The Growing Partisan Divide Over America’s Relationship With Israel

Americans were once largely united in their opinions about Israel and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. That’s not the case anymore.

Obama Apparently Giving Up On Quixotic Bid For ‘Middle East Peace’

President Obama has apparently come to the same realization as many of his predecessors, that trying to craft a legacy by single-handedly bring about “Middle East Peace” is largely a waste of time.

Supreme Court Slaps Back Congress In Jerusalem Passport Case

In a case that took seven months to decide, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Presidency’s broad authority in foreign affairs, and inserted itself just a little bit in the thorny politics of the Middle East.

Vatican To Recognize Palestinian State

The Vatican has announced that it will recognize Palestinian statehood, but this is not going to resolve the underlying issues that prevent a Palestinian state from actually coming into existence.

Supreme Court To Decide If Congress Can Dictate Where Jerusalem Is

The Supreme Court will decide if Congress can override American foreign policy when it comes to declaring who has dominion over Jerusalem.

Sweden Will Recognize Palestine

Sweden is set to recognize Palestine as an independent state.

Americans Divided On Israel’s Actions In Gaza

A new poll shows that Americans are divided over Israel’s actions in Gaza, but this most likely will not impact relations between the two countries.

Israel Rejects Temporary Cease Fire Plan As Gaza Conflict Continues To Rage

Hopes for a temporary respite in the Gaza conflict faded away today.

Israel Hits Hamas In Response To Discovery Of Dead Teenagers

Not surprisingly, the discovery late yesterday of the bodies of three dead teenagers, one of whom holds dual Israeli and American citizenship, has lead to retaliation against Hamas: The Israeli air force has launched a series of air raids on the Gaza Strip, hours after the bodies of three settlers were found in the occupied […]

Three Missing Israeli Teenagers Found Dead

A sad end to the story of three missing Israeli boys: JERUSALEM — Israeli military searchers found three bodies believed to be those of the missing Israeli teenagers who disappeared more than two weeks ago in the occupied West Bank, the Israel Defense Forces said on Monday. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel called an emergency […]

Pope Endorses Palestinian State In West Bank Visit

Before Pope Francis departed on his trip to Jordan, the West Bank, and Israel, there was much speculation that he’d end up stirring up some news in the area, and it turns out that speculation was correct: BETHLEHEM, West Bank — Arriving here on Sunday, Pope Francis made an impassioned appeal for an end to […]

Yassir Arafat’s Body To Be Exhumed Tuesday

Eight years after he died, the body of PLO founder Yassir Arafat will be exhumed next week to determine if his death was caused by poisoning: Ramallah, West Bank (CNN) – The body of former Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat will be exhumedTuesday and samples taken to be tested for poisoning as part of an inquiry […]

Was Yasser Arafat Murdered?

A nine month Al Jazeera investigations indicates that poison may have played a role in Yasser Arafat’s 2004 death.

Mitt Romney’s Bizarre View Of The U.S-Israeli Relationship

Mitt Romney’s view of the ideal relationship between the United States and Israel is, at the very least. quite odd, and, potentially, dangerous.

Rick Santorum: There Are No Palestinians, Everyone In The West Bank Is Israeli

Rick Santorum has some bizarre views when it comes to the dispute between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

On Gingrich, The Palestinians, And “Invented People”

Newt Gingrich’s comments about Palestinian nationhood came up during last night’s debate.

Newt Gingrich Calls Palestinians An “Invented People”

Once again, Newt Gingrich speaks without thinking.

Israeli Soldier Freed After Five Years Capitivity

An Israeli solider that has held by Hamas for five years has been released after negotiations that also resulted in the freeing of thousands of Palestinian prisoners: JERUSALEM — An Israeli soldier held for more than five years by the militant Palestinian group Hamaswas traded on Tuesday for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails […]

Guess Which Other President Called For Negotiations Based On Pre-1967 Borders

His name, was George W. Bush: Found via Twitter

Obama Reiterates Statements On Israeli-Palestinian Talks In AIPAC Speech

President Obama doubled down in his speech before this year’s AIPAC conference. Why he did so only he understands.

Obama’s Reference To Israel’s 1967 Borders Creates Faux Controversy

It’s been barely four hours since the President’s Middle East policy speech at the State Department and already the fake controversy has developed: Buried in his blithering, blathering, self-congratulatory, hectoring speech on the Middle East today, Barack Hussein Obama dropped this diplomatic nuclear bomb: So while the core issues of the conflict must be negotiated, […]

President Obama Wades Back Into The Middle East Quicksand

Once again, an American President thinks he can bring peace to the Middle East.

Up To Fifteen Dead In Israeli Confrontation With Gaza-Bound Flotilla

What some are describing as an “aid flotilla” made the mistake of trying to run the Israeli naval blockage of Gaza, and things did not end well: JERUSALEM — The Israeli Navy raided a flotilla carrying thousands of tons of supplies for Gaza in international waters on Monday morning, killing at least 10 people, according […]

Bin Laden Christmas Bombing Tape

Someone claiming to be the reclusive terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, who for all we know now looks like a Spanish Communist, has released a tape claiming credit for the botched Detroit terror plot. Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the Christmas Day airline bombing attempt in Detroit, in a audio message released […]

The Annotated Obama Cairo Speech

As promised after the break is the complete text of the speech President Obama gave in Cairo today with annotations.

Obama’s Cairo Speech

As he promised during his election campaign today President Obama addressed the Muslim world on behalf of the United States in Cairo: CAIRO, June 4 –President Obama asked Thursday for a “new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world” in a speech that urged Islamic nations to embrace democracy, women’s rights, religious […]

Three Scenarios in the Gaza War

Today seems to be the day for presenting three scenarios. Tony Karon, writing at, presents three scenarios under which the Gaza War might end. The first scenario is regime change in Gaza: Given Israel’s long-term goal of ousting Hamas in Gaza, some key military and political leaders have urged that it expand the goals […]

Invasion of Gaza Continues (Updated)

The Israeli invasion of Gaza continued today: ON THE ISRAEL-GAZA BORDER: Israeli troops commandeered high-rise buildings in three eastern districts of Gaza City on Monday, expelling residents and shooting Palestinian militants in the streets in the military’s furious effort to destroy Hamas’s fighting ability. European diplomats, meanwhile, poured into the region seeking a cease-fire. The […]

Bombardment of Gaza Continues;So Do the Rockets (Updated)

The Israeli bombardment of Hamas sites in Gaza continued today: GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israel bombed a mosque it claimed was used to store weapons and destroyed homes of more than a dozen Hamas operatives Friday, but under international pressure, the government allowed hundreds of Palestinians with foreign passports to leave besieged Gaza. Israel […]