Illegal Immigration From Mexico At Lowest Level In Nearly 60 Years

Illegal immigration from Mexico is down substantially, and it has nothing to do with all those anti-immigration laws.

Georgia’s New Immigration Law Leading To Crops Rotting In Farmers’ Fields

A new Georgia immigration law is causing serious problems for Georgia’s farmers.

Let’s not Forget Georgia

In addition to Alabama, we can also have Georgia on ours minds on the ongoing immigration debate.

Alabama’s New Immigration Law

AL takes AZ’s approach and goes a few steps beyond.

Arizona Seeking Donations to Build Border Fence

The state of Arizona is seeking donations for construction of the border fence.

Andrew Sullivan: 18 Years To Get A Green Card

It took Andrew Sullivan 18 years to get his request for Permanent Resident status approved. That’s just absurd.

Does Haley Barbour Have An Immigration Problem?

Haley Barbour is making all the moves toward a 2012 Presidential run, but his stand on immigration issues could pose a problem in the Republican primaries.

Illegal Immigrants 8% of US Births, 3.7% of Population

While illegal immigration in the United States remains enormous, it has dropped considerably over the last three years.

Rand Paul, David Vitter Take Aim At Birthright Citizenship

Two Senators are proposing a Constitutional Amendment to redefine what it means to be an American citizen.

The Drug Catapult

Anti-Immigrant Groups Begin Assault On Birthright Citizenship

Anti-Immigrant groups are beginning their assault on the 14th Amendment, but don’t expect it to go anywhere.

More Talk of 14th Amendment Reform

The author of AZ’s SB1070 has a new idea.

A Living Argument in Favor of the DREAM Act

UCSD grad student Mark Farrales is a good example of why something like the DREAM Act has merit.

Democrats Cancel DREAM Vote

Senate Democrats cancel vote on DREAM Act, meaning the immigration measure is likely dead for the year.

Arizona Proof of Citizenship Rule Struck Down

The 9th Circuit has struck down an Arizona law requiring people to show proof of citizenship to vote. No, this doesn’t open the floodgates to illegal alien voting.

The Libertarian Party on Immigration

The PL issues a statment on immigration policy.


Germany and the Lessons of Immigration Policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declare multiculturalism in Germany to be a “failure.” Proof that anti-immigration activists in the United States are correct, right?

The High Cost of Immigration Enforcement

Both Congress and the Obama Administration have stepped up enforcement of immigration laws–at immense cost to both the budget and the courts.

Governor Brewer Retracts Beheading Claim (Kinda)

Governor Brewer walks back he beheadings claims.

So Much For The Illegal Immigration “Crisis”

The idea that we are in the middle of an illegal immigration crisis is not supported by the evidence.

Arizona Governor Needlessly Freaks Out Over Human Rights Report To U.N.

An obscure U.N. human rights report has become the latest political outrage of the day in the battle over Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

“Swift Assimilation” and History

Ross Douthat’s latest New York Times column demonstrates an appalling misunderstanding of history in the context of immigration.

More Border Enforcement

Again, despite the rhetoric of some, the US does continue to enforce laws relevant to the border and, indeed, enforcement has been on the rise.

Poll Show Border Residents Feel Safe

According to a new poll, 87% of border residents feel safe.

Republicans Splitting On 14th Amendment “Reform”

There isn’t as much GOP unity over the idea of changing America’s citizenship rules as you might think.

GOP Campaign Against Birthright Citizenship Falling Flat

The Republican campaign against birthright citizenship doesn’t seem to be gaining the kind of support they expected.

An Implication of Removing Birthright Citizenship

Wherein only one of the various consequences of altering the current status of birthright citizenship is considered: more paperwork for us all.

What’s Really Behind The GOP Rhetoric Against Birthright Citizenship

Is the GOP really serious about changing the citizenship rules in the 14th Amendment ? Not likely.

Calderón and Legalization

While it is true, as Jacob Sullum puts it, On Drug Policy, Mexico’s President Has a Bigger Vocabulary Than Ours, it is also true as the headline at Gancho puts it he has Problems with the Legalization Debate (specifically in terms of popular opinion in Mexico).

A Tale of Two Cities: El Paso and Ciudad Juárez

Despite assertions that the violence in Mexico is spilling over the border, we find a rather stark comparison of two key border cities.