Trump and Waco

Some disturbing symbolism.

Democrats Upend Primary Cycle. At Least for 2024. Maybe.

South Carolina and Georgia win! Iowa loses! New Hampshire whines!

Democrats Radically Overhaul Presidential Primaries

The idiocy of Iowa and New Hampshire having outsized influence on who is elected President may be ending.

An Example of Illegal Voting

An arrest underscores what the problem isn’t.

Amy Klobuchar Withdraws from Race She Wasn’t In

The Senator from Minnesota is no longer a candidate for Vice President.

Obama the Elder Statesman

The 58-year-old may have a post-presidency unmatched in history.

No, Biden Shouldn’t Move Left

Sanders supporters need to get on the bus.

I Was Right All Along, Except When I Was Wrong

Looking back at my predictions about the 2020 Democratic race.

Biden All But Wraps it Up

He’s a long way from 1991 delegates but no one can beat him.

Coronavirus Could Kill Trump Presidency

We may be seeing the beginning of the end.

Biden’s Veep and Cabinet Choices

The former VP is focused on beating Bernie Sanders but his team is looking ahead.

Harris Endorses Biden

The Democratic wagons continue to circle around Biden.

Joementum Kills Brokered Convention Dream

Nate Silver now gives Biden an 87% chance of winning the nomination outright.

Elizabeth Warren Ends Campaign

The inevitable has happened.

Getting Over What Happened to Elizabeth Warren

Women didn’t vote for her either. But that doesn’t mean sexism didn’t play a role in her loss.

Women Are Not a Voting Bloc II

A quick follow-up.

Bloomberg Drops Out, Endorses Biden

The wagons have been circled.

Why 2020 Democrats Were Able to Consolidate the Moderates and 2016 Republicans Weren’t

The races are more alike—and yet more different—than we seem to remember.

Women are Not a Voting Bloc

Four highly-qualified (and two less-qualified) women ran and lost in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren Couldn’t Win and Therefore Didn’t

She lost in both of her home states. She shouldn’t be embarrassed.

Bloomberg Spent Half a Billion for Little ROE

Not a great night for the former New York major. But he still has $54.5 billion to comfort him.

Super Tuesday Creates Joementum

A bad night for Bloomberg and Warren has radically reshaped the race.

A Democratic Turnout Problem?

Evidence from the four early states is not looking promising.

Warren Can’t Win

96 percent of the delegates have yet to be awarded. How can the race be down to two?

Super Tuesday Open Forum


The Most Important Rule Of Surviving A Political Campaign Is: Don’t Quit!

The final delegate count may well be skewed.

Klobuchar Out

The field winnows further.

The Down Side of Early Voting

Many people have voted for candidates who aren’t running anymore.

Super Monday Open Forum

It’s Super Tuesday Eve.

Pete Buttigieg Drops Out

The Iowa winner and New Hampshire runner-up has acknowledged the inevitable.

A White Guy in His 70s Will Be President in 2021

The women, minority, and non-geriatric candidates have been all but eliminated from the race.

Warren Persistent Despite Losing Again

She’s continuing to swing at the candidates beating her at the polls.

Tom Steyer Drops Out

The billionaire has decided to stop tilting at windmills.

Joe Biden Makes it a Two-Man Race

The 78-year-old is the Comeback Kid. And the only chance of preventing a Bernie Sanders nomination.

Sanders Trying to Beat Warren in Massachusetts Isn’t Disrespectful

He’s campaigning in her home state and Amy Klobuchar’s, too. And may win both.

Super Tuesday Forecast

If the current polls are right, the race will be all but over in five days.

South Carolina Debate Was Terrible

CBS did a lousy job.

Steyer as South Carolina Spoiler

The vanity candidate may impact the race.

Is Sanders Inevitable?

There’s no way to catch him in a six-candidate field.

Nevada Caucuses Go as Expected

Media overreacts to the Sanders victory all the polls predicted.

Money Could Decide Super Tuesday

Competing in fourteen states plus overseas territories in one day is expensive.

Nevada Democratic Debate Roundup

Most national pundits saw it differently than I did.

Brokered Democratic Convention a Real Possibility

Could the fevered dream really come true?

Are Biden and Warren Toast?

Two early frontrunners are being written off.

Post-New Hampshire Polling

We now have five candidates in double-digits.

NH Hot Take (9:30pm Eastern)

Some thoughts based on incomplete results.

Ratfucking the Democratic Primaries?

There’s a campaign to encourage anti-Trump Republicans and independents to vote in New Hampshire.

Front-Loaded Primary Schedule

The primary season has just started. It is almost over.

Iowa Shifting the Narrative?

The media coverage continues on script.