The Georgia Case is Different

It’s the only one that puts all the piece together.

How Serious of a Threat is a No Labels Candidate?

The panic continues. Is it warranted?

A “No Labels” Candidate?

A hypothetical spoiler for 2024? (Stress on “hypothetical”).

Never Trumpers Never Win

Being against something just isn’t enough.

Scott Adams Unintentionally Offers Important Political Insight

What’s that phrased about broken clocks?

The GOP Clown Show

Just when you thought they couldn’t get more incompetent.

Trump’s 187 Minutes

As I have noted before: he betrayed his oath.

Thursday Morning Tabs


Tabs for Friday

Because I really do need to close some of these tabs.

Trump’s Run Exasperates GOP Elite, Thrills Dems

Some of the early reactions to the inevitable announcement tell the tale.

Ash Carter, 1954-2022

A brilliant national security leader is gone too soon.

Cheney in ’24?

Thoughts on the scenarios.

Private vs Public Opinion

What we believe and what we say we believe are often not the same.

Feelings Don’t Care About Facts

“America can survive the demagogues themselves, it’s their audience that will kill us.”

Speaking of Bad Political Analysis

A recurring genre about presidents.

What Are Police For If They Won’t Risk Their Lives to Save Children?

Despite their military trappings and propaganda, they’re seldom heroes.

More Primary Examples: the PA GOP Governor’s Race

An ongoing series of observations.

Professional Politicians Poor Prognosticators

Mitch McConnell and other senior Republican Senators foolishly believed their colleagues would do the right thing.

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

It’s happened. What does it mean?

Depending on the Kindness of Strangers

Has the Internet made us more selfish?

Race and the Myth of Meritocracy: Supreme Court Edition

When “obviously qualified” apparently isn’t enough

The Non-ending Joe Manchin Saga

Is the stalwart of Senate bipartisanship interested in governing?

Unilateral Disarmament on Gerrymandering

Democrats and Republicans are playing by different rules.

Youngkin, GOP Sweep Virginia

It’s usually more effective to run for something rather than against someone.

Saving American Democracy

The Politician’s Syllogism rears its ugly head.

Senators Graham and Lee Owe us an Explanation

Really, they owed (and still owe) us better behavior.

The GOP: Not a Civil War, Not a Purge

The GOP is actually pretty healthy at the moment, despite some public rhetoric to the contrary.

CPAC as a Leading Indicator

The annual gathering showed us what the Republican Party would become years ago.

Trump’s Legal Team Strikes Again

This time calling for Chris Krebs to be shot.

President Donald J. Trump disembarks Marine One at Joint Base Andrews, Md. Friday, Sept. 18, 2020, and is escorted to Air Force One by U.S. Air Force personnel. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour) President Donald J. Trump disembarks Marine One at Joint Base Andrews, Md. Friday, Sept. 18, 2020, and is escorted to Air Force One by U.S. Air Force personnel. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

Trump On ‘Peaceful Transition’

Whether the delusions of a madman or a deliberate scheme to poison the waters, there’s cause for concern.

Some More Numbers to Consider

Trump should be worried.

There is no Switch, Redux

The status quo ante is not just waiting for us around the corner.

Deval Patrick Reportedly Considering Late Entry Into Presidential Race

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is reportedly considering a late entry into the race for the Democratic nomination.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh Launches Primary Challenge Against Trump

Joe Walsh, a former Tea Party stalwart who served in Congress nine years ago, has thrown his hat in the ring against President Trump for the 2020 GOP Presidential Nomination.

Alliance Between Netanyahu And Trump Making Support For Israel A Partisan Issue

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s actions toward two Democratic Congresswomen,seemingly at the bidding of President Trump, is the latest example of the growing partisan divide over policy toward Israel.

Mueller’s Report: We Don’t Know Much

Predictably, news that the investigation has ended has people on both sides cheering. It’s unwarranted.

The Closing Of The Conservative Media Mind

Two more defections from the stable of writers at RedState provide further proof of the extent to which conservative media has become a pro-Trump echo chamber.

Defense Secretary Mattis Joins Tillerson In Rebuking Trump Over Charlottesville

Another Cabinet member rebukes the President for his comments about Charlottesville.