Ronna McDaniel Likely to Sue NBC

There will be lawyers.

MAGA didn’t come from nowhere

The roots of MAGA run deep, through places like my old home.

Trump Would Encourage Russia to Attack NATO Members Who Don’t Pay Up

Yet more evidence the man is unfit to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

The Border Standoff is Escalating Quickly

Gregg Abbott is now defying the U.S. Supreme Court, forcing a showdown.

An Example of Motivated Reasoning

Why we are where we are.

Powell Pleads Guilty in GA

She took a plea deal.

First Republican Debate of 2024 Season

Vivek Ramaswamy’s national coming out party was, well, interesting.

The Quest for a Non-Trump Republican

The Establishment is desperate for an alternative that’s not coming.

Trump Lawyers: Win Some, Lose Some

They chose the ticket, now they are going for the ride.

Public Confidence in Military Lowest in Decades

There has been a steady decline the last five years.

Is Twitter DeSantis’ Problem?

A columnist argues his failed launch was emblematic of a larger problem.

CNN Loses to Newsmax?!

Did the Trump stunt backfire? Or just an anomaly?

Tucker Carlson’s Depressing Realization

The fired propagandist has had an epiphany about bullshit.

Fox News Finally Finds A Bridge (Or Three) Too Far

Turns out that costing your employer nearly a billion dollars isn’t good for your career.

Fox News Settles Suit, Will Carry on As Before

A $787.5 million flesh wound.

Abbott Promises to Pardon Just-Convicted Murderer

An outrageous political stunt.

Ron DeSantis’ Mushy Foreign Policy

The would-be President is floundering as he tries to position himself.

Republicans Divided on Foreign Policy

As memory of the Cold War fades, so does support for American primacy.

The Limits of Academic Freedom

UPenn law professor Amy Wax as a test case.

Tucker Carlson In Private: “I Hate [Trump] Passionately.”

Tucker is one of those “elites” he saying hates his audience.

Fox Hosts Knew Election Claims Were B.S.

They went all-in on the Big Lie and we now have the receipts that they knew what they were doing.

Chinese Balloon Mania

Tales of threat assessment and media reactions.

Donahoe Allowed to Retire

The Army has done the right thing the wrong way.

Some Tabs and Quick Takes

Some tab plus some tabs equals some tabs.

Republican Leaders Are Killing Their Voters

Republicans are dying at a much higher rate than Democrats.

Thursday Morning Tabs


Twitter, Generals, and the Limits of Public Discourse

In the weeds of civil-military relations.

Today’s Reverse Freedom Rides

A shameful stunt reminiscent of an even darker era.

FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home

The former President and his supporters are crying “weaponization of the justice system.”

The January 6 Committee’s Audience

It was yuuuge! And nobody saw it!

January 6 Committee Public Hearings: Day 1

The laying out of the case begins.

Mass Shootings, Ideology, and Mental Illness

We know a lot less about the motives of spree killers than the public discourse suggests.

Monday Morning Tab Clearing

For your consideration.

Tucker Carlson White Supremacist Messaging

The face of Fox News is not the bow-tied buffoon from his “Crossfire” days.

Tucker Carlson’s Testicles

The craziest damn thing you’ve ever heard of or a secret message to the crazies?

Republican Congresspeople Can’t Define ‘Woman’ Either

Hoisted by their own petard.

Chris Wallace Found Fox News’ Relationship with Truth ‘Unsustainable’

The network’s longtime weekend anchor couldn’t take it anymore.

The Propagandists Among Us

Whether dupes or active participants, the damage is real (and points us back to 2016).

RVA Pro Gun Rally 2020-11 Streets of Richmond, VA RVA Pro Gun Rally 2020-11 Streets of Richmond, VA

Vigilante Politics

We’re likely to see more instances like the Capitol Riot and the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings.

Nobody Watches Cable News

A media critic argues we pay outsized attention to the goings-on at Fox, MSNBC, and CNN.

Patriots Leave Fox After Patriot Purge

Two NeverTrump Republicans have had enough.

Rittenhouse, Competence, and Crusade

A contrast in styles.

Let’s Go Brandon

An amusing incident highlights how far we’ve fallen.

Ivermectin and Irresponsible Infotainment

Sound decisions require sound reporting.

“Why do Liberals Hate Orban?” is not the Right Question

The right questions are: 1) why do some some on the right like him, and 2) should this concern us all?

Douthat Misses the Point on Hungary

Hungary is part of a broader global trend, but the real issue isn’t Hungary, it is the Americans who praise Hungary.

Red Lights on the Dashboard

Some recent news items that add to concern about American democracy.

Capitol Riots Day 1 Analysis

An emotional day set the tone for the investigation.