Republicans Winning House Popular Vote?

A surprising factoid in a bad election for the party.

The Prevailing Myth of American Politics

A bit of a rant, I expect.

An Observation on Geography-Based Representation

A thought inspired by the PA Senate race.

Democracy Scholars for Proportional Representation

A lot of folks who study democracy have sent an open letter to Congress.

American Civil War II is Unlikely but Not Impossible

A repeat of 1860 can’t happen. But something even worse could.

Abortion and the Filibuster

Assuming they had the votes, should Democrats carve out yet another exception?

Minority Rule in a Winner-Take-All System

How long can the unsustainable be sustained?

Depending on the Kindness of Strangers

Has the Internet made us more selfish?

Putin Invades Ukraine in Defiance of West

The much-anticipated escalation has happened. Now to see how the United States and its allies respond.

People Moving for Politics?

It seems that some Americans are relocating to be with people who share their social and cultural views.

Evidence Isn’t Going to Persuade Anti-vaxers

Hesitancy is a complex phenomenon largely immune to facts.

Gerrymandering State Legislatures

Representatives Choosing Their Voters Rather than Vice Versa, Chapter 412.

Evangelical Politics in the Time of Polarization and Covid

A piece in The Atlantic inspires thoughts.

The Collegiate Gender Gap

Women are increasingly dominating American higher education.

Scapegoating Immigrants

Whataboutism about a visit to Whataburger (and other tales of obfuscation).

Following the Science Isn’t Our Nature

The reaction to the pandemic has long since been about much more than the pandemic.

Some Thoughts on Representation

How well do single-seat districts lead to representation? (And of what?)

It’s the Single-Seat Districts

Our insistence on relying on an 18th Century understanding of electoral systems is our ongoing bane (if one values representative government).

The Rise of Negative Partisanship

Yes, partisanship is real. And it influences more than just voting behavior.

Alabama Reaches #1 for 13th Year in a Row

A mind-boggling statistic.

Against Packing the Supreme Court

Legitimacy hangs in the balance.

politics outrage shouting politics outrage shouting

All’s Fair, Even if It’s Unfair?

A defense of the indefensible.

Harris and Racial Labels

There are different, and not equally good, reasons to talk about labels.

Do Violent Protests Get Results?

If the goal is to change politics, not just vent frustration, messaging is important.

Coronavirus Has Been Politicized to Dangerous Effect

Republicans are half as likely to take the outbreak seriously.

Why Democrats Have to Play By Different Rules

The Republicans are playing a different game.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Endorse Sanders

Not surprisingly, AOC is getting behind Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Understanding Ukraine

Trying to nail down some basics about a very complicated situation.

Trump’s Electoral College Advantage Growing

He could lose the popular vote by an even larger margin in 2020—and still coast to re-election.

Florida School Guard Who Retreated From Gun Fire Charged

Scot Peterson, the school resource officer who hid from fire during last year’s school shooting in Florida has been charged criminally. The legal basis for those charges seems flimsy.

Trump’s Crazy Immigration Plan

The President unveiled some incoherent ideas yesterday that have no chance of becoming law.

Time for a National Primary

The consolidation of Super Tuesday makes the current system even more broken than before.

Trump’s Attacks On The Media Come Home To Roost

It was only a matter of time before Trump’s rhetoric against the press would lead to something violent. Last night in El Paso, it happened.

Donald Trump Shrugging Donald Trump Shrugging

Trump’s Foreign Policy Ignorance

More than any recent President, Donald Trump displays a tremendous amount ignorance about the world. Even worse is the fact that he seems proud of it.

Kirsten Gillibrand Enters The Race For President

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is the latest Democratic entrant into the 2020 race for President.

Trump at the G20

Trump continues to struggle at major international meetings.

Speaking of the Popular Vote…

Some examples from 2018 of the problems with single seat districts.

Washington State Supreme Court Declares Death Penalty Unconstitutional

Last week, the Washington State Supreme Court declared the death penalty unconstitutional. The latest in a string of victories for opponents of capital punishment.

Ted Cruz, ‘Tough as Texas’?

Just when I thought political humor was dead.

Madison, Will, and the Ambitions of the GOP

Madison was right about politicians and ambition. He just didn’t see the how it would all play out.

Trump Claims An End To North Korean Nuclear Threat, Reality Is Quite Different

President Trump is touting his Photo Op Summit as the end of the North Korean nuclear threat. Reality is quite different.

Border Patrol Detains Two Americans for Speaking Spanish

When “reasonable suspicion” and free speech collide.

Attacking Syria Without Congressional Authorization Would Be Illegal

Without Congressional authorization, any attack on Syria would be illegal, but don’t expect Congress to do anything about it.

Wisconsin Waging War on Higher Education?

Wisconsin-Stevens Point is shuttering 13 majors, including English, history, political science and sociology while expanding more job-oriented programs.

Federal Court Strikes Down North Carolina Congressional Districts As Partisan Gerrymandering

A Federal Court in North Carolina has issued a stinging ruling against the partisan gerrymandering undertaken by the Republican legislature in that state.

House And Senate Republicans Pass Tax Cut Bill

Republicans passed their tax bill yesterday. What that means for the economy and the 2018 midterms is another question.

Race For Virginia Governor Tightens Significantly In Campaign’s Final Hours

With less than forty-eight hours to go, the race for Virginia’s Governor is tighter than ever.

Representative Government and Line Drawing

A complicated concurrence to Steven Taylor’s recent postings.

Muhammed Ali Dead At 74

The Greatest Of All Time.