It’s Two Weeks Until Election Day, And Things Are Looking Very Good For Hillary Clinton

Two weeks before Election Day, everything seems to be going Hillary Clinton’s way.

Drop In Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Numbers May Not Be A Big Deal

Hillary Clinton has suffered drops in her favorability numbers lately, but that may not mean much for 2016.

Is 2016 a 50-50 Proposition?

Pundits and political scientists agree that, if the 2016 presidential election were today, we’d have a much better idea who would win.

A Contrarian Analysis Of The 2014 Midterms

One analyst thinks that the predictions of a Republican Senate in 2014 are wildly optimistic.

Why Debating Districts Misses The Larger Point

There are plenty of other factors that help our two major parties retain power.

Republicans Haven’t Reformed But May Win Anyway

Republican leaders continue to say stupid things. They may still retake the Senate in November.

Obama Aides Discussed Booting Biden From Ticket, Book Claims

The news that Obama aides discussed a change to the 2012 ticket is part of the latest Halperin/Heilemann campaign history.

Monkey Cage Moving to Washington Post

The award-winning political science group blog The Monkey Cage is moving under the masthead of the Washington Post:

Blogging > Peer Review Publishing?

Robert Farley takes a shot across the bow at the academy from the pages of one of his field’s most prestigious journals.

Meaningful Action To Prevent More Tragedies Like This

Will the massacre of twenty children in a Connecticut elementary school mark a turning point in America’s gun culture? Don’t count on it.

Undecided Voters Aren’t Stupid and Have Opinions

John Sides argues that, contrary to popular conception, undecided voters are neither morons nor non-partisan.

American Politics And The Denial Of Reality

It’s no wonder partisans can’t agree with each other when they can’t even agree what the facts are.

Why Romney’s “47 Percent” Comments Matter

It may not be the one thing that costs him election, but Mitt Romney’s remarks about the “47 percent” are still a problem for his campaign.

American Politics May Be Nasty But They Started It

At some point, however, using the bad actions of the past to justify worse actions in the present has to stop.

Further Evidence That Voters Don’t Pay Attention To Gaffes

Voters don’t seem all that interesting in the things that the political media becomes obsessed with.

How Much Did Money Matter In The Wisconsin Recall?

Was money the reason Scott Walker won on Tuesday? The available evidence says no.

On the Vetting (and Other Thoughts)

Vetting, media bias, and a passing swipe at the war on terror.

Further Thoughts On The Resonance And Relevance Of The Etch-A-Sketch Meme

The Etch A Sketch meme isn’t nearly as powerful as those pushing it believe it to be.

Mitt Romney’s Trend Problem

The GOP has a problem regarding the economy: it is getting better.

On Interpreting Primary Results

Is a vote for Gingrich (or whomever) necessarily an anti-Romney vote?

Rick Perry’s Wrongheaded “Government Reform” Plan

Rick Perry is out with a plan to reform Washington. Mostly, it’s just a bunch of gimmicks.

Some Political Science on Obese Candidates

Some actual political science suggests that being an overweight male candidate may not be a negative for voters.

Would Not Running For POTUS Make Sarah Palin Irrelevant?

Her appeal is not her ideas, policies, or achievements but her personality and appeal to the red meat base.

Most Hated Congress Ever

The job approval numbers for Congress are at historic lows, but will that matter in 2012?

Who Wins If There’s No Debt Deal?

The idea that the GOP can block a debt ceiling vote and benefit politically is, quite simply, absurd.

The GOP Is Now Controlled By Its Conservative Base

More than any other time in the past, the GOP is now firmly under the control of its most conservative members.

Vietnam Draft Lottery Had Lasting Impact

The draft ended in 1973. It’s effects still linger today.

Political Vitriol and Political Violence

The relationships between inflammatory rhetoric and political violence is complicated.

Republican Comeback Plan Worked?

A longish NYT postmortem titled “Democrats Outrun by a 2-Year G.O.P. Comeback Plan” attributes Tuesday’s Republican victories to a January 2009 PowerPoint presentation. But structural factors were more important.

Three Felonies a Day

Is it “impossible for men to live without breaking laws”?

Most Corrupt States