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Families Of Pulse Nightclub Shooting Victims Sue Facebook, Twitter, And Google

Gavel And Scales Of Justice

Survivors and family members of the Pulse Nightclub attack have filed what amounts to a frivolous lawsuit.

Federal Judge Denies Request To Force Apple To Extract Data From iPhones In Drug Case


A Federal Judge in New York has denied an F.B.I. request to force Apple to extract data from iPhones involved in a Federal drug case.

Apple Fighting Order To Assist In Decrypting Phone Of San Bernardino Terrorist


Apple is resisting a Federal Court order that it assist the F.B.I. in decryption of the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

Google Being Targeted Over Leaked Celebrity Nude Photos


Attorneys for celebrities caught up in the leak of nude photographs are targeting Google.

Implementation Of Europe’s ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ About As Absurd As You’d Expect

Google Privacy

Judging by the early results, the so-called “Right To Be Forgotten” recently created by Europe’s highest court is creating more problems than it will solve.

The Absurdity Of The “Right To Be Forgotten”

Google Privacy

The so-called “right to be forgotten” created by Europe’s highest court is unworkable, and ultimately absurd.

Google Passes Exxon As 2nd Most Valuable Company In The U.S.


At least based on market value, Google has now passed Exxon Mobil as the nation’s second most valuable company: Google passed Exxon Mobil on Friday to become the second largest company in the United States by market value. The search engine giant has a market capitalization of almost $395 billion, compared to a market value […]

Google Being Sued To Remove Search Results


An odd lawsuit out of France.

Google Looking To Strike Deals To Air Cable Content Online?

tv-remote (2)

In another sign of the evolution of the “television” industry, Google is apparently talking to cable networks about making their content available online: If Google has its way, you might someday get cable television the same way you get Gmail: through any ordinary Internet connection. Foreshadowing a new challenge to entrenched cable and satellite providers, Google is […]

Time To Say Goodbye To Google Reader


Less than twenty-four hours from now, Google Reader will officially be no more. So, if you haven’t found an RSS reader alternative yet, you’ve only got a few hours left to do something about it. Matt Bernius already solicited ideas for alternatives to the soon-to-be late lamented Google Reader, and the leading contenders appear to […]

Where Do I Go To Vote?


The guys at Google have been doing a really good job covering the election this time around, and Election Day is no difference. This morning, they’re up with a tool that will tell you where you’re polling place is. I’ve already tried it for my address, and it worked perfectly. Of course, if you live […]

Google Searches For Paul Ryan “Shirtless” Spike


The announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate has the guys at Google busy: In the space of the past 24 hours, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan went from an unknown to a figure of intense curiosity. What did that curiosity center on? Well, of course, the fact that he was chosen by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney on […]

Google Hires Law Professor/Blogger Eugene Volokh


Google may be anticipating some interesting First Amendment issues it will have to deal with in the future given who it hired recently to advise on First Amendment issues: IS Google search an intermediary like the phone company — simply connecting people with the information they seek? Or is Google search a publisher, like a newspaper, which […]

Complaining About Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and other Constantly Changing Products


Henry Farrell thinks “The New Gmail Sucks” and doesn’t care who knows it.

Rick Santorum Challenges Google


Rick Santorum is tired of “filth” atop Google searches for his name and wants the company to do something about it.

Google Addresses SEO Gaming


Google erects some much-needed defenses in the optimization arms race.

Rick Santorum’s Google Problem = Google’s Rick Santorum Problem


Rick Santorum is upset that a Google search for his name produces a string of unflattering material. You should be, too.

Search Engine Optimization Dirty Secrets


JCPenney used black hat SEO to game Google. But Google’s penalties are arguably just as bad. And what about HuffPo?

Google Instant Searches Before You Type


Google will now display and adjust search results as you type. This should be a boon to searchers and a terror to website operators, who live at the mercy of Google.

Google Knows You Better Than You Think


Google has an inordinate amount of information about you and your circle of friends.

Google and Verizon Test Net Neutrality


Congress has been wrestling with the net neutrality issue for years. Two major players may force a decision soon.

Google Multiple Sign-In Finally Arrives


Google now lets you sign in to multiple accounts in a single browser.

Google Search Results Rigged?


Is Google manipulating its search results to keep competitors down? And does its market dominance mean the government should step in?

Google Tries “New Approach” in China


Via the BBC:  Google in ‘new approach’ on China Until recently, the firm automatically redirected Chinese users to its unfiltered search site in Hong Kong to get round censorship issues. Google has said it will now stop this after Beijing warned it could lose its licence to operate in the country. Instead, Chinese users will […]

Why Are Some Conservatives So Insecure About The Google Logo?


Today is the 66th anniversary of D-Day so, of course there’s a conservative complaining that Google isn’t commemorating it appropriately: Last year on June 6th Google celebrated the 25th birthday of Tetris: On June 6th the year before that, Google recognized the birthday of Spanish painter Diego Velasquez: But today, June 6, 2010… nothing: Google […]

Google Memorial Day Logo

Google Memorial Day Logo 2010

A diarist at RedState and some on Twitter are perpetuating a really tired meme.  Noting that Google has fun logo redesigns for various insignificant observances, they point to a lack of same for Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day, Easter, Christmas, or whathaveyou as proof that Google is a leftist front that hates America and doesn’t love […]

Street Harassment App


Chris Lawrence shares (via Google Reader) Valerie Aurora‘s post titled “You can do something about street harassment.” The intro is a useful reminder of how routine it is for women to feel victimized, recounting how often strangers make rude catcalls, how they seem to enjoy whatever reactions they get from their victims, and how generally […]

One-In-Four U.S. Households Have Ditched The Landline


A new government survey indicates that the number of American households who have decided to get rid of the once-ubiquitous land-lane phone has hit another high: One in 4 households has a cell phone but no traditional landlines, a trend led by the young and the poor that is showing no sign of abating. The […]

Google Search Facelift


Google has supposedly released a major change in its signature application, Google Search. The Official Google Blog: Using Google today, you may have noticed that something feels slightly different — the look and feel of our search results have changed! Today’s metamorphosis responds to the increasing richness of the web and the increasing power of […]

Perry Trounces Hutchison in Texas Republican Primary


Kay Bailey Hutchison’s bizarre campaign to beat incumbent Texas Governor Rick Perry in the Republican primary has ended in embarrassing defeat. Gov. Rick Perry won a decisive victory over Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Texas GOP primary for governor Tuesday night, bringing a bruising fight between two of the state’s most popular Republicans to […]

Google Makes it Easy To Leave


Gizmodo’s Nate Anderson has an interesting piece on Google’s “cage free data” policy, which makes it easy to export the data you store in Gmail, Google Docs, Picasa and other of their systems.   The rationale behind it is not, as I’d have expected, giving users a sense of confidence — knowing you can leave makes […]

OTB Radio — Tonight at 5:30 Eastern

The next episode of OTB Radio, our BlogTalkRadio program, will record and air live from 5:30-6:30 Eastern. Dave Schuler and I will talk about the Haiti earthquake, China’s Google turnaround, the Harry Reid “negro” affair, and perhaps some other things. We’ll also be taking calls at (646) 716-7030. Owing to a high trolls to legit […]

Google Looking Around for a Longer Spoon

Long Handled Spoon

There’s a wisecrack attributed to Lenin to the effect that the capitalists would sell them the rope with which they would hang them and I honestly can’t say that I have a great deal of sympathy for Western companies that find themselves on the short end of the stick when dealing with the Chinese authorities. […]

Google Ending China Censorship


The world’s biggest search engine is threatening to abandon the world’s largest country. Google Inc. will stop censoring its search results in China and may pull out of the country completely after discovering that computer hackers had tricked human-rights activists into exposing their e-mail accounts to outsiders. The change of heart announced Tuesday heralds a […]

Aughts Better Than We Thought?


George Mason economist Tyler Cowen argues that, “It may not feel that way right now, but the last 10 years may go down in world history as a big success.” That idea may be hard to accept in the United States. After all, it was the decade of 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, […]

Google Runs Your Life


Google has a ton of great applications that can make your life easier. But Quentin Hardy wonders if we’re going to far in trusting our information to one company. Your day begins with a wake-up call from your Google Android phone. As you run to the shower, you hit Google News and check headlines, then […]

Google Goggles Photo Recognition


Via Matt Cutts, I see that Wysz is suitably impressed with Google Goggles’ ability to auto-caption photos that he himself could not identify. I’ve traveled to Europe a couple of times and taken plenty of pictures of famous landmarks, but I never got around to actually captioning them. I may have been able to recall […]

Google Apologizes for Michelle Obama Monkey Picture

Michelle Obama Monkey Photo Google Image Search

Google looked like a monkey after its algorithms had an unfortunate result for searches for photos of the First Lady. For most of the past week, when someone typed “Michelle Obama” in the popular search engine Google, one of the first images that came up was a picture of the American first lady altered to […]

Capitalism: A Love Story


I was reading the review of Capitalism over at Reason and at the end it had this, One final note: Just before the film started, Moore asked the audience to turn off any recording devices because the studio did not want bootleg versions of the film getting around. Apparently this socialism stuff has its limits. […]

Google Wave Pulp Fiction


Megan McArdle points me to this amusing video about which  Gizmodo’s John Herrmann gushes, “I’ve read the articles, watched the instructional videos, and gotten an invite, but nothing—nothing—has done more to explain to me how this mind-melting Internet Thing works than Pulp Fiction, spectacularly adapted for Google Wave. (Warning: Tarantino language ahead)” It’s an entertaining […]

Email Era Over?


“Email has had a good run as king of communications. But its reign is over.” So begins a column by Jessica Vascellaro in today’s WSJ. We all still use email, of course. But email was better suited to the way we used to use the Internet—logging off and on, checking our messages in bursts. Now, […]

New York Times Malware Ads

new york times malware

This weekend, I got one of those fake “virus clean” popups after clicking a link to a New York Times article from Memeorandum.   Apparently, I wasn’t alone as there are a dozen or more posts about it today at Techmeme. The NYT itself has this Note to Readers: Some NYTimes.com readers have seen a pop-up […]

Google Patents Web Page Design


Google filed a patent five years ago for its home page design. Yesterday, it was approved. I’m with Valleywag’s Ryan Tate: We always thought the page was brain-dead simple, but apparently it’s an innovative “graphical user interface.” […] In other words, subject to how the patent is enforced, Google owns the idea of having a […]

Mary Jo Kopechne


In my early morning Teddy Kennedy Dead at 77 media roundup post, I observed, “That the Chappaquiddick scandal didn’t make the first several paragraphs — or even first page — of several of these obits is quite remarkable. It would be like writing an obit for Richard Nixon that didn’t mention Watergate or one for […]

Outed Liskula Cohen Blogger Sues Google

Rosemary Port Photo - Outed Liskula Cohen Skank Blogger

Remember when Liskula Cohen forced Google to reveal an anonymous blogger who was using their domain to call her a “skank” and suggest she performed lewd sex acts? Naturally, now that she has been outed — as Rosemary Port, a Fashion Institute of Technology student — is suing Google for violating her privacy. “This has […]

Google Chrome Bleg


I gave Google’s Chrome browser a go the first few days after its debut but found it rather annoying and went back to Firefox.  The latter has gotten so balky of late, however, that I’ve followed Alex Knapp’s suggestion and given Chrome another chance. For the most part, it’s fine.  I’m not having the crashing […]

Liskula Cohen Forces Google to Reveal Anonymous Blogger

Liskula Cohen Skank Photo

A Vogue cover model of whom I’d never previously heard and does not conform to my preconceptions of what a Vogue cover model looks like has won a lawsuit against Google over an anonymous former blogger who called her names on the Internet. A Vogue cover girl has won a precedent-setting court battle to unmask […]

Google Opt Out Feature Protects Privacy


Pretty sure this is still in Beta: Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village via Hal Hildebrand

Google is a Verb, Not Just a Search Engine


E.D. Kain makes the interesting point that it may be too late for Microsoft’s bing to make much penetration into the search market, regardless of whether it’s better at producing desired results, because we’ve already reached the point where the name of the market leader has become a verb. Once something becomes a sort of […]

Firefox 3.5 Available


Mozilla has just released version 3.5 of its Firefox browser. CNET’s Stephen Shankland: Firefox 3.5 has a range of new features, including a new JavaScript engine for faster Web applications such as Google Docs; the ability to show video built into Web pages without plug-ins; a private browsing mode; fancy downloadable fonts; and geolocation technology […]

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