Speaking of the Popular Vote…

Some examples from 2018 of the problems with single seat districts.

Washington State Supreme Court Declares Death Penalty Unconstitutional

Last week, the Washington State Supreme Court declared the death penalty unconstitutional. The latest in a string of victories for opponents of capital punishment.

Ted Cruz, ‘Tough as Texas’?

Just when I thought political humor was dead.

Madison, Will, and the Ambitions of the GOP

Madison was right about politicians and ambition. He just didn’t see the how it would all play out.

Trump Claims An End To North Korean Nuclear Threat, Reality Is Quite Different

President Trump is touting his Photo Op Summit as the end of the North Korean nuclear threat. Reality is quite different.

Border Patrol Detains Two Americans for Speaking Spanish

When “reasonable suspicion” and free speech collide.

Attacking Syria Without Congressional Authorization Would Be Illegal

Without Congressional authorization, any attack on Syria would be illegal, but don’t expect Congress to do anything about it.

Wisconsin Waging War on Higher Education?

Wisconsin-Stevens Point is shuttering 13 majors, including English, history, political science and sociology while expanding more job-oriented programs.

Federal Court Strikes Down North Carolina Congressional Districts As Partisan Gerrymandering

A Federal Court in North Carolina has issued a stinging ruling against the partisan gerrymandering undertaken by the Republican legislature in that state.

House And Senate Republicans Pass Tax Cut Bill

Republicans passed their tax bill yesterday. What that means for the economy and the 2018 midterms is another question.

Race For Virginia Governor Tightens Significantly In Campaign’s Final Hours

With less than forty-eight hours to go, the race for Virginia’s Governor is tighter than ever.

Representative Government and Line Drawing

A complicated concurrence to Steven Taylor’s recent postings.

Muhammed Ali Dead At 74

The Greatest Of All Time.

The Pre-New Hampshire Post

Observations, questions, and some toastosity.

Democrat John Bel Edwards Handily Defeats David Vitter In Louisiana Governor’s Race

Democrat John Bel Edwards scored an easy victory over Senator David Vitter last night in Louisiana, and Vitter announced that he’d be leaving the Senate after his term is up.

France Strikes ISIS As Investigation Into Paris Attacks Continues

France launched its first attacks against ISIS even as the investigation into Friday’s attacks continues, but it’s not clear that the retaliation really accomplished anything.

Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan As Bad As You’d Expect

Donald Trump’s immigration plan is would create a police state, violate people’s rights, and hurt America’s economy. And his supporters will most likely love it.

Slowly But Surely, Republicans Seem To Becoming Less Socially Conservative

It will be some time before sanity prevails in the GOP, but slowly but surely Republicans seem to be becoming less socially conservative.

Irish Voters Overwhelmingly Vote In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage

Voters in Ireland have overwhelmingly approved a referendum legalizing same-sex marriage.

Obama’s National-Security Wish List

The first installment of my analysis of the National Security Strategy.

Majority Of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization, 64% For Americans 18-34

Support for legalizing marijuana continues to grow slowly but surely.

Republicans Expand House Majority

The GOP added to its majority in the House, giving it the biggest majority it has had since Truman was President.

Noncompetitive House Elections

My ongoing crusade to spark thought and discussion on the quality of representation in the US Congress.

How America Stopped Thinking Strategically

Today’s foreign-policy disputes rarely consider the way America’s response to one crisis might affect another.

Where Is The South?

The Mason-Dixon Line says it starts in Maryland, but that no longer seems to be the case.

The Coffee Insurgency?

The Economist reports that “The coffee insurgency” is winning.

Understanding the Mess (and Why it May not Get Better Anytime Soon)

The situation we currently find oursevles in is very much driven by structural issues.

Army and Navy Cutting Generals and Admirals Ever So Slightly

The Army and Navy are finally doing something about brass bloat.

NBC Apologizes For Losing New Hampshire

The NBC News graphics department failed geography miserably. Here, Brian Williams and company admit the error with grace, charm, and good humor.

Team USA, Xenophobia, and International Soccer

The former coach of an American team playing a foreign sport is upset that his foreign-born successor is using foreign-born Americans.

Reflections on the Panama Canal

The Canal made a number of impressions.

Distinguished Warfare Medal for Armchair Warriors

American troops may now earn the fourth highest combat medal from the comfort of their desk chair.

Another Republican Demographic Problem: The Gay Vote

Republican opposition to same-sex marriage is costing it yet another demographic group.

Political Geography

Interpretation, Art, and Analysis

The analyst actually wants to understand and be correct far more than he or she wants their preferences to prevail in the analysis

NYT Public Editor Charges Liberal Bias

NYT executive editor Jill Abramson is shocked that her outgoing public editor thinks her paper “virtually bleeds” a “kind of political and cultural progressivism.”

Mount Everest Not Highest Point on Earth?

Jeopardy phenom Ken Jennings contends Mount Everest isn’t really Earth’s highest peak.

Romney Campaign Getting Started On The Veepstakes

With the nomination pretty much inevitable, it’s time to start thinking about Romney’s running mate.