Bringing Ukraine Into NATO

The Biden Administration is pushing for a half measure.

One of Last Ties to Slavery Passes at 90

Possibly the last child of an American enslaved person has died.

Biden ‘Leading from Behind’ on Ukraine

The American President is once again leading the free world.

US-France Submarine Contretemps

American cheese will henceforth be known as liberté cheese. And not because of the metric system.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Wins Nobel Peace Prize

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize Laureate comes from a part of the world that most people almost never think about.

D-Day At 75

Seventy-five years ago today, American soldiers and our allies undertook an invasion that helped change the world.

photo of working, person, military, construction, cutting, team, helmet, build, labor, job, workers, laborer, task, construction worker, sledge hammer photo of working, person, military, construction, cutting, team, helmet, build, labor, job, workers, laborer, task, construction worker, sledge hammer

Men, Work, and Self-Worth

Most of us define ourselves largely through our jobs. That’s increasingly a problem.

Another Question for Trump Supporters

European alliance and Russian goals edition.

Trump Blows Up The G-7

Hurricane Trump hit the G-7 this weekend, and the damage it left behind will take years to clean up.

DNI: Russia is Attempting to Influence US Midterms, Divide Transatlantic Alliance

Dan Coates, the Director of National Intelligence, has issued a strong warning that has received little attention.

This Is Your Government on Drugs

Ronny Jackson did not invent the practice of giving Ambien and Provigil to high-level government workers.

Trump’s Selection Of John Bolton Has The World Rightfully Concerned

From Europe to the Middle East, to Asia, America’s allies are concerned about what the selection of John Bolton as National Security Adviser means going forward. They should be, and so should every American.

ISIS is Winning

The United States and Europe are giving everything the perpetrators of the Paris attacks hoped for.

Barriers to US-Europe Trade Deal Remain

A US-EU free trade zone is a no-brainer. But the devil is in the details.

Jon Huntsman New Atlantic Council Chairman

Former Utah governor and ambassador to China Jon Huntsman succeeds Chuck Hagel.

How Apple Avoids Paying Taxes

The US Senate wants to know why Apple and other big technology companies are paying so little into the US Treasury.

Atlantic Council Awards Dinner 2013

Last night, the Atlantic Council honored Hillary Rodham Clinton, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, John S. Watson, Tony Bennett, and Juanes.

The Hagel Fishing Expedition

The smear campaign against defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel has taken a bizarre turn.

UK Defense Secretary Tough on Iran, Tougher on Europe

Philip Hammond addressed the Atlantic Council this morning in advance of a meeting with Leon Panetta.

Krugman’s Fear Mongering

Paul Krugman’s latest column, “Depression and Democracy,” is simply bizarre.

Facebook v. Google+: Completely Unscientific Case Study

Google+ was supposed to be a Facebook killer. If their social media icons are any indication, it’s not happening.

NATO Support Endures

NATO is still seen as essential by 62 percent of both EU and U.S. respondents, demonstrating that the transatlantic military bond is still, despite a rough decade, firmly entrenched in American and European views of the world.

Poll: Americans Say Asia More Important To U.S. Interests Than Europe

A new poll shows that Americans are starting to look East.

College Campus 9/11 Commemorations

Are colleges teaching the right lessons about the 9/11 attacks?

Libya Exposes Transatlantic Contradictions

My first piece for CNN has been posted at Fareed Zakaria’s Global Public Square.

Italy Raids S&P, Moody

Lost in the hubbub of S&P downgrading the US bond rating is news that the Italian government has the ratings agencies under criminal investigation.

Is the U.S.-European Relationship Really in Decline?

My latest piece for The Atlantic, “Is the U.S.-European Relationship Really in Decline?” is posted.

F-16s Scramble Over Reclined Airline Seat

A passenger started a fight over a reclined airplane seat, causing fighter planes to scramble.

President Obama’s Address to Parliament

While President Obama has had some amusing gaffes on his trip to London, including getting the year wrong in the guest book and an awkward toast to the Queen, his speech to Parliament today hit all the right notes.

Transatlantic Plane Wars

European subsidies have given Airbus a competitive advantage over America’s Boeing in commercial aircraft salesboein. The reverse is true on military aircraft.

Planes Were Apparent Target Of Yemeni Bombs

Thanks to a combination of good intelligence and fast action, it looks like the U.S. and UK avoided a serious attack on airliners last week.

Obama’s Bike Helmet Dilemma

Barack Obama is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t when riding his bike. Wear a helmet, and he’s a dork. Don’t, and he’s setting a bad example.

Global Governance?

We need global cooperation to deal with a growing variety of serious problems. But we can’t even agree amongst ourselves on policy options.

Debt: Our Greatest National Security Threat?

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has proclaimed, “The most significant threat to our national security is our debt.” Is he right?

G-20 Shows US-Europe Divide

The European drive — led by Germany, naturally — to tighten spending to get their fiscal house in order and the Obama administration’s insistence on Keynesian stimulus will make for tense negotiations at the G20 Summit.

Israel or NATO?

Detroit Terror Plot

NATO’s Future