A Democratic Tsunami?

Even Republicans are wondering if President Trump is at his “Katrina moment.”

Supreme Court Expands Religious Impunity

Two rulings greatly expand the ability to evade the law for on Free Exercise grounds.

US Tops 3 Million COVID-19 Cases

Another avoidable milestone.

Vindman Abruptly Retiring from Army

The soldier who became a national figure for testifying against President Trump has had enough.

Brooks Brothers Bankrupt

The venerable apparel company is having a hard go of it.

Trump’s Anti-Mail-in Ballot Position Backfiring?

Are Republicans eschewing absentee voting?

Reaction to Letter on Justice and Open Debate Proves its Point

Free speech is not for everyone.

pedestrian, light, road, traffic, advertising, monument, walk, sign, symbol, landmark, signal, billboard pedestrian, light, road, traffic, advertising, monument, walk, sign, symbol, landmark, signal, billboard

Traffic Signals Not Racist

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

Fascism Is A Nationalist Aesthetic Movement

Fascism is less about real politics, which is what makes it terrifying.

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro Has COVID-19

The president of the country with the second most cases and fatalities has tested positive.

Visas Will be Denied to Online-only Students as Colleges Go Online-only

Harvard joins a growing list of universities who will not offer in-person classes this year.

Famous People Got Loans!

The Paycheck Protection Program protected some interesting paychecks.

Charlie Daniels Dead at 83

The Country Music Hall of Famer is gone.

Supreme Court Upholds ‘Faithless Elector’ Laws

States can punish Electors who substitute their judgment for those of the voters.

Sports and Body Types

Athletes are getting bigger and stronger. Except those who aren’t.

Israeli Bomb Sets Back Iranian Nuclear Program

The Natanz fuel enrichment site has been seriously damaged.

Gun Violence Spiking Across American Cities

A marked rise in shooting deaths is going largely unnoticed.

A Diminished, Surreal July 4th

The crowd for DC’s fireworks celebration was small but weird.

Mob Tears Down Baltimore Columbus Statue

A controversial monument in Little Italy has been destroyed.

A Photo for the Fourth

Happy Independence Day!

Why are Masks Political?

Leadership matters (as does culture).

Schools, Daycare, and COVID-19

The emotional and economic impact of the pandemic is hitting women especially hard.

Trump’s Mount Rushmore Diatribe

The President is desperate and unwell and the press is making no bones about it.

Independence Day Forum

Happy 4th!

A Photo for Friday

“Sunset over Mobile Bay”

Podcast Recommendation

The Daily on the Russia bounty story.

Will Trump Quit?

I don’t see it.

Why Republicans like the Filibuster

It creates a veto gate that they are almost guaranteed to control when they need it.

Sponsors May Force Redskins to Change Name

Nike and FedEx may be able to do what Native American activists couldn’t.

Supreme Court Blocks Judge-Imposed Drive-up Voting in Alabama Runoff

Those who wish to vote for Tommy Tuberville or Jeff Sessions will have to walk to the mailbox.

NFL to Play ‘Black National Anthem’ Before Games

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” will reportedly precede the “Star-Spangled Banner” in the opening week.

‘COVID Parties’ are Bullshit

Some incredibly thin reporting about a story that is almost certainly made up.

The Filibuster is Going Away

The writing is on the wall for simple-majority voting in the Senate.

Intel Briefers Stopped Telling Trump about Russia

The President didn’t want to hear about bad behavior from Moscow, so he wasn’t told.

Carl Reiner Dead at 98

A legendary comic is gone.

SCOTUS Allows Subsidies for Religious Schools

A seemingly obvious result that isn’t.