Time’s 2011 Person Of The Year: “The Protester”

Time Magazine has chosen “The Protester” as its Person Of The Year. Let the outrage ensue.

Looking at the Causes of the Financial Crisis

Can we credibly blame the CRA, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, and the like for the mortgage crisis?

Russia on Combat Alert over NATO Missile Defense

We’re hearing the howls of a wounded bear.

Greek Prime Minister to Resign

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou will resign after the makeup of the nation’s new coalition government is decided

Greece’s Dangerous Gamble

The Greek referendum could be a disaster for the global economy. And might be the right thing to do.

Occupy Wall Street Not Our Arab Awakening

A meme is emerging that the Occupy Wall Street protests are America’s version of the Arab Awakening. That meme must die.

Biofuel vs. Food

The Western fetish for turning cheap, efficient food into expensive, inefficient fuel is threatening the food supply–as is the European superstition against genetically modified foods.

Italy Raids S&P, Moody

Lost in the hubbub of S&P downgrading the US bond rating is news that the Italian government has the ratings agencies under criminal investigation.

Pakistan Claims It Did Its Part To Catch Bin Laden

The question of how the world’s most wanted man could’ve hidden in plain sight in Pakistan continues to be asked.

Why They Fought

Humorous take on America’s wars.

Atlantis Found?

Archaeologists may have found the lost city of Atlantis. And, no, not the one in the Bahamas.

Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Prevent Abortions

PP’s intensive effort to recast itself as a preventer of abortions doesn’t bear scrutiny.

Oil Hits $100 Per Barrel: Is The U.S. Economy Hanging In The Balance?

The continuing chaos in Libya could have a serious impact on the U.S. economy, especially if it spreads to other oil producing nations.

Transatlantic Plane Wars

European subsidies have given Airbus a competitive advantage over America’s Boeing in commercial aircraft salesboein. The reverse is true on military aircraft.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Three

In chapter three of Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin applies his typical standards of logic and evidence to matters of faith.

Books For Men Who Don’t Read

Andy McNab writes books for people who like video games.

International Sitrep

A capsule look at the world situation as 2010 draws to a close.

Random Bag Searches Coming To D.C. Metro System

Washington D.C.’s 34 year-old Metro system is about to become the latest stage for Security Theater.

Covering the Coverage of the Diplomatic Leaks

The major outlets that received document drops from Wikileaks are covering the story in different and interesting ways.

Congratulations, Greece (Updated)

Terrorism risk assessment: Russia at “Extreme Risk”, Greece at “High Risk”, U. S. at “Medium Risk”, Canada and Germany at “Low Risk”.

99 Democratic House Seats in Danger?

Politico says 99 Democratic House seats are “in play.” They’re not. But dozens are.

Ireland’s Credit Takes a Hit

A combination of news and some lunchtime satire.

Michelle Obama’s $ 375,000 Vacation

The First Family can go on vacation, but politics never does.

Banning Burqas Is A Bad Idea

The world would undoubtedly be a better place if Islamic fundamentalism reached even 19th century Western notions of individualism and gender equality. But cultures evolve over decades, and bans on their practices are not useful means of promoting positive change within them.

25% Of Americans Don’t Know What Independence Day Is All About

Another depressing poll demonstrating American historical ignorance.

Obama Loses Deficit Spending Argument At G-20 Summit

President Obama’s powers of persuasion were severely lacking at the G-20 Summit this weekend.

Our Greek Cousin

Taxes Per Person

Marion Berry Retires

Caption Contest Winners

Caption Contest