No, General Mattis Is Not Defying Trump On The Transgender Military Ban

Contrary to reports, Secretary of Defense Mattis is not defying the President on his order to bar transgender Americans from serving in the military.

Trump Announces Ban On Transgender Military Service

A step backward on civil rights from a President who claimed he would be a friend to the LGBT community.

Mitch McConnell Promising More Showdowns And Shutdowns If The GOP Wins The Senate

If Republicans win the Senate, what we’ve seen for the past three years could end up seeming tame by comparison.

One Year Later, Study Finds No Harm To Military From DADT Repeal

Not surprisingly, a new study finds that repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has not caused any harm to the military.

Military Lets Troops Wear Uniforms for Gay Pride Parade

In a stunning reversal of policy, DOD is allowing soldiers to march in a gay pride parade in uniform.

On The Politicial Impact Of President Obama Endorsing Same-Sex Marriage

Some thoughts on the potential impact of the President’s announcement on same-sex marriage.

Obama: Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

The same-sex marriage pivot that everyone was expecting has come.

Barack Obama, Same-Sex Marriage, And Political Expediency

Barack Obama’s position on same-sex marriage continues to “evolve,” along with the polls.

Navy Chaplains May Perform Gay Marriages

The Navy is considering allowing its chaplains to perform same-sex marriages once “Dont ask, Don’t tell” ends.

Scott Brown: I’m Not A Tea Party Candidate

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown was a Tea Party darling when he picked up Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat last year, but he’s not embracing the movement as he prepares to run for re-election next year.

Supporters Of Gay Marriage, DADT Repeal To Be Banned From CPAC

The social conservatives seems to have won the battle over CPAC.

Rudy Giuliani Thinking About A 2012 Run? Why?

Rumors are floating that Rudy Giuliani is thinking about running for President again. All of America asks, Why?

DADT and Gender Equality

Now that gays will be allowed to serve openly in the military, the command will have some new issues to address.

ROTC Returning to Ivies

The repeal of DADT may open the doors for ROTC to return to many elite institutions, if cost doesn’t get in the way.

The Beginning Of The End Of Social Conservatism?

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is a sign that the political ground is shifting. Will the GOP take notice?

Marine Commandant: DADT Repeal Could ‘Cost Marine Lives’

Marine Commandant James Amos is going all-out to keep gay Marines in the closet, saying allowing them to serve openly could get men killed.

Triangulation: What Is It? Does It Even Exist?

Several smart center-left commentators argue that President Obama is not triangulating. At least one argues there’s no such thing.

3 of 4 Service Chiefs Oppose DADT Repeal

The commander-in-chief, secretary of defense, and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff all support removing the ban on gays in the military without further delay. A long-awaited Pentagon study showed no reason not to do so. But three of four Service chiefs disagree.

John McCain and DADT

Despite the Defense Department releasing its study showing that the effects of allowing gays to serve openly would be minimal, Senator John McCain isn’t convinced.

A Simple Question on DADT

Is there really anyone who can credibly argue at this point that the policy regarding homosexuals openly serving in the armed services is anything other than basic discrimination?

Repeal Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell May Happen After All

Democrats are now confident that they have the votes in the Senate to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, but do they have enough time?

Republicans Urged To Avoid Social Issues

The GOP is being urged to avoid social issues and concentrate on reducing spending, shrinking government, and economic freedom. It’s a good idea.

Military Gay Ban Reinstated

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is once again the law of the land.

Obama Administration Asks For Delay In DADT Injunction

Only days after a Federal Court Judge issued an injunction preventing the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy from being enforced, Obama Administration has asked for a stay and announced that it will be appealing the case.

OTB Radio – Tonight at 5:30 Eastern

Tonight’s topics: The latest mortgage scandal, lust for a third party, the role of judges in Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, political motorcades and their impact on the little people, and who knows what else. I hear there’s an election coming up, so perhaps that will enter into the discussion as well.

McCain Filibuster Threat Puts “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repeal In Doubt

The prospect of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell before the November elections is in doubt thanks to a threatened filibuster led by Arizona’s John McCain.

Young Voters Abandoning Obama

Barack Obama was a big hit on college campuses in 2008. Two years later, those same young voters seem to be having second thoughts.

Leading Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Protester Discharged From Army

Recently Lt. Dan Choi chained himself to the White House fence to protest Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Yesterday, he found out that he’d been discharged from the Army because he’s gay.