Obama’s Timidity In The Face Of Extremism

The Obama Administration’s response to the protests in the Muslim world has been entirely wrongheaded.

Protests At Western Embassies Spread Across Muslim World

For the fourth day, American and other embassies became the focus of mass protests in many Muslim nations.

University Of Pennsylvania Professor: Arrest The Makers Of That Anti-Muslim Movie

One Professor suggests we sacrifice yet more of our freedom in the wake of the embassy protests in the Middle East.

Freedom of Speech and Religion Collide

My latest for The National Interest, “Freedom of Speech and Religion in Egypt and Libya,” has posted.

U.S. Ambassador To Libya Dead, U.S. Embassy In Cairo Attacked, In Protests Over Obscure Film

A day of protests over a film nobody has ever heard of has lead to the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya.

Terry Jones Running for President

Pastor Terry Jones, best known as the “Burn a Koran Day” instigator, is throwing his proverbial hat into the ring.

Scotsman Jailed 8 Months For Facebook Comments

In Scotland, posting stupid things on Facebook is a “hate crime” punishable by serious jail time.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Garbonzo Warfare Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Worst American: Palin or Trump?

A respected liberal blogger thinks Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are the most appalling Americans of our time.

Florida Pastor Says He Will Protest Court Order, May Sue Dearborn For Violating His Rights

Terry Jones may sue the City of Dearborn for its prior restraint actions against him. And he should.

Well Done, Dearborn

By engaging in a blatantly unconstitutional prosecution of Pastor Terry Jones, Dearborn has actually boosted his nonsensical cause.

Terry Jones and What We’re Fighting For

The duty to defend “hateful, extremely disrespectful, and enormously intolerant” expression.

Burning Korans vs Low Cut Blouses

“She asked for it” is no longer an acceptable argument in rape cases. So, why is a preacher in Florida burning a book being condemned by American political and military leaders for a days-long murder spree in Afghanistan?

Blame The Afghan Rioters For Murder, But Condemn The Demagogues Too

The only people responsible for the murders in Afghanistan are the people who committed them, but the demagogues like Terry Jones deserve condemnation as well.

Terry Jones and the Afghan Riots

A discussion on Terry Jones’ moral culpability for the crazed reaction in Afghanistan to his Koran burning stunt.

Terry Jones Not Responsible For Afghanistan Rampage

If we allow the possible reaction of the most dogmatic, evil people who might hear the message to govern our expression, we don’t have freedom at all.

Afghanistan’s Tet Offensive?

Todays’ horrific attack on the UN complex in Mazar-i Sharif may well the the Tet Offensive of Afghanistan: a relatively minor event that permanently changed the American public’s view of the war.

Koran Burning And Media Navel Gazing

The media is now starting to look at it’s own role in the whole Koran burning story, but the truth is that there really wasn’t any way they could’ve ignored the story.

Florida Pastor Cancels Koran Burning, Amid Bizarre Claims About “Ground Zero Mosque”

Over the course of a little more than two hours, the “Burn A Koran Day” story merged with the “Ground Zero Mosque” story in a bizarre media circus that seems to have accomplished little other than give press attention to a bigoted Pastor in Florida.

Koran Burning Day Overreaction

Everyone from David Petraeus to Sarah Palin is speaking out against a nutbag pastor’s Koran burning event. While they’re right, they’re emphasizing the wrong message.

More Signs of Anti-Muslim Sentiment

A number of disturbing incidents point towards increased anti-Islam hostility in the United States.