Congressional Leadership And Obama Reach Deal To Raise Debt Ceiling

We have a deal in Washington. Now, the leadership just has to make sure it can pass Congress.

Kill This Bill

Much like bills named for dead children, there’s a very high likelihood that any bill with “protecting children” and/or “pornographers” in the title is a) a very bad idea, b) a very stupid idea, c) of dubious Constitutionality, or, as here, d) all of the above.

Debt Deal Emerging

President Obama and Congressional Republicans have the outline of a deal to raise the debt limit past the 2012 elections.

Explaining the House Republicans

A recent poll provides some insight into congressional behavior.

The Debt Ceiling and the Imperial Presidency

Congress failing to raise the debt ceiling would involve abrogating an enormous amount of power to the Executive.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The DON’T PANIC Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Senate Blocks Boehner Bill, Focus Shifts To Reid Plan, McConnell Won’t Negotiate

The Senate killed the Boehner Plan but the debt ceiling crisis is still unresolved and the way out is murky.

One of these guys is outsmarting the other one One of these guys is outsmarting the other one

Parliamentary Procedure and the Debt Ceiling Debate

How the reelection incentive and parliamentary procedure are affecting the debt ceiling debate in Congress.

House Passes Boehner Debt Ceiling Bill 218-210, Senate Defeat Tonight Certain

It’s another Friday of drama in the debt ceiling crisis.

The Tea Party’s Utopianism Is Making It Irrelevant

By insisting on perfection in the debt ceiling debate, the Tea Party has made itself irrelevant to the process.

Speaking of Fidelity to the Constitution….

The constitutional purists in the Tea Party apparently do not understand either bicameralism nor separation of powers.

Boehner Bill To Be Amended To Please Tea Party, Thus Making It Totally Irrelevant

John Boehner’s debt ceiling plan is being amended. And not in a good way.

The Debt Ceiling Debate: Social Democracy v. Limited Government?

Charles Krauthammer claims we are in the midst of a great debate. I am not so sure.

Second Quarter GDP Shows Economy Slowing To Near-Recession Status

And you thought the bad economic news was over.

Can Boehner Lead House Republicans?

The failure of House Republicans to pass a bill that would have been dead on arrival in the Senate, anyway, raises questions about whether a deal is possible and whether John Boehner can lead his own coalition.

GOP Vote Watch

Study Finds That Affordable Care Act Isn’t All That Affordable

Another government program isn’t going to bring health care costs under control.

Tea Party Leader Tries to Explain Position on Debt Ceiling

He doesn’t do a very good job.

OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

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Winners will be announced Monday PM

Question For The Crowd: When, If At All, Does The Deal Get Made?

The rational thing to do is the make a deal that cuts spending and raises the debt ceiling. But how do we get there from here?

Obama In Trouble In Battleground States

The electoral map should be making the Obama 2012 camp just a little bit nervous.