The Size of the US House of Representatives

It hasn’t changed in over 100 years (but the population sure has).

Elite Behavior Matters

The College Republican National Committee Chairman elections shows the lessons taught by the national party.

The Problem isn’t Breyer, it is one of Constitutional Design

Put the frustration where it belongs.

Some CRT Theory/Politics of Race Thoughts

You know, some light weekend thoughts.

Sinema’s Misunderstanding of the Senate (and of Basic Politics)

The post really isn’t about Sinema as much as it about a theory of poltiics.


A damning number.

Once Again to Madison and Republics

The saga continues.

Hamilton on Super-Majorities

Looking to Federalist 22.

Counterpoint: The 6 January Commission and the Filibuster

I think this underscores the problem with the 60-vote requirement.

Competitive Pressures and Party Behavior

Assessing Republican strategic positioning (and the incentives in our system).

DC Statehood and Power Politics

More voice, more votes, more representation.

Weak Parties and the CA Recall

With an appearance by Caitlyn Jenner’s choice of party.

The Non-Competitive House

A recent report shows 78 of 435 seats in the US House are truly competitive.

Arguing Against Democracy

National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson advocates for less democracy in America.

Some Thoughts on Representation

How well do single-seat districts lead to representation? (And of what?)

Arguments Over Definitions

The lack of common understandings and shared assumptions makes political conversations challenging.

A Key Legacy of the Trump Administration

Empowering authoritarians.

It’s the Single-Seat Districts

Our insistence on relying on an 18th Century understanding of electoral systems is our ongoing bane (if one values representative government).

The Rise of Negative Partisanship

Yes, partisanship is real. And it influences more than just voting behavior.

The Filibuster Needs to Go

It is not a tool to foster compromise. It is tool of obstruction, plain and simple.

Our Political Reality

Voting ourselves out of this mess is not so easy

Speaking of Reform

Let me point you to a reform proposal.

Will the GOP Fracture?

Will there be in-fighting? Yes. A break-up? No.


That’s unpossible!

MI and GA Continue to Thwart Trump

Some Republicans are doing their jobs.

Not a Coup Attempt

But, still very bad.

Gridlock is not a Feature, it is a Bug

Gridlock doesn’t mean government stops. It just shifts who is governing.

Comparative EC Maps

How the EC affects our thinking.

What’s a Republic?

What meanings might the Founders have had? How should we understand the term?

But, the Founders!

If we embrace the Founders to justify the present, let’s think about what we are doing.

The Dark Side of “It’s a Republic, not a Democracy”

I couldn’t help myself.

Chris Rock and Political Reform

Having the topic of political reform start to seep into pop culture is a good thing.

Majority Rule, Plurality Rule, and Minority Rule

Definitions are fun, right?

A Defense of Expanding the US Supreme Court

It is about finding ways to combat minority rule.

How the Electoral College Perverts Democratic Politics

Thinking about wildfires and electoral politics.

More on the Absurdity of the Electoral College

A game wherein one team has to score more points to win than does the other.

On the Act of Voting

A discussion of what #NeverTrump means, on Sanders v. Trump, and some about the philosophy of voting.

The “A Republic, not a Democracy” Library

A reference point for the future.