The Future of Streaming TV

The current business model is collapsing. It’s about time.

Streaming Service Consolidation

There are too many products chasing too few consumers.

The Great Unbundling

The days of one-stop media shopping are long gone.

Comedy is Not Funny

Is political satire even possible in the age of Trump?

The Cable Bundle is Dying. We’ll Miss it When it’s Gone.

As much as we hate paying $200 a month for television, the future is likely going to be worse.

ESPN’s Massive Layoffs

The Worldwide Leader fired over 100 on-air personalities yesterday.

Viewership For Live Televised Events Down Across The Board

Fewer people are watching live television events such as the Super Bowl and Academy Awards.

ESPN Shutters Grantland, Continuing Recent Trend

To the surprise of few, Bill Simmons’ site didn’t long survive his departure.

Hillary ‘SNL’ Appearance May Trigger ‘Equal Time’ Law

An FCC rule from a bygone era may get Bernie Sanders and company some time on NBC.

HBO To Launch Stand-Alone Streaming Service In 2015

The start of a trend? Probably.

Netflix’s Online Business Model: A Mistake, Or The Future Of Entertainment?

Does encouraging binge watching make sense for Netflix?

Sunday Morning Talk Shows Are The Dinosaurs Of Political Media

Who watches Sunday morning talk shows anymore?

Aereo And Broadcast Networks Battle Over The Future Of Television

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear argument in a case that will likely be this era’s version of the Betamax case.

President Joe Scarborough?!

Was there ever a more tepid endorsement than “Joe Scarborough for President? Sure, Why Not?”

Netflix Removes 1794 Movies From Library

The soft underbelly of the post-ownership society.

30 Second Super Bowl Commercial Costs $3.8 Million

At nearly $4 million for a 30 second spot, advertising on the Super Bowl is a bargain.

Fox News Aired Live Car Chase That Ended In Suicide

Not exactly journalism.

A Pacific Time Convention in an Eastern Time Election

I question the timing of the Republican Convention.

Hating Aaron Sorkin

Alex Pareene’s quip that “Aaron Sorkin is why people hate liberals” has gone viral.

Technological Wonder Loss

We’ve reached a point where our wonder at modern technology fades almost instantaneously and is replaced by annoyance that our technology isn’t better

Dish Network Enables Commercial Skipping

Dish Network is offering customers a DVR that will skip commercials. I’m sure their content providers are thrilled.

OTB on Colbert

Doug Mataconis’ Thursday posting “Herman Cain Releases Bizarre New Video Involving Apparent Goldfish Murder” got picked up on that night’s edition of The Colbert Report.

Roll Tide/War Eagle

We Have a President, Not a King

Did Speaker Boehner insult President Obama by snubbing his speech request? If so, so what?

DVRs Biggest Power Drain in House?

If someone had given me ten guesses as to the biggest electricity hog in my house, I’d have never guessed it: The set-top box that houses my DirecTV signal and DVR.

South Park Getting Old?

Amusingly, the most recent episode of South Park, “You’re Getting Old,” perfectly encapsulates my view of recent episodes of South Park.

Why Is The Media “Ignoring” Herman Cain (Or Gary Johnson, Or Fred Karger)?

It’s Campaign Fact of Life No. 1: If you aren’t a factor in the race, you aren’t going to get free media.

IE9 To Block Ads, Tracking

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 could be a Google killer. It could also kill the Web as we know it.

Windows 8 Coming in 2012 – Does It Matter?

The next generation of the Windows operating system is about two years away. Does anyone care?

Political Advertising In The TiVo Era

Will Digital Video Recorders kill the campaign commercial? Unfortunately, no.

Is TV Too Complicated?

Has the digitization of entertainment — DVRs, iPods, iPods, digital cameras, Netflix, and so forth — transformed it from fun into work?

Christiane Amanpour’s “This Week” Debut

ABC’s Sunday talking heads show has a new host. Is she a secret Taliban sympathizer?

DVR Saving TV

Football 1959

MPAA Loses Again

The Obama Presser

Obama Ruins Commercials