A Different Take On Fast & Furious

A Fortune Magazine investigation puts a new spin on Operation Fast And Furious, but questions still remain.

Justice Scalia’s Odd Dissent In Arizona v. United States

Justice Scaiia’s dissent in Arizona v. United States included many odd forays into areas that had nothing to do with the case before him.

Debunking The Fast & Furious Gun Control Conspiracy

There’s no evidence that Fast & Furious, whatever it was, was a conspiracy to lobby for tighter gun control laws.

The War On (Some) Drugs Has Killed More Mexicans Than Fast & Furious

America’s Drug War has caused more problems for Mexico than Fast & Furious ever will.

The Arizona Decision Is A Mixed Bag For Obama And Arizona

The Supreme Court left the most important part of SB1070 intact, but it faces serious challenges in the future.

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Immigration Checks (For Now)

The US Supreme Court has upheld the most controversial provisions of Arizona’s immigration law.

Trying to Sort out the “Fast and Furious” Situation

Fast and furious, or a lot of sound and fury signifying not too much?

Immigration To The U.S. Now Dominated By Asians

The largest group of immigrants to the United States doesn’t come from south of the border anymore.

Obama’s Latino Support Surges After Deportation Policy Shift

Not surprisingly, President Obama’s immigration announcement has been very well received among Latino voters.

Obama’s Immigration Policy Shift Was Legal, But Was It Proper?

President Obama’s immigration policy shift is legal, it’s good policy, but bypassing Congress won’t solve our immigration problems.

The DREAM Act and the 60-vote Senate

The history of the DREAM Act underscores the significance of the 60-vote Senate.

Republican Response To Obama Immigration Moves Not Entirely Negative

Republican reaction to the President’s immigration policy announcement has been relatively muted, and it’s likely to stay that way.

Obama to Ignore Immigration Law, Pretend DREAM Act Passed

Frustrated by its inability to get laws passed through Congress, the Obama administration has decided to stop following laws already passed by Congress.

Supreme Court Appears Sympathetic To Some Parts Of Arizona Immigration Law

The Solicitor General had another bad day in Court yesterday.

GOP Hispanic Outreach is on Fire!

A new poll shows the current level of GOP support in the Hispanic community.

Republican Candidates Trailing Obama Among Hispanics By Wide Margin

A new poll shows just how badly the GOP is doing among Hispanic voters.

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio Warn Republicans On Losing Hispanic Voters

Two prominent Florida Republicans are warning their party about losing the support of the nation’s fastest growing ethnic group.

Why iPhones Aren’t Made In America

It’s not just low wages that have kept technology manufacturing jobs out of the United States.

Newt Gingrich On Immigration: A Perry Moment?

Newt Gingrich spoke some truth on immigration last night, and that might hurt him with Republican voters.

If They Would Just Build a Fence

After all, securing the border is easy and the forces driving cross-border illicit activities can be curtailed with enough force and security.

Mitt Romney’s Immigration Problem

Mitt Romney’s health care plan subsidized health care for illegal immigrants.

Herman Cain’s Bizarre Immigration Plan: Electrify The Border Fence

Like his tax plan, Herman Cain’s immigration plan is not serious.

Rick Perry’s Immigration Problem Isn’t Going Away

Rick Perry has serious problems with what people think about his immigration position.

Alabama Immigration Law Causing Produce To Rot In The Fields

Another case of the law of unintended consequences.

Farmers Finding Few Americans Willing To Do Jobs Immigrants Do

It turns out there are some jobs immigrants will do, but Americans won’t

More Effects of Alabama’s Immigration Law

Alabama immigration law causing parents to withdraw children from schools.

Rick Perry’s Worst Idea Yet

He suggested the possibility of sending troops to Mexico to fight drug cartels.

The Ongoing Insanity of US Border Policy (Fencing off Citizens Edition)

Another entry in the ongoing follies of US border and immigration policy.

Rick Perry’s Immigration Problem

Rick Perry’s immigration positions aren’t at all unreasonable, and that presents a problem for him inside the Republican Party.

Immigration Deportations Under Obama On Pace To Far Exceed Those Under Bush Administration

Based on the numbers, Barack Obama is an immigration hawk.