Jon Stewart on Biden vs Trump

A useful insight from the former late night comic.

NBC Courted Jon Stewart For Meet The Press

A desperation move by NBC News?

Barbara Boxer Channels The Daily Show

Barbara Boxer takes the Daily Show’s “The Vagina Ideologues” bit out of context and deconstructs it during the Senate’s Blunt amendment debate.

Republican Foreign Policy Debate: Winners and Losers

Huntsman will gain little if any traction and none of the frontrunners really helped or hurt themselves.

Michele Bachmann’s Husband is Gay Meme

I’ve been hearing whispers that Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, is gay for a while. It’s now exploding into a full-on meme.

President Obama Daily Show Jon Stewart President Obama Daily Show Jon Stewart

Will Stewart Rally Democratic Enthusiasm?

Some Democrats believe the Jon Stewart – Stephen Colbert rally this weekend will serve as a get-out-the-vote drive.


Jim Treacher has coined a new term, Oprahturfing, to describe wealthy celebrities funding attendance at political rallies. While clever, the concept of “Astroturfing” is being misused by both sides.

Jon Stewart vs. Stephen Colbert

Jon Stewart has made the transition into the post-Bush era much more effectively than his protege, Stephen Colbert.

Race Card Maxed Out: Void During Black Presidency

Jon Stewart and “Senior Black Correspondent” Larry Wilmore eviscerate Maxine Waters’ claims that she and other corrupt members of the Congressional Black Caucus are being investigated for ethics charges because she’s black.

Fixing CNN

Stewart on Olbermann

Colbert on Colbert

Comparative Fringes

Hate Radio?

Bite Size News