Weak Economy Continues To Hold Obama’s Poll Numbers Down

Mitt Romney has had a rough two weeks, but Barack Obama has to deal with a bad economy.

Michele Bachmann’s McCarthyite Crusade Against Huma Abedin And Other Muslims

Michele Bachmann and several other Members of Congress are engaging in the despicable tactics of Joe McCarthy.

Jimmy Carter: U.S. Under Obama Is A “Widespread Violator Of Human Rights”

From one Nobel Peace Prize winner to another.

Mitt Romney Has Some Very Disturbing Opinions On Presidential War Powers

Mitt Romney believes he could take America to war without Congressional involvement.

Drone Creep and the Rumsfeld Question

My first piece for The New Republic, “Why the Obama Administration’s Drone War May Soon Reach a Tipping Point,” is up.

Cleveland Bridge Terror Plot Averted

Five suspects have been arrested in a plot to blow up a Cleveland bridge.

Obama Spikes Football on Bin Laden Killing

The Obama campaign’s cheap politicizing of the SEAL raid that took out bin Laden is unseemly. And unnecessary.

Anders Breivik and Khaleid Sheikh Mohammed

The Atlantic’s Max Fisher reflects on “What America Can Learn From Norway’s Anders Breivik Trial.”

Dershowitz: Zimmerman Arrest Affidavit ‘Irresponsible And Unethical’

Alan Dershowitz says the prosecutor who charged George Zimmerman with second degree murder of Trayvon Martin was “irresponsible and unethical” and politically motivated.

CIA’s Counterterror Chief a Muslim Convert

A profile of the chief of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center.

Joseph Kony, #stopkony, and Ignoring Africa

Today, the #stopkony hashtag is trending on Twitter. Here’s why.

Eric Holder: Yes, We Can Kill American Citizens Without Trial

Attorney General Eric Holder offered a somewhat alarming defense of the Administration’s policy on targeted killings.

Money, Bombs, and Jesus

A discussion in the comments thread of my “Time Running Out For GOP?” post led me to a post from four-plus years ago by frequent commenter and erstwhile blogger* Michael Reynolds titled “Money, Bombs and Jesus.”

The Drumbeat to War With Iran: Take a Stand

We need to have opinions on a subject as serious as war with Iran.

Federal Judge Orders Defendant To Reveal PGP Password To Law Enforcement

A Federal Judge deals with the clash between individual rights, law enforcement, and technology.

Ron Paul Steps In It In South Carolina

Once again, Ron Paul showed last night why he could never win the Republican nomination.

(Not) Breaking News: People Who Work For The Government Look At The Internet

Apparently, people who work for the government are surfing the World Wide Web.

The Fifth Amendment, Privacy, And Computer Passwords

Can the government force a criminal defendant to reveal a computer password? A Federal case in Denver is dealing with that question right now.

Rick Santorum: There Are No Palestinians, Everyone In The West Bank Is Israeli

Rick Santorum has some bizarre views when it comes to the dispute between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Why Ron Paul’s Campaign Has No Future Beyond Iowa And New Hampshire

Ron Paul is doing well right now solely because of the unique characteristics of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Iraq Disintegrating As US Withdraws

For years, analysts have worried that Iraq’s tenuous hold on stability would collapse upon the withdrawal of US forces. We’re now watching it happen.

The War In Iraq Is Finally Over

After 3,193 days and more than 4,000 lives, the American war in Iraq is officially at an end.

Newt Gingrich Calls Palestinians An “Invented People”

Once again, Newt Gingrich speaks without thinking.

Defense Bill Allows For Indefinite Military Detention of American Citizens

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 authorizes the President the authority to indefinitely detain persons, even American citizens arrested on American soil, without trial because they allegedly support the enemy.

Police Violence and Perpetual War

Why we shouldn’t be surprised that police are using tools of violence against protestors.

Republicans For Waterboarding

The most disturbing part of Saturday’s debate came when most of the GOP candidates endorsed torture.

Panetta Warns Of Unintended Consequences Of Striking Iran

The Secretary of Defense has some words of warning for those advocating military action against Iran.

The Costs Of Attacking Iran

An attack against Iran’s nuclear weapons research facility won’t be an easy thing.