Women Were Nazis, Too

Wendy Lower documents the half-million women who helped Hitler carry out the Holocaust.

Never Again (Except This Time)

My latest for The National Interest, “Never Again, Except This Time,” has posted.

President Obama Capitulates On Freedom Of Speech Before The United Nations

President Obama’s remarks before the United Nations were, at least in one particular part, disappointing.

Obama’s Composite Girlfriend and Other Things I Don’t Care About

A series of shocking revelations about Barack Obama’s past have not changed my view of the man who’s been in the White House three-plus years.

Republicans v. Obama On Iran: Fewer Differences Than You’d Think

The differences between the parties when it comes to Iran are far less substantial than the candidate’s rhetoric would suggest.

Mitt Romney’s National Security Team

Ahead of his big foreign policy speech, Mitt Romney has unveiled his “Foreign Policy and National Security Advisory Team” which “will assist Governor Romney as he presents his vision for restoring American leadership in the world and securing our enduring interests and ideals abroad.”

No Football On 9/11?

Was it wrong for the NFL to schedule its opening Sunday on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks?

Dutch to Outlaw Kosher and Halal Slaughter

The Netherlands is considering a new animal cruelty law that would effectively ban kosher and halal slaughter practices.

Is Obama Bullying Israel on Peace Talks?

The United States is pressuring the Netanyahu government to move off its hard line.

In Defense of Bureaucracy

Yes, bureaucracies can be annoying, but they are also vital for modern society.

Iran Threatens Olympic Boycott Over Logo

Iran doesn’t like the logo for the London Olympics and is threatening to boycott if it isn’t changed.

Can We Please Stop Comparing Everyone We Disagree With To The Nazis?

Inevitably, the Nazis made an appearance during yesterday’s debate over health care reform in the House. It’s time for it to stop, or at least time for the rest of us to stop taking seriously anyone who resorts to such arguments.

Is Non-Violence Really Limited?

Would non-violence really have failed against the Nazis? History suggests maybe not….

Fidel Castro Admits Communism Doesn’t Work

Fidel Castro is back in the public eye, but he’s singing a slightly different tune now.

Mosque Opponents: Bigots, Opportunists, and Krauthammer

The only reasons Michael Kinsley can conjure for opposing the Park51 project are bigotry and political opportunism. Unless you’re a really smart columnist.

Silly Story Of The Weekend: Rand Paul Gets Donation From Porn Queen

Rand Paul is apparently taking heat from some of his more socially conservative supporters after FEC reports indicate he received a donation from the owner of an Adult web site. People need to get a life.

Politics And The “Ground Zero Mosque”

President Obama’s decision to speak out on the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” has turned what was a hot-button cable news item into a political issue that even his fellow Democrats don’t want to deal with.

Fisking JFK