Rand Paul: Delay Immigration Reform Because Of Boston Attacks

Another Senator wants to delay immigration reform because of the attacks in Boston.

The Boston Bombings And The Immigration Reform Debate

For better or worse, the attack in Boston is likely to have an impact on the immigration reform debate.

No, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Is Not An Enemy Combatant. He Is A Criminal.

The Boston Marathon bomber must be tried in a court of law.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Miranda, And The Public Safety Exception

What Miranda does and does not cover and what consequences follow if police do not comply.

Boston Was Shutdown Today. Should It Have Been?

An American city was essentially shut down today. Was that the right thing to do?

A No Vote On Manchin/Toomey Is Unlikely To Hurt Any Senator

The odds that any of the Senators who voted no on Manchin/Toomey will pay a political price for doing so is low.

The Day CNN Melted Down In Boston

Yesterday was not a good day for the Cable “News” Network.

Yes, Bush Administration Used Torture

A bipartisan commission of elder statesmen confirms what we’ve known for years.

Report: U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11

A new report confirms that the United States did engage in torture in the wake of the September 11th attacks.

Shooting Sprees vs Organized Terrorist Attacks

We treat violence by lone individuals differently than organized violence. Race, religion, and national origin have nothing to do with that.

Why Terrorist Attacks Are So Rare

Peter Bergen says government crackdowns since the Oklahoma City and 9/11 attacks have made getting bomb making materials harder.

Keep Calm and Carry On

We shouldn’t overreact. But we shouldn’t fool ourselves either: We’re not safe.

The 2016 Democratic Nomination Is Hillary’s If She Wants It

For the moment, Hillary Clinton looks unbeatable if she chooses to run in 2016

Eric Harroun firing RPG, which is a WMD according to the USG. WTF. Eric Harroun firing RPG, which is a WMD according to the USG. WTF.

American Charged With Using Weapon of Mass Destruction that Isn’t a Weapon of Mass Destruction

An American fighting with Syrian rebels faces life in prison for firing an RPG against a government we’re trying to oust.

Most Americans Oppose Drone Strikes on Americans in America

One in eight Americans support drone strikes against Americans on American soil.

The Unanswered Question About Drones

Rand Paul’s questions about the nation’s drone war were only the beginning.

Rand Paul Filibustering Brennan Nomination

Mr. Paul Goes To Washington.

Congress Asks Hagel To Demote Drone Medal

Congress is banding together on a bipartisan basis to fight the greatest problem facing the country: the precedence of the Distinguished Warfare Medal above the Bronze Star.

Obama White House Thinks It Can Kill Americans In America

The Obama White House is not ruling out targeted strikes against Americans inside American territory.

War on Terror Status Report

Walter Russell Mead presents his sitrep of the War on Terror.

George Will Discovers Solitary Confinement

George Will declares solitary confinement tantamount to torture.

The Hagel Fishing Expedition

The smear campaign against defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel has taken a bizarre turn.

US Government Can Kill Citizens But Not Strip Their Citizenship

It’s easier for your government to kill you than strip you of your citizenship.

President Obama’s Troubling Justification For Targeted Killings

The Obama Administration has given us a peek at its legal arguments for targeted killings and they are troubling to say the least.

Conservative Media Its Own Worst Enemy

Conservatives complaining about biased coverage from the liberal media should instead look in the mirror.

Turkey Embassy Bombing Not Another Benghazi

Ross Wilson, former US ambassador to Turkey, says yesterday’s suicide attack on our embassy in Ankara “was no Benghazi.”

Gitmo Closing Office Closed; Gitmo Still Open

The office working to close the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba has been closed.

GOP Swings And Misses At Clinton Benghazi Hearings

Despite some tough questions, Congressional Republicans didn’t land a glove on Secretary of State Clinton.

Zero U.S. Troops In Afghanistan After 2014 A Possibility

The idea of completely pulling out of Afghanistan after 2014 is very compelling.

Does Decapitating Terrorist Leaderships Work?

Killing their leaders doesn’t seem to be impacting the ability of jihadi groups to recruit and motivate more terrorists.

US Government Spying on Innocent Citizens, Just In Case

Remember when the Bush administration was spying on calls Americans made overseas without a warrant? Those were the good old days.

The Answer to the Benghazi “Scandal”?

Has Petraeus provided the basic explanation for the administration’s immediate responses to Benghazi?

Israel Seems Headed Toward An Invasion Of Gaza

The conflict between Israel and Hamas appears to be heading in one unfortunate direction.

What do I Mean by “Benghazi Conspiracy Theories”?

An attempt to lay down some basic groundwork for discussing this story.

Praying Passenger Gets Denver to DC Plane Military Escort

A passenger praying in the aisles will apparently get your plane priority landing privileges.