Jefferson Was Neither A Monster Nor A Saint

Vilifying Thomas Jefferson is as much as mistake as placing him on a pedestal.

Thomas Jefferson: Monster of Monticello?

In a NYT op-ed titled “The Monster of Monticello” Paul Finkelman expresses his befuddlement that people play down Thomas Jefferson’s legacy as a slave owner.

The Clinton-Bush-Obama Trifecta

Are two-term Presidencies the new normal?

The Cult Of Barack Obama’s Presidency

Like the men who came before him, Barack Obama has vastly increased the powers of his office. Someone should have asked him about that last night.

The West Wing And American Politics

Not surprisingly, television and reality don’t really coincide.

Freedom Of Speech, Blasphemy, And International Relations

Sacrificing our principles in the face of mob violence is never a good idea.

The Nastiest Campaign Ever? Or Just The Pettiest?

Maybe the real problem this year isn’t that the campaign is unduly nasty, but that it’s incredibly petty.

In Advance Of ObamaCare Ruling, The Attacks On The Supreme Court Begin

We don’t know what the Supreme Court will have to say about the Affordable Care Act, but their decision is already being attacked.

The Census, the House GOP, and the Founders

The Founders would never have thought to do more than count people in the Census!

The First Amendment Makes Rick Santorum Want To Vomit

Rick Santorum’s views on the role of religion in public life are built on lies about American history.

Rick Santorum And Conservative Anti-Intellectualism

A man who has three degrees from three public universities considers the President of the United States a “snob.”

Rick Santorum Gets It Wrong On The Role Of Religion In Politics

Rick Santorum would do well to listen to the words of the last Catholic to be President of the United States.

Mitt Romney Richer Than Most Presidents

Romney would rank among richest presidents ever

Jim DeMint Demonstrates What’s Wrong With Washington

Senator Jim DeMint demonstrated clearly today what is wrong with Washington.

Rick Santorum v. Individual Liberty

Rick Santorum’s views on the role of government are somewhat disturbing.

Unless You’re In The Military, The President Is Not Your Commander In Chief

Many people seem to have a rather inappropriate view of their relationship to the President of the United States.

The Republican Candidates And The Separation Of Church And State

The Republican candidates for President are blurring what should be a pretty clear line.

Newt Gingrich’s Assault On The Judiciary

Newt Gingirch ups the ante in his rhetorical assault on judicial independence.

Rick Santorum: Hey, Let’s Get Rid Of The Judges

Like some other Republicans, Rick Santorum has an odd view of the judiciary.

Elizabeth Warren’s Flawed Social Contract

Elizabeth Warren has a deeply flawed view of our social contract.

Is A Politician Who “Flip-Flops” Really A Bad Thing?

Mitt Romney is still being dogged by charges of changed positions. Now, he’s trying to spin that as a good thing.

Does A Bad (Or Good) Debate Performance Prove Anything?

Are we placing far too much importance on how someone does in a two hour so-called “debate”?

Thoughts About The Constitution On Constitution Day

Where do we stand after 224 years?

Looking to the Design of the Electoral College

Of the institutions designed by the Framers, the electoral college is the one that deserves the least amount of defense if one’s defense is predicated on assumptions of the genius of said framers.

Rick Perry: Radical Libertarian? Theocrat? No, Just Another Big Government Conservative

Rick Perry isn’t as radical as some on the left are saying, but that doesn’t mean he’s any good.

Madison and States v. the Central Government

Madison went to Philadelphia wanting to increase the power of the central government over the states (quite a bit, in fact).

Virginia School District Bans Sherlock Holmes Book

The desire to shield children from controversy has led another school district to ban a classic novel.

America At 235

Some thoughts on the American experiment at 235 years and counting.

Bobby Jindal: Hating President Obama Is Foolish

Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal sent a warning to his fellow Republicans. Too bad they probably won’t listen.

Ex-Spy Says Bush Administration Tried To Use CIA To Discredit Blogger

An ex-CIA agent says that someone in the Bush White House tried to use the agency to “discredit” Iraq War critic Juan Cole.

The Odd American Obsession With Political Sex Scandals

The Anthony Weiner reveals once again the odd American obsession with the intersection of sex and politics.

Law School Grad Sues Alma Mater Because She Isn’t Working

One law school grad seems to think the solution to her employment problems is to sue her law school.

Obama Killed The War Powers Act? No, Congress Did

Once again, Congressional abdication has led to an Executive Branch power grab.

War and Rhetoric

Elias Isquith proclaims my Atlantic essay “How Perpetual War Became U.S. Ideology” to be “a total disaster.”

Authorization For Libyan War Set To Expire Next Week, Don’t Expect Anyone To Do Anything About It

The 60 day deadline for Presidential discretion under the War Powers Act will expire next week. Congress won’t do anything about it.

Don’t Let him Read any Jefferson Biographies

Erick Erickson questions Jon Huntsman’s loyalty to America.

Congress, The President, And War Powers Under The Constitution

Operation Odyssey Dawn has resurrected the eternal battle over what limits there are, and should be, on the President’s ability to use military force without Congressional authorization.

I Get Emails About History

On CPAC, Social Conservatives, And GOProud

On the eve of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, another shot has been fired by those boycotting the meeting due to the presence of a gay conservative group.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Four

Examining Levin’s examination of the Constitution, jurisprudence, and property rights.

Arizona Hates The Constitution, Loves Nullification

Arizona looks to be the latest state to try to revive the discredited doctrine of nullification.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Three

In chapter three of Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin applies his typical standards of logic and evidence to matters of faith.

Idaho Resurrects Discredited Idea Of Nullification In Health Care Reform Battle

Republicans in Idaho are talking about resurrecting the foolish and discredited idea of nullification as a weapon in the fight against ObamaCare.