Comparative EC Maps

How the EC affects our thinking.

What’s a Republic?

What meanings might the Founders have had? How should we understand the term?

But, the Founders!

If we embrace the Founders to justify the present, let’s think about what we are doing.

The Dark Side of “It’s a Republic, not a Democracy”

I couldn’t help myself.

Chris Rock and Political Reform

Having the topic of political reform start to seep into pop culture is a good thing.

Majority Rule, Plurality Rule, and Minority Rule

Definitions are fun, right?

A Defense of Expanding the US Supreme Court

It is about finding ways to combat minority rule.

How the Electoral College Perverts Democratic Politics

Thinking about wildfires and electoral politics.

More on the Absurdity of the Electoral College

A game wherein one team has to score more points to win than does the other.

On the Act of Voting

A discussion of what #NeverTrump means, on Sanders v. Trump, and some about the philosophy of voting.