Thinking About the Politics of Wisconsin and Public Sector Unions

Recent events in Wiscosin seem to undercut the hypothesis that public sector unions have undue political influence.

WI Standoff Poised to End (or, Maybe Not–UPDATED)

The Democrats appear ready to come home (or, as per the update, maybe not).

Public Acceptance Of Same-Sex Marriage At All-Time High

Two new polls reflect the extent to which public attitudes on same-sex marriage have changed dramatically over the past twenty years, and it’s only a matter of time before that’s reflected in the law.

Have Republicans Lost The Public Relations War Over Public Sector Unions?

As the standoff in Wisconsin drags on, there is no sign that the public accepts the argument being made about public sector unions by Governor Scott Walker and other Republicans.

Free Speech vs. Disturbing the Peace

At what point does the legitimate right to demonstrate cross the line into infringing on the rights of others?

Wisconsin and Practical Politics (Not to Mention Compromise)

Why can’t the Wisconsin Stand-off end in compromise?

Labor – Management Culture Clash

Labor and management are not simply adversaries at the negotiating table; they represent two very different cultures, if not social classes.

Republicans vs. The Unions

Scott Walker’s attempt to crush the Wisconsin public employee unions may be the first wave in a fight to elect Republican governors in 2012.

Did Scott Walker Violate Ethics Laws in “Koch” Call?

A former Democratic state attorney general thinks Wisconsin’s Republican governor may have violated state ethics laws while on a prank phone call.

Scott Walker Didn’t Campaign On This

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker did not campaign on the union-busting package he’s proposing now.

Federal Union Protection Laws Could Penalize Wisconsin

Federal laws designed to protect unions add yet another wrinkle to the Wisconsin standoff.

The Free Market and Unions

Disaggregating the Conversation about Wisconsin

There are a lot of issues on the table, so to speak, in the WI situation. Here I try to entangle them a bit.

Poll: Majority Opposes Laws Restricting Public Employee Unions

A new national poll suggests that moves to restrict the collective bargaining rights of public sector unions are not popular with the public at large:

Wisconsin Teachers and Average Pay

Should public schoolteachers make more money than the people paying their salaries?

Wisconsin Police and Firefighters Didn’t Endorse Walker

Of the 314 police and firefighter unions in Wisconsin, only four endorsed Scott Walker.

An Observation/Question on the Situation in Wisconsin

Why not include police, firefighters and state troopers in the ban on collective bargaining?

Real Doctors, Fake Notes

Either Andrew Breitbart controls the entire media complex or Crooks & Liars jumped the gun. “Figure it out.”

The Case Against Public Sector Unions

It’s time to end the ability of public sector labor unions to hold taxpayers hostage.

Elections Have Consequences

Republicans won the right to govern Wisconsin. What does that mean for Democrats?

Wisconsin’s Hemlock Revolution

In the Middle East, protesters are marching for democracy. In the Midwest, they’re protesting against it.

Facebook Adds Gay Friendly Status Options

Facebook has come up with new settings to meet the needs of users in same-sex relationships.

Wisconsin Teacher Showdown

Neither side is covering themselves in glory in the battle over the Badger State budget.

TSA Workers Gain Right to Join Most Pointless Union Ever

TSA screeners will now have the right to join a union. Or at least a union that can’t actually negotiate much of anything.

Filibuster Reform Appears To Be Dead

Once again, it looks like efforts to reform the Senate’s filibuster rules have fallen victim to that old devil politics.

Caption Contest Winners

The Pelosi Estates Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

New York City Snow Cleanup Hampered By Union Work Stoppage

Streets in New York City like this one on Staten Island went unplowed for days thanks to a work slowdown by sanitation workers, which raises the question of what Public Sector Unions should be allowed to do.

International Sitrep

A capsule look at the world situation as 2010 draws to a close.

The Beginning Of The End Of Social Conservatism?

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is a sign that the political ground is shifting. Will the GOP take notice?

Judicial Activism: It’s Not Just A River In Egypt

Judicial activism doesn’t mean “reaching a decision I don’t like.”

Electronic Money Coming to a Bank Near You

Citibank is helping the US catch up to the rest of the world with free, easy wire transfers.

Obama’s Federal Pay Freeze A Sign Of Clintonian Triangulation?

Is President Obama’s Federal pay freeze a sign that he’s moving to the right, or just pointless symbolism?

USPS Loses $ 8.5 Billion, Warns Of Bankruptcy

The U.S. Postal Service is warning Congress that it could run out of cash next year without a government bailout. Meaning that this is the perfect opportunity to reform an organization that has been out-of-date for a decade now.