David McCullough, 1933-2022

A great American author is gone at 89.

FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home

The former President and his supporters are crying “weaponization of the justice system.”

Inflation Reduction Act Passes Senate

And a comment on news coverage of the passage.

Murder Rate Coming Down?

Some new data are encouraging.

Liz Cheney’s Future

She’ll almost certainly be out of a job in January. Then what?

Michael Langley Becomes Marines’ First Black 4-Star General

A major milestone has been reached.

Feelings Don’t Care About Facts

“America can survive the demagogues themselves, it’s their audience that will kill us.”

Sunday’s Forum

The Ongoing Mystery of Sinema

Her price to sign on to the Inflation Reduction Act was, well, odd.

Libraries and Book Banning

How much say should the community have in what’s included?

Texas and Arizona Bussing Migrants to DC and NYC

A cruel and insidious ‘solution’ to the border problem.

More Jobs than Expected in July

Things are better than expected.

Friday Quick Hits

A few quick observations at the end of the week.

A Photo for Friday

“Coming Around for Another Pass”

FBI’s Sham Kavanaugh Investigation

Some 4500 tip line reports were simply turned over to the White House and not investigated further.

Friday’s Forum

Pelosi’s Ill-Advised Taiwan Visit

The Speaker’s trip was reckless, needlessly escalating an already tense situation.

Democrats Funding MAGA Primary Candidates

Hardball politics or dirty pool?

Hawley Votes Against NATO Expansion

Instead of a clenched fist of support, it was a big middle finger to Sweden and Finland.

I love taxes police money Euros I love taxes police money Euros

Coming IRS Crackdown?

The Schumer-Manchin compromise includes a massive increase in the tax collection budget.

Bill Russell, 1934-2022

The iconic basketball player, coach, and civil rights leader is gone at 88.

First Capitol Rioter to Go to Trial Gets 7 Years

A loudmouth III%er cried like a baby during his sentencing.

U.S. Kills Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda Founder and Leader

A precision drone strike on a balcony in Kabul took out a longtime nemesis.

Learning From Joe Manchin

Has the frustrating process of securing his vote taught Democrats anything?