A Year of Photos (Almost)

Happy New Year!

Iraqi Protesters Storm U.S. Embassy

Amid protests over American airstrikes, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad has become a target.

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Civil Rights Icon Rep. John Lewis Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Worrisome news for an American icon.

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Netanyahu Survives Likud Leadership Challenge

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu easily survived a challenge for leadership of the Likud Party.

Trump And The Judiciary

In just three years in office, Donald Trump has succeeded in taking huge steps in transforming the judiciary for decades to come.

It’s Putin’s World, We’re Just Living In It

Notwithstanding Russia’s weak position vis a vis the west, It’s Putin who seems to be winning.

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Netanyahu Faces Challenge For Likud Party Leadership

Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a challenge for the leadership of the party he’s headed for more than a decade.

Bloomberg’s Prison Labor “Scandal”

Mike Bloomberg’s campaign was forced to apologize for something that really isn’t a scandal.

North Korea Treated Trump Like A Chump, And He Fell For It

New reports indicate that the North Koreans never took any of the steps to reduce their research programs that President Trump claimed they did.

Merry Christmas!

The Political Impact Of Impeachment

The truth is that many voters are paying attention to issues that have nothing to do with impeachment or simply ignoring politics altogether.

Judiciary Committee Hints It Could Move To Impeach Trump Again On Additional Grounds

In a new court filing, House Democrats hint they might move to impeach the President again if the evidence warrants such action.

Impeachment Impasse Could Last Weeks

It could take weeks to resolve the impasse between the House and Senate over the procedures to be followed in the Senate trial of President Trump.

Top Hawaii Democrat Calls On Tulsi Gabbard To Resign

Tulsi Gabbard is under fire back home for her vote on impeachment and for missing votes on the House floor.

Five Sentenced To Death In Khashoggi Murder, But The Coverup Continues

Five men have been sentenced to die by a Saudi Arabian court for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, but the parties who are really responsible are getting off scot-free.

More on Partisanship

Incentives matter.

New Year Likely To Bring A “Gift” From North Korea

The DPRK is promising a “gift” to the United States. The only question seems to be what form it will take.

Lawsuit Seeks To Preempt Efforts To Declare Equal Rights Amendment Ratified

A newly filed lawsuit seeks to blunt expected efforts in 2020 to “ratify” the Equal Rights Amendment even though it effectively died nearly 40 years ago.

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The Problem With Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws

Willie Simmons is 61 years old. He’s spent the last 38 years in prison for stealing $9.00 thanks to what clearly appears to be an unjust and overly hard “habitual offender” statute. His story is far too common.

A Note on the Johnson Impeachment

Some comparative history.

On Impartiality in the Senate Trial

Let’s be clear-eyed about this.

While Australia Burns, Its Prime Minister Fiddled Away On Vacation

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison gets a lesson in governing the hard way.

Sixth Democratic Debate Draws Lowest Viewer Numbers Yet

Thursday night’s Democratic debate drew the lowest numbers of any of this season’s debates.

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Brexit Takes A Big Step Forward With Win In Parliament For Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s Brexit Plan scored a big win in Parliament, which makes a January 31st Brexit essentially inevitable.

Fifth Circuit Strikes Down PPACA Individual Mandate

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the PPACA”s individual mandate unconstitutional but left the fate of the rest of the law unresolved.

A Photo for Friday: “Felix Navidad”

Happy Friday.

A Graph Worth 1,000 Words

One weird trick for knowing if a given action will affect public opinion on Trump.

New Jersey Congressman Makes Party Switch Official

New Jersey Congressman Jeff van Drew, elected just last year as a Democrat, is now a Republican.

Rivals Focus On Buttigieg In Sixth Democratic Debate

A much smaller debate stage led to a much better debate last night.

Trump Unleashes Disgusting Attack On John Dingell And His Widow

Last night, Trump decided it would be a good idea to attack a dead Congressman and his widow.

Previewing The Sixth Democratic Debate

It’s time for the last Democratic debate of 2019, and the stage will be smaller than it has at any time in the past.

Pelosi Considering Delay In Sending Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is suggesting she might hold back on sending the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. This seems like a bad idea.

Trump Impeached On Abuse of Power And Obstruction of Congress

For the third time in history, an American President has been impeached.

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As Impeachment Gets Closer, Trump Becomes Even More Unhinged

Despite denials and dismissals, it is clear that being an impeached President is getting under Trump’s skin.

Despite Oath, McConnell Admits He’s Not Impartial On Impeachment

Mitch McConnell and the other 99 members of the Senate will be required to take an oath to “do impartial justice” in the impending impeachment trial. He’s already admitted that he won’t.

Susan Collins Announces Reelection Bid

After months of silence, Maine Senator Susan Collins has announced that she is running for a fifth term in office.

House Set To Debate And Vote On Impeachment

By the end of today, Donald Trump will most likely be the third President of the United States to be impeached by the House of Representatives.

On Eve Of Impeachment, Trump Sends Bizarre Rant-Filled Letter To Pelosi

The President of the United States has sent a bizarre, rant-filled letter to the Speaker of the House. Revealing just how unbalanced he actually is.

Centrist Democrats Line Up In Favor Of Impeachment

Democrats who could prove to be vulnerable in 2020 are largely lining up in favor of impeaching the President.

Supreme Court Accepts Cases Dealing With Subpoenas For Trump Financial Records

Late last week, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a trio of cases healing with subpoenas for the President’s financial records.

Trump Awarded ‘Lie Of The Year’ For Third Time In Five Years

For the third time since 2015, Donald Trump gets Politifact’s “Lie Of The Year.”

Polling On Impeachment Largely Unmoved On Eve Of House Vote

With the House of Representatives just days away from impeaching President Trump, polling shows that public opinion on the issue has not changed much since October.

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Hallmark Reverses Decision To Ban Ads Featuring Lesbian Couple

After an online backlash, The Hallmark Channel has reversed its decision to ban ads featuring a lesbian couple.