Georgia’s New Immigration Law Leading To Crops Rotting In Farmers’ Fields

A new Georgia immigration law is causing serious problems for Georgia’s farmers.

Let’s not Forget Georgia

In addition to Alabama, we can also have Georgia on ours minds on the ongoing immigration debate.

Alabama’s New Immigration Law

AL takes AZ’s approach and goes a few steps beyond.

Climate Change And Politics

As with most of the other issues facing us, our political conversation about climate change and what to do about it basically just involves yelling at each other.

Horrifying Graphic of the Day

Overfishing may mean a near term future in which there are no more fish in the sea.

Newt Gingrich’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Newt Gingrich and his wife had a quarter million dollar line of credit at Tiffany’s. A story, a scandal, or much ado about nothing? I’ll take Door Number Three.

Republicans 2012: Who Else Might Run?

With the customary hand-wringing over the low quality of the presidential field well underway, the corollary pining for other candidates to join the race is starting.

Ron Paul’s Election Problem: The Issues he Supports

No, Ron Paul is not a viable candidate for president.

Happy Debt Limit Monday!

As of today, the United States is legally barred from borrowing money to finance its operations. Thanks for nothing, Congress.

Peak Coffee?

We’ve been hearing about peak oil for years. But now some experts are warning of an even more serious crisis: Peak coffee.

Shirley Sherrod Sues Andrew Breitbart

Shirley Sherrod’s lawsuit against Andrew Brietbart promises to be an interesting test of the boundaries of defamation law in the political blogosphere.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Four

Examining Levin’s examination of the Constitution, jurisprudence, and property rights.

Arizona Hates The Constitution, Loves Nullification

Arizona looks to be the latest state to try to revive the discredited doctrine of nullification.

Government: Eat Less

The federal government’s newest dietary guidelines have finally stated that which has long been between the lines: Americans eat too damn much food.

Mortgage Interest Deduction Favors Blue States

The home mortgage interest deduction benefits Democrat-voting states most! Is the fix in?

Gravy Train About To End For The Washington, D.C. Area?

Some people in the D.C. area are worried that the Federal spending gravy train may be coming to an end. They should be.

History 101: Tariffs, Secession and the General Politico-Economics of Slavery

Those who argue that tariff increases, and not slavery, were the key reason for secession have some basic problems with the historical sequence.

Americans Discontent, Nervous About Economy, And Unsure Of Republicans

A new poll shows that the American public is discontented, nervous about the economy, not entirely sure they can trust the new GOP majority in Congress, and has no idea what it wants from Washington. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

UN Logo UN Logo

A Right Wing Fever Swamp Feeding on the Delusions of a Lefty

Let’s keep our eye on the ball, people.

Presidential Candidates Never Seem Presidential

The prospective Republican field for 2012 is dismal. Then again, it always is.

USA a Banana Republic?

NYT columnist Nick Kristoff says America’s income inequality makes us a banana republic.

How The Federal Government Is Helping Make Americans Fatter

While health experts warn Americans to cut the amount of fat in their diet, the Federal Government helps businesses like Domino’s and Taco Bell promote high-fat products to the public.

Headline of the Day – Levi Johnston Edition

Honors go to YahooNews and/or AP for “Levi Johnston wants to be mayor; has no platform.”

The Re-Invention Of Rand Paul

As the campaign in Kentucky heats up for the final sprint to November, Rand Paul seems to have succeeded in moving beyond many of the mis-steps that plagued him three months ago.

Is The Right Losing Its Mind ?

American Conservatism has changed significantly since the days of William F. Buckley Jr. One former National Review editor says that it’s changed for the worse.

In Defense Of The Electoral College

The Electoral College is the worst way to elect a President, except for all the others.

Obama: African-Americans ‘Mongrel People’ (Other Americans Too!)

President Obama went on TV and said something true. What was he thinking?

Maureen Dowd: There Aren’t Enough Blacks In The Obama Administration

According to Maureen Dowd, Barack Obama’s biggest problem is that there are too many white people in this picture.

Sherrod, Breitbart, Beck, And A Weak Presidency

Among the other lessons it teaches us, the Shirley Sherrod incident shows that the Obama Administration is seemingly becoming weaker by the day.

The Shirley Sharrod/Racism Story: Much Less Than Meets The Eye ?

Journalism and the New Media combined in a feeding frenzy yesterday and a woman lost her job. She probably shouldn’t have.

Jefferson Changed ‘Subjects’ to ‘Citizens’

Thomas Jefferson took great pains to hide the word he originally used for “citizens” in the Declaration of Independence.

Blue Fin Tuna, Genetically Altered Salmon and Environmental Progress

“It’s illogical to hunt a species to extinction.” – Spock

Radically Misdiagnosing the Problem (Jan Brewer and Illegal Immigration)

Are the majority of illegal immigrants drug-runners? Arizona Governor Jan Brewer thinks so.