Marco Rubio Fumbles The Iraq War Question

Marco Rubio is the latest Republican Presidential candidate to have a problem giving a coherent answer to a few simple questions about the Iraq War.

It Looks Like Lindsey Graham Is Running For President

And the fun part is that his main motive for running appears to be the opportunity to troll Rand Paul.

NBC Courted Jon Stewart For Meet The Press

A desperation move by NBC News?

Sunday Morning Talk Shows Are The Dinosaurs Of Political Media

Who watches Sunday morning talk shows anymore?

Will The GOP Back Away From Using The Budget To Attack The PPACA?

Republicans don’t seem willing to let go of the Obamacare issue just yet. But, how long will that actually last?

Sunday Morning Shows: Beltway Conventional Wisdom Getting Attention They Don’t Deserve

Sometimes it seems like all John McCain does is appear on Sunday morning news shows. The problem goes deeper than that, though.

Bloggers, Media Shield Laws, And The First Amendment

Should bloggers be treated the same as “journalists” for the purpose of the protections granted by media shield laws?

Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan Is Not Serious

The Chairman of the House Budget Committee is proposing a budget that is based largely on fantasy.

Fox News Calls NRA Claim ‘Ridiculous’

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace called a controversial NRA claim “ridiculous.”

David Petraeus Resigns As CIA Director, Admitting To Extra-Marital Affair

A surprise Friday resignation at the CIA.

Expectations High For Paul Ryan Ahead Of Debate

Expectations are high for Paul Ryan heading in to Thursday’s Vice-Presidential debate. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Ann Romney Wants Her Husband’s Republican Critics To Shut Up

The Romney campaign seems to be responding to criticism by pretending it hears no evil.

An Illustration of Part of the Problem

Conservatives are suposed to be cheerleaders these days.

Would A Ron Paul Win Kill The Iowa Caucuses?

Iowa Republicans fear that a Ron Paul win on Jan. 3rd will destroy the credibility of their caucuses.

Ron Paul Won’t Be The Nominee, Much Less President

Ron Paul is surging in Iowa. He’s in 3rd place in the national polls and has been for most of the race. He’s not Mitt Romney.

Conservative Pundits Continue Their Obsession With Chris Christie

Some pundits on the right can’t seem to quit Chris Christie.

Republicans Clash In Most Energetic, Combative Debate So Far

Last night’s debate was definitely more combative than previous renditions.

Cutting Through the Talking Points

The problem at the moment is not the lack of a Democratic plan.

Obama Still Trying To Sell GOP On “Grand Bargain” Debt Deal

It was a largely fruitless weekend in the debt negotiations.

Bachmann and John Quincy Adams

Bachmann doubles-down on a problematic historical claim.

Fox’s Chris Wallace Takes Heat For Asking Michele Bachmann “Are You A Flake?”

A Tea Party favorite gets asked a tough question,and a Fox News host finds himself forced to apologize.

Jon Stewart vs. Fox News

Daily Show host Jon Stewart spent 15 minutes on yesterday’s Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace trying to explain why he thinks Fox is a propaganda machine.

Joe Lieberman: Hey, Let’s Go To War In Syria Too!

Senator Joe Lieberman said today that we should intervene in Syria using the same rationale we did for Libya. Because, you know, what’s the big deal about a fourth war?

The Coverage of Egypt and the Fundamental Deficiencies of News in the US

The coverage of Egypt shows an over-reliance on pundits and an under-reliance on actual experts.

Carly Fiornia Won’t Say Where She’d Cut The Federal Budget

Yesterday’s appearance by Carly Fiorina on Fox News Sunday provided an excellent example of how un-serious Republicans are when it comes to living up to their fiscally conservative rhetoric.