Voting From the Grave

When early voting meets tragedy.

UPS ate my Propaganda

The ongoing pathetic attempt to create a scandal around Hunter Biden.

Competing Visions For a Biden Presidency

Will he be a uniter or a divider?

Sean Connery, 1930-2020

The iconic actor best known as the original movie James Bond is dead at 90.

Saturday’s Forum

Weird Fundraising Appeals

A FiveThirtyEight-inspired message from the Democrats doesn’t compute.

Glenn Greenwald Quits Intercept

The iconoclastic journalist is out at the publication he founded.

Could Trump Shock the World Again?

Fear of a reprise of 2016 is still with us.

Friday’s Forum

A Brief PSA on Polling Error

It isn’t unidirectional.

SCOTUS’ Consistent Inconsistency on Voting Cases

A defensible distinction could give way to a Constitutional crisis.

‘Anonymous’ Still Anonymous

Some guy you never heard of is the guy.

How Confident Should We Be in the Polls?

Two prominent media pollsters are hedging their bets.

Thursday’s Forum

Was I Wrong on Harriet Miers?

Rethinking what qualities we should be looking for in Supreme Court Justices.

Texas Reverses LGBTQ Ruling

A whole ‘nother board came to a sane conclusion.

The Slow Rollout of Pinks and Greens

The Army is finally getting its World War II uniforms, one base at a time.

Sweden, Sweden, Sweden!

The data on Sweden and Covid-19 don’t fit the media narrative.

The Shadow of 2000

The two parties learned different lessons from the last contested election.

They Had the Votes

Disconnected representation in action.

Peek Hack

Up is down. Down is up.

The Most Important Election in American History

The stakes of losing will be catastrophic. Either way.

Susan Collins’ Meaningless ‘No’ on Barrett

A desperate re-election gambit that has no impact on the outcome.

Monday’s Forum

More Magical Thinking on Covid from the Trump Camp

The Chief of Staff wants to play pretend.

A Record Day for US Covid Cases

Another unwelcome milestone that magical thinking won’t fix.

A Weird Re-election Pitch

Usually candidates don’t talk about how bad things are across the country while appealing to be re-elected.

Doug Jones’ Personal Appeal

Alabama’s junior Senator needs my help.

Line of the Week

Trump’s leadership style encapsulated.

Could Biden Win Texas and Lose Ohio?

The state polling is not lining up along usual patterns.

Saturday’s Forum

Judiciary Approves Barrett Despite Democratic Boycott

Chuck Schumer and company sent a signal to their base against a fait accompli.

President Donald J. Trump boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Md. Friday, July 10, 2020, en route to Miami International Airport in Miami President Donald J. Trump boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Md. Friday, July 10, 2020, en route to Miami International Airport in Miami

No, Trump Isn’t Above 50%

Let’s just say Rasmussen is an extreme outlier.

Final 2020 Debate Less Awful Than Worst Debate Ever

Less Trumpy Trump still Trump.

Friday’s Forum

Making it Harder to Vote

Lots of places in the US don’t make it easy.

The Endless Corruption of the Trump Presidency

Same endless song, different verse.

Thursday’s Forum

COVID Death Rate Declining

A variety of factors have led to better survival chances for those hospitalized with the disease.

Wednesday’s Forum

Headline Reaction

Wherein I revive an old blogging bit…

Does the Constitution Cover Texas?

The Lone Star state is making up its own rules.