University Of Virginia Fraternity Files Defamation Suit Against Rolling Stone Over Campus Rape Story

Rolling Stone faces yet another legal headache over last year’s story about a campus rape that never took place.

Oregon Judge Refusing To Perform Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies

A trial court Judge in Oregon is the latest public official to refuse to do his job.

University Of Virginia Dean Files Defamation Suit Against Rolling Stone

The first of what is likely to be many defamation suits related to Rolling Stone’s discredited campus rape story has been filed.

Arnaud de Borchgrave Dead at 88

The intrepid foreign correspondent and editor Arnaud de Borchgrave has died, aged 88, of cancer.

Oberlin College Student’s Request For Ferguson-Related Exam Delay Gets Epic Response

An Oberlin College student makes it clear just why she needs an education.

Columbia Law School To Let Students Postpone Exams Due To “Trauma” Over Ferguson, Garner

Apparently, law schools are in the business of coddling their special snowflake children now.

Rolling Stone Walks Back Key Allegations Of Campus Rape Expose

An utter journalistic failure from Rolling Stone.

Russian Government Projects Sanctions, Declining Oil Prices, Will Lead To Recession In 2015

Russia’s own government is projecting that its economy will slip into recession next year. How that will impact Putin’s current belligerence remains to be seen.

Doctor’s Office Baby Pictures Barred By HIPAA

A good law has one rather silly unintended consequence.

Unprofitable Professors Getting Fired

Being a public intellectual doesn’t pay.

The House GOP’s Immigration Principles: A Good Start, But Can They Get Past The Tea Party?

The House GOP leadership’s principles are a good start, but it’s unclear if they can make it past the anti “amnesty” crowd that seems to dominate the GOP.

Does International Aid Work? Who Knows?

Two experts debate the topic, demonstrating how little we really know.

The Obama Administration’s Leak Investigations Threaten Press Freedom

The Obama Administration’s aggressive pursuit of leaks is threatening freedom of the press.

Kenneth Waltz’ Legacy

My latest for The National Interest, “Kenneth Waltz’s Crucial Logic,” has posted.

Republican Bill Could Eliminate Most Economic Statistics

A new GOP would make it very difficult to get a good read on the state of the nation’s economy.

Mental Illness, Gun Rights, And Medical Privacy

Keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people while protecting individual liberty isn’t easy.

College and Path Determination in American Economic Life

The best single means of becoming such an economic winner is to gain admission to a top university

Why Are All You People Such Jerks Online?

A new study looks at the reasons why people are so belligerent in their online communications.

Another Ridiculous Demand For Obama’s College Transcripts

Once again, people are demanding to see Barack Obama’s college transcripts for no good reason.

June Jobs Report Brings Another Round Of Disappointment

With four months to go until Election Day, the Obama Campaign was greeted with a very dismal jobs report this morning.

The Brave New World Of Cyber Warfare

Are the Stuxnet and Flame attacks the opening shots in a dangerous new era of secret war?

Los Tocayos Carlos: Texas Killed The Wrong Carlos

A man named Carlos killed a woman named Wanda Lopez. Texas executed a different man named Carlos for the crime.

World’s Top Universities

Seven of the top ten and fifteen of the top twenty universities on the planet are American.

The American Right And The Demonization Of Barack Obama

In order to succeed on the right today, you have to do more than just say the President is wrong. You have to say that he’s evil.

Should Presidential Candidates Be Expected To Release Their Tax Returns?

There’s no law requiring Presidential candidates to release their tax returns. Should they be expected to do it anyway?

The Right Must Abandon The “Obama Is Evil” Meme

If the Right clings to the belief that President Obama isn’t just wrong, but evil, it will likely end up handing the election to him.

Understanding Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann is not Sarah Palin.

King & Spalding Withdraws From DOMA Defense. Thuggery? No, Just A Business Decision

A major law firm has withdrawn from defending DOMA in Court, and a public controversy has erupted.

Campaigning Like it’s 2008

Trump continues his antics: pulling out 2008 campaign memes and doing his best to paint Obama as a mysterious “other.”

Time To Pull Out Of Afghanistan

Nine years into a war that seems to be without end, it’s time to declare victory and go home.

ROTC Returning to Ivies

The repeal of DADT may open the doors for ROTC to return to many elite institutions, if cost doesn’t get in the way.

Law, Morality, And Incest: When Should Something Be Illegal?

The weekend arrest of a Columbia University Professor for an apparently consensual act raises some interesting questions about why precisely a specific act should be subject to criminal prosecution.

Columbia PoliSci Prof Charged with Incest

Columbia political science professor David Epstein has been charged with a 3-year incestuous relationship with his adult daughter.

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To Jailed Chinese Dissident

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo has won the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. He probably doesn’t know it, though, because he’s currently sitting in a Chinese prison.