Jon Huntsman: Marriage Equality Is A Conservative Cause

Once again, Utah’s former Governor is making sense.

Meritocracy Paradox

The main who coined the word “meritocracy” meant it as a pejorative term.

Ed Koch Dead at 88

Ed Koch, former mayor of New York City and one of America’s most colorful politicians, has died at 88.

Appeals Court Declares Obama Recess Appointments Unconstitutional

A potentially significant ruling on Separation Of Powers.

Senator Ashley Judd?

Actress Ashley Judd is reportedly considering a run for the United States Senate.

Hostess CEO: We’re Already Hearing From People Who Might Buy Our Brands

Reports of the Twinkie’s death have been exaggerated.

The Free Market Killed Hostess, And That’s A Good Thing

The death of Hostess Brands is a lesson in what is supposed to happen to failed companies in a free market.

Why Class Warfare Succeeds

The “makers vs takers,” “the 99 percent vs. the 1 percent,” and “53 percent vs. 47 percent” memes are getting tiresome.

Same-Sex Marriage Wins At The Ballot Box

Voters in four states endorsed marriage equality yesterday.

Ohio Provisional Ballots Could Leave Presidency In Doubt For Weeks

Will Ohio’s Provisional Ballot’s be 2012’s version of the Hanging Chad?

Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Collective Bargaining Law

The battle over Wisconsin’s public sector union reform continues.

Chicago’s Very Well Paid Teachers Go On Strike, Abandoning 400,000 Students

Largely because they are resisting efforts to hold them accountable for their performance, Chicago’s teachers are leaving 400,000 students locked out of school.

Three States Challenge DOMA on Estate Taxes

The Defense of Marriage Act is under challenge through a unique angle: estate taxes.

Journalists Married to Politicos

When and how often must they disclose their relationship? And can we take them seriously at all?

In Picking Paul Ryan, Has Romney Actually Helped Obama?

Mitt Romney has effectively rebooted his campaign by picking Paul Ryan, but he’s also handed the President a powerful weapon.

Are Opponents Of Same-Sex Marriage Bigots?

The fact that someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re evil

What Happened to the Wage and Productivity Link?

What happened in 1970 to decouple wages and productivity?

What Citizens United Changed: Not Much

While the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United has been blamed for the massive increase in money in this year’s campaign, it really wasn’t the culprit.

Supreme Court Rejects Montana Law, Rules That Citizens United Applies To States

An unsurprising decision from the Supreme Court.

Wisconsin Post-Mortem: Winners, Losers, And What Comes Next

What lessons can we draw from the Wisconsin Recall?

Wisconsin Recall Was A Bad Night For Cable News

None of the cable news networks did particularly well last night.

Scott Walker Survives Recall Election In Wisconsin

A contentious political battle that has lasted a year has come to an end.

Ninth Circuit Declines En Banc Review Of Proposition 8 Decision

The case against Proposition 8 is headed to the Supreme Court.

Recall Elections Are Disruptive And Unnecessary

In an ideal world, today’s Recall Election in Wisconsin would not even be legally possible.

Scott Walker Continues To Lead Wisconsin Recall Polling

Barring an upset, Scott Walker looks likely to survive his recall election tomorrow.

More on Government and “the Marriage Business”

Thoughts on tradition, church, and state.

Getting The State Out of The Marriage Business

Should we just hand “marriage” over to churches and have civil unions for everyone else?