Government Fighting Back Against S&P?

Is S&P’s downgrade of the US bond rating “free speech” and thereby protected by the Constitution?

Income Inequality vs. Lifestyle Inequality

While the amount of wealth controlled by the top 1% is at record highs, real inequality is smaller than ever.

Why Does USA Outspend G7 on Healthcare?

The US has always outspent our G7 brethren on healthcare but the divergence has skyrocketed over the last three decades.

Those Overeducated Ethiopians

Bryan Caplan argues that the fact so many kids in the developing world don’t go to school proves that education isn’t very valuable.

Parking Space Economics

Free parking is a very inefficient use of land resources that wouldn’t exist without government mandates and subsidies. Is it time to end the practice?


Great Teachers Myth

Food Signaling

Bush’s New Deal?