Chotiner Eviscerates Koppel on Kissinger

After giving a softball interview, he apparently expected one in return.

Henry Kissinger at 100

A rare man and a rare milestone.

Putin’s Failed Gambit

He’s turned Russia from a G-8 member to an international pariah.

Zelensky Privately Wants to Attack Russia Targets

Leaked intelligence intercepts take us inside the Ukrainian war room.

Russia-Ukraine War at One Year

Putin is losing but no one is winning.

Can Bloggers Be Replaced by AI?

You be the judge.

Ukraine: Too Much Is Not Enough

The appetite for more resources approaches infinity.

We’re Doomed! Doomed!

We’re all gonna die, folks.

Ash Carter, 1954-2022

A brilliant national security leader is gone too soon.

Putin’s Nuclear Gambit

The threat is not idle and the options for responding are not good.

Regime Change in Russia?

Can the unsustainable be sustained?

Putin’s Desperate Gambit

A phony annexation doesn’t hide that he’s badly losing his illegal war.

Ukraine War at a Turning Point?

There’s plenty of reason for optimism.

David Kay, 1940-2022

A man made famous for discovering Iraq’s WMD program was virtually nonexistent is gone at 82.

Mar A Lago Mar A Lago

Politics, Law, and the Mar-a-Lago Search

That’s some catch, that Catch-22.

Dems in Midterms: You’re Saying There’s a Chance?

A 2020 blowout has long been presumed. But maybe it won’t happen.

Biden Pleads for Regime Change in Russia

The President commits a Kinsley gaffe.

Putin’s War Gets Closer to NATO

Strikes near the Polish border show the real possibility of escalation.

Very Quickly, Putin’s War Is Likely To Get Even Uglier

The disintegrating military situation is leading to escalating brutality.

Is Putin Predictably Irrational?

Putin is a monster, but he may also be just as irrational as the rest of us.

Is Putin “Irrational”?

Addressing an analytical pet peeve (and, more importantly, correcting a mistake).

Deterring The Deterrers

Deterring Russia is a matter of principle.

Putin Invades Ukraine in Defiance of West

The much-anticipated escalation has happened. Now to see how the United States and its allies respond.

US Waives Iran Sanctions as Deal Nears

The Biden administration is close to repairing the damage Trump caused.

Saudi Arabia Building Ballistic Missiles with Chinese Help

Our ostensibly ally is working with our chief adversary against our interests.

Biden and Putin to Talk Ukraine

Russia may invade Ukraine again. The United States would prefer otherwise.

US-France Submarine Contretemps

American cheese will henceforth be known as liberté cheese. And not because of the metric system.

Milley and Woodward Revisited

A follow-up to yesterday’s analysis.

Milley’s Soft Coup

While well-intentioned, the Chairman’s actions were illegal and dangerous.

Who’s to Blame for the War Dead?

The answer seems simple but it isn’t.

Defining ‘Extremism’ in the Military

It’s harder than a looks, especially given the limited size of the problem.

Natanz Sidelined by Another Israeli Attack

Iran’s top nuclear facility is offline again.

Reporting and Commentary Should Remain Separate

There’s more than enough opinion journalism.

George Shultz, 1920-2021

The longtime public servant has died, aged 100.

Wonder Woman 1984

A very low-spoilers review.

Rethinking Flournoy as SECDEF

Women in national security circles love this woman.

Israeli Bomb Sets Back Iranian Nuclear Program

The Natanz fuel enrichment site has been seriously damaged.

The Cold War Was A Sobering Influence For A Silly People

As scary as the Cold War was, it did reduce the silliness in American politics.

Pentagon (Maybe) On Alert to Stabilize Minneapolis

The President has reportedly invoked the Insurrection Act.

More on Trump’s Foreign Policy

Policies towards Iran and NK are both a mess.

Kim Jong-Un Announces End Of Testing Moratorium

With one speech, Kim Jong-Un has demonstrated the Trump Administration’s North Korea policy to have been an utter failure.

It’s Putin’s World, We’re Just Living In It

Notwithstanding Russia’s weak position vis a vis the west, It’s Putin who seems to be winning.

North Korea Treated Trump Like A Chump, And He Fell For It

New reports indicate that the North Koreans never took any of the steps to reduce their research programs that President Trump claimed they did.

New Year Likely To Bring A “Gift” From North Korea

The DPRK is promising a “gift” to the United States. The only question seems to be what form it will take.

It’s Official, Trump’s Policy Toward North Korea Is A Failure

WIth North Korea’s end of the year deadline for progress on talks quickly approaching, it is clear that the Trump Administration’s policies with regard to the DPRK have failed.

Trump’s Brain Dead North Korea Policy

With the clock ticking down to the end of the year and a deadline imposed by the DPRK on talks with the U.S., the Trump Administration’s North Korea policy is in a shambles.

North Korea Not Interested In Any Talks With U.S.

The Trump Administration’s strategy in North Korea is an utter failure.

Brexit Could Be The End Of The United Kingdom

Brexit seems like it’s inevitable at this point, and that could set in motion a series of events that would mean the end of the United Kingdom.

North Korea Throws Cold Water On Future Negotiations

North Korea appears to be pulling back from any future negotiations over its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, leaving the Trump Administration’s Korea policy in shambles.