American Politics Is More Polarized Than Ever

The left-right divide is worse than it has been in decades, and we’re paying the price.

House Republicans To Move Forward On Immigration Reform This Summer?

Rumors are circulating again that the House GOP may make an immigration reform pitch before the midterm elections.

The Midterms And The Economy: Bad News For Democrats?

Republicans are winning with voters on the issues they say they care the most about.

New Politico Poll Tells Us Much Less Than People Think It Does

Some polls aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

The Right’s Position On Immigration Is Inconsistent With Their Own Principles

If conservatives actually believed what they said they do, they would be much more open to immigrants, and immigration reform.

Like Every Other Senator, Marco Rubio Thinks He’s Ready To Be President

The junior Senator from Florida drops some hints.

Rick Perry Talks Second Chances, Hinting At 2016

Rick Perry continues to hint at another Presidential run.

Lindsey Graham’s Tea Party Challenge Fades Away

The GOP “establishment” keeps beating back challenges.

Jeb Bush Bucks His Party On Immigration, And He’s Right

Many Republicans won’t like Jeb Bush’s recent comments about illegal immigration, but he’s right.

Top Republicans Looking To Jeb Bush In 2016

Top Republican donors are starting to look at the former Governor of Florida as their candidate in 2016.

The Problem with the House GOP’s Position on Immigration Reform in One Chart

Yes, the evidence shows you can trust Obama to enforce immigration laws.

New San Diego Mayor Is A Republican, But Not Exactly A Ted Cruz Republican

Kevin Faulconer proves that Republicans can win in California, but not if they follow the path laid out by the party’s far right wing.

Congress Set To Do Basically Nothing For Rest Of 2014

Don’t expect much out of Congress for the rest of 2014, or for the two years after that either.

John Boehner: Immigration Reform Unlikely Because Republicans Don’t Trust The President

John Boehner explains quite succinctly why nothing big is getting done in Congress.

The House GOP’s Immigration Principles: A Good Start, But Can They Get Past The Tea Party?

The House GOP leadership’s principles are a good start, but it’s unclear if they can make it past the anti “amnesty” crowd that seems to dominate the GOP.

President Obama Delivers Low-Key, Low-Ambition State Of The Union

The President’s sixth State Of The Union Address was fairly low-key.

The State Of The Union Is Pointless

Tonight, the American political system stops to engage in the biggest waste of time ever invented.

AZ GOP Censures McCain

A slap on the wrist underscores the bottom-up nature of US parties.

Child Of Illegal Immigrants Allowed To Become A Lawyer, May Not Be Allowed To Work

An excellent argument for immigration reform can be found in the case of one Californian named Sergio Garcia.

Boehner Ready To Back Immigration Reform?

Has Speaker Boehner breathed new life into immigration reform in the House? Maybe.

Obama Ending 2013 On A Rough Note

For a year that seemed to start out so well, 2013 has been among the President’s worst of this five years he’s been in office.

Is A Stronger Executive The Cure For What Ails American Government?

David Brooks thinks that the problem with American Government is that the Presidency isn’t strong enough.

One Year Later, Support For Gun Control Back To Pre-Newtown Levels

Gun control has faded as a political issue as the memory of Newtown has faded, and that was entirely predictable.

Tea Party Hits New Low In New Poll

The Tea Party hit another new polling low, but that really shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Paul Ryan And Patty Murray Reach Budget Deal, But Can It Pass Congress?

A budget deal has been reached, now it has to get through both Chambers of Congress.

GOP Out Of Step With Nation On ‘Pathway To Citizenship’ For Illegal Immigrants

Republican hardliners are pushing a position on immigration that is completely out of sync with the nation as a whole.

Do Barack Obama And Mike Bloomberg Want To Ruin Family Thanksgiving Gatherings?

Guess what’s coming to the dinner table.

Immigration Reform Returning From The Dead?

Could Congress actually pass some form of immigration reform before the midterms? Don’t bet on it just yet.

The Political Center Is Dead, At Least On Capitol Hill

It’s no wonder there’s no compromise in Congress.

Yes, Immigration Reform Is Dead, Probably Until 2015 At The Earliest

The prospect of Congressional action on immigration before the midterms just got a whole lot less likely.

Obama, Democrats To Push Immigration Reform Next?

Immigration reform may be the next big battle on Capitol Hill, but it’s going to be far different from the one that just concluded.

Time For A GOP/Tea Party Divorce? No, Time To Re-Open The ‘Big Tent’

Much like the Tea Party, David Frum wants to make the GOP tent smaller.

Another Poll Brings Bad News For The GOP, But Will It Matter Come Election Day?

The GOP’s approval numbers have fallen like a stone, but it’s unclear whether this will matter in 2014.

Should The GOP Let The Hard Right Pick The Nominee In 2016?

Would conservatives learn a lesson if they got everything they wanted in 2016?

The Self-Made Nature of the US’ Immigration Problem

Unfortunately, our immigration debate is just plain dumb.

Instead Of Working Hard, Congress Is Hardly Working

Congress isn’t spending much time in Washington these days but that’s only one of the reasons it isn’t accomplishing very much.

Groundswell: Conservatives’ Lame Answer to JournoList

Conservatives are doing what the criticized JournoList for doing—even though JournoList didn’t.

Lindsey Graham Wants War With Iran By September

Lindsey Graham is playing cynical political games with a dangerous part of the world.

Republicans Aren’t Happy With Their Party Leadership, But Why?

Republicans aren’t happy with their leadership. The reason why is also the reason why Republicans are in trouble politically.

Definitions of Success Matter in Policy Debates

Thoughts on the immigration debate.

“Border Security” And GOP Political Pandering

There are many fallacies contained within the GOP’s insistence that immigration reform must begin and end with “border security.”

Republican Political Suicide Over Immigration Reform

David Brooks warns that failing to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill “could be a tragedy for the country and political suicide for Republicans.”