Rick Perry Loves the Constitution

Except, of course, the parts he doesn’t like.

Rick Perry Declares War On The First Amendment

In a desperate bid to save a floundering campaign, Rick Perry is willing to sacrifice important freedoms.

Newt Gingrich’s Foreign Policy Judgment, Or Lack Thereof

Newt Gingrich’s foreign policy vision leaves much to be desired.

Republicans Shying Away From Attacking Obama Personally

GOP officials are reluctant to resurrect the personal attacks against the President used during the 2008 campaign.

Could Rick Perry Come Back?

The odds of a come back by the Texas Governor do not look good.

A Different Kind Of Presidential Forum

Last night’s Huckabee Presidential Forum was different, and surprisingly substantive.

Herman Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign

We won’t have Herman Cain to kick around anymore.

The End Of Old Fashioned Retail Politics?

Is technology making retail politics less important?

Conservative Media Destroying Conservative Movement?

Treating entertainment as entertainment is one thing. Treating it as news and education is another.

Obama’s Second Term

“Democratic” pollsters Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen argue that President Obama should decline to run for re-election.

Will Jon Huntsman Get A Second Look, Or Even A First, From Conservatives?

Jon Huntsman’s campaign has never really gotten off the ground. Will conservatives start taking him more seriously?

Herman Cain Plays The Race Card

A cynical racial play by Herman Cain.

Cain Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations But Questions Remain

Herman Cain’s response to allegations of sexual harassment 20 years ago raise as many questions as they answer.

ACORN Behind Occupy Movement, Right Wing Media Charges

Unnamed “sources” claim that ACORN is somehow behind Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots.

Mitt Romney’s Immigration Problem

Mitt Romney’s health care plan subsidized health care for illegal immigrants.

Media Coverage of the Candidates

Rick Perry has gotten the most and best coverage thus far in the campaign. President Obama has gotten mostly negative coverage.

Calling Out Pundits And Politicians When They’re Wrong

Why do pundits who are consistently wrong keep getting invited to be on television?

Computer Virus Hits Drone Fleet

A computer virus has infected America’s fleet of Predator and Reaper drones.

OTB on Fox News Live

I will appearing on “Power Play with Chris Stirewalt” on Fox News Live this morning discussing America’s ten years in Afghanistan and other topics.

Further Signs Of Trouble For Rick Perry In ABC News Poll

Rick Perry continues to slip in the polls.

More Effects of Alabama’s Immigration Law

Alabama immigration law causing parents to withdraw children from schools.

Mitt Romney Back At The Top In New National Poll

Rick Perry’s slide in polls seems to be accelerating.

Sarah Palin Thinks Being President Might Be Too “Shackley”

Sarah Palin apparently thinks having an actual job would be too confining.

Fast & Furious Update: Federal Funds Used To Purchase Weapons Sold To Drug Gangs

The latest revelations about Operation Fast And Furious raise more questions than they answer.

What’s Wrong With Our Government

When the old rules don’t apply anymore, the system breaks down.

Reports Of Rick Perry’s Political Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Rick Perry has stumbled out of the gate, but he’ll be in this race for the long haul

Does A Bad (Or Good) Debate Performance Prove Anything?

Are we placing far too much importance on how someone does in a two hour so-called “debate”?

Rick Perry’s Immigration Problem

Rick Perry’s immigration positions aren’t at all unreasonable, and that presents a problem for him inside the Republican Party.

Gay Soldier Booed at GOP Debate

Stephen Hill, a US soldier serving in Iraq, was booed by some members of the audience at last night’s Republican debate.

Once Again, Romney Wins And Perry Falters In GOP Debate

Last night’s Republican debate is likely to raise more questions about Rick Perry in the minds of voters.