Jeb Bush Defends Conservatism in Weird Online Magazine

The possible presidential contender has an op-ed in a rather dubious outlet.

Most Dishonest Chart Ever?

The Examiner’s James Simpson makes a perfectly valid point in the most dishonest way with his chart “Sequester fraud in one picture.”

Al Neuharth, Founder of USA Today, Dies At 89

The man who changed the way Americans viewed newspapers, just before newspapers themselves began getting pushed aside by technology, has died at the age of 89.

AP Bans ‘Illegal Alien’ for Aliens Here Illegally

Illegal aliens will henceforth be be called, well, something.

Diversity on TV Talk Shows

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes uses a quota system to make sure his guests aren’t all white dudes.

AP Wins Case Limiting Fair Use

AP has won round 1 in a case against Meltwater that would severely limit the Fair Use concept in commercial cases.

News Industry In Crisis But News Reporting Better Than Ever

Matt Yglesias has a smart push-back against the lamentations of the decline of journalism.

Washington Examiner Newspaper Closing, Becoming Weekly Magazine

The Washington Examiner, which for a while became the conservative alternative to the Washington Post, is ceasing daily publication to become a conservative alternative to The Hill.

Matt Lauer to Replace Alex Trebek on Jeopardy?

The New York Post reports that Today host Matt Lauer is the leading contender to replace Alex Trebek on Jeopardy.

Journalism Doesn’t Pay

There’s no money in wri

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Unintentionally Racist Cover Art

So, whoever approves cover art at Bloomberg BusinessWeek thought this was a good idea.

Bob Woodward’s ‘White House Threatened Me’ Grandstanding

Bob Woodward once again has Washington abuzz with a White House scoop. This one is BS.

Conservative News Consumers Again Surprised By Obvious

The Hagel confirmation, like Obama’s election, was big news to some avid news consumers.

AP Stylebook Declares Husband, Wife Gender Neutral

The Associated Press’ clear guidelines are unclear.

George Will Discovers Solitary Confinement

George Will declares solitary confinement tantamount to torture.

Ezra Klein’s Meteoric Rise

How he went from Juicebox Mafia member to the most important young journalist in DC.

Short-sightedness Isn’t Hypocrisy

MSNBC’s Krystal Ball isn’t being hypocritical in trusting Obama to decide which Americans to kill even though she wouldn’t have trusted Bush. But she’s being short-sighted.

Conservative Media Its Own Worst Enemy

Conservatives complaining about biased coverage from the liberal media should instead look in the mirror.

Fox News Calls NRA Claim ‘Ridiculous’

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace called a controversial NRA claim “ridiculous.”

Andrew Sullivan Gives The Boeing Back

The world’s most prolific blogger is leaving corporate media and opening the tip jar.

D.C. Police Investigating NBC’s David Gregory On Violation Of Gun Laws

Did NBC’s David Gregory violate D.C. law on Sunday?

Pot Calls The Kettle Hack

Alex Pareene’s annual hack list omits an obvious candidate: Alex Pareene.

Jake Tapper Moves to CNN

Jake Tapper is moving to CNN, where he’ll host a daily show and run their political coverage.

Tapper Asks Where Obama’s Been on Guns

On rare instances in Washington, reporters do their job and ask tough questions of political leaders. Rarer still, the leaders give good answers.

America’s Deadliest School Massacre And The New Media World

Is it good to live in a world where news of a massacre can travel around the world in an instant?

Romney Sticks Media With Inflated Bill

Mitt Romney’s campaign is wildly overcharging the media for the privilege over covering them.

Does Making Killers Famous Make More Killers?

Almost a decade ago, Roger Ebert wondered if making mass murderers famous doesn’t provide a perverse incentive.

New York Post Publishes Photo of Man Killed by Subway Train

The New York Post splashed the photo of a man pushed in front of a train on their cover.

National Journal Fails As Politico Killer

There aren’t enough readers who want political reporting that’s “more substantive than POLITICO and much more sophisticated than C.Q.” and willing to pay for it.

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