A U.S.-Saudi Rift, Or Just A Saudi Temper Tantrum?

Relations between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia seem to have soured in recent years.

No, Boehner Isn’t Going To Lose His Job As Speaker

John Boehner’s position as Speaker of the House seems quite secure.

Obama Didn’t Try To Scare Americans Over Syria, Except When He Did

:Like his predecessors, President Obama’s speech last night exaggerated the threat that Syria poses in order to sell his plan to American voters.

Obama’s Syria Plan As Confused As Ever

President Obama’s plans in Syria are as unclear as they were before he spoke last night.

Obama Syria Speech Instant Reaction

I’ve been up since 3 am and drinking since 6 pm, so my reaction to a presidential war speech at 9 am may not be the definitive word

September 10, 2001

Obama’s Hamlet Act

The president’s public dithering on Syria is drawing jeers from friend and foe alike.

Syria Intervention Looks Inevitable

Western military action in the Syrian civil war now appears likely.

Court Holds That Wedding Photographer Cannot Refuse Service To Gay Couples

A case out of New Mexico presents an interesting collision of First Amendment rights and anti-discrimination values.

Syria: What Now?

As President Obama’s red line has been crossed more brazenly, he continues to sound reluctant to intervene in Syria while positioning forces to do just that.

MLB Suspends Alex Rodriguez, 12 Other Players, In Drug Investigation

Alex Rodriguez and 12 other Major League Baseball players were suspended today for PED use. Rodriguez is the only one vowing to fight the suspension.

State Department: Avoid Planet Earth, There Be Terrorists There

Al Qaeda may be up to something, so take no chances.

John Kerry Leads America’s Latest Quixotic Quest For Middle East Peace

Secretary of State Kerry becomes the latest American official to wade into the Middle East’s longest lasting quagmire.

Brazilian Protesters Turn Their Anger Toward Soccer

Even the national sport is arousing the anger of the protesters in Brazil.

U.S. Says That Syria Has Used Chemical Weapons, Will Reportedly Start Arming Rebels

The U.S. is now confirming that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons. What’s next?

91% Of American Adults Own A Cell Phone, Majority Of Them Own A Smartphone

Cellphones have achieved near complete market penetration, and the smartphone is leading the way.

Syria’s Civil War Inspiring Sectarian Violence Outside Syria

Syria’s violence is slipping across it’s borders.That’s not good news at all.

Congress Forcing The Army To Buy Tanks It Doesn’t Want

Once again, politics is dictating military policy.

Was Obama’s Syrian “Red Line” A Mistake?

President Obama may regret drawing a line in the sand over Syrian chemical weapons.

Sales Taxes On Internet Purchases Seem To Be An Inevitability

The days of tax-free online shopping are coming to an end.

Iraqi Forces Attacking Syrian Rebels

The regime we fought for in Iraq is now aiding the regime we’re fighting against (at least by proxy) in Syria.

PhD Scientist Glut (Not POLITICAL Scientist; We Already Knew That)

Calls for more American kids to pursue STEM careers ignores the hiring realities.

Marvel Kills Spider-Man Again

Issue #700 marks the final issue of Amazing Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s run as that character. For now.

Is Russia Preparing To Cut Its Losses In Syria?

Recent comments from Russian officials suggest that the nation may be preparing to cut its longtime ally loose.

Kobe Bryant Youngest to 30,000

Kobe Bryant is one of only five NBA players to score 30,000 points and the youngest to achieve the milestone.

Intervening In Syria Would Be Suicidal

President Obama is keeping the conflict in Syria at arms length. That’s a good idea.

No, We Should Not Arm The Syrian Rebels

The argument that the United States should start assisting the rebellion in Syria has many flaws.

Rand Paul Criticizes Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech

One of Mitt Romney’s own supporters didn’t like his foreign policy speech very much.

Obama’s Rove

The front page of Sunday’s NYT profiled Valerie Jarrett, the power behind the throne at the Obama White House.

Obama Warns Syria On Chemical Weapons Use

President Obama issued a warning to Syria today over its chemical weapons stockpiles.

Men With Shaved Heads: Stronger, Taller, More Dominant But Older and Less Attractive

Albert Mannes shaved his head when he started to go bald. Now, he has done research showing it was a wise decision.