem intent on repeating the mistakes of 2008.

Ron Paul Doesn’t Want To Talk About His Newsletters Anymore

Ron Paul doesn’t want to talk about his newsletters now, but he was pretty talkative 15 years ago.

Republicans Shying Away From Attacking Obama Personally

GOP officials are reluctant to resurrect the personal attacks against the President used during the 2008 campaign.

President Obama’s Job Ratings Sink Amid Economic Pessimism

With most of the public looking at the future and not seeing anything good, the President is suffering

Religious Extremism in America

What are the contours of “mainstream” religious thought in today’s America?

Media Ignorance: Dog Bites Man

Political journalists are asking clumsy, ignorant, and intolerant questions. Film at 11.

Sarah Palin Adds South Carolina To Itinerary, And The Press Continues To Follow

Sarah Palin will be heading to yet another important primary state while insisting she isn’t running for President yet. And the press follows her like a lonely puppy.

Conservatives and Racism, Take MXLVI

Rush Limbaugh is apparently not impressed with Barack Obama’s presidency. That doesn’t make him a racist.

Maureen Dowd: There Aren’t Enough Blacks In The Obama Administration

According to Maureen Dowd, Barack Obama’s biggest problem is that there are too many white people in this picture.

JournoList: Conspiracy, Scandal, Or Locker Room Trash Talk ?

JournoList’s archives have been making headlines at The Daily Caller, but there doesn’t seem to be any substance to the allegations of scandal.