Herman Cain Goes For the “Nuts Or Sluts” Defense

Herman Cain response to the latest round of allegations against him leaves much to be desired.

DC Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds PPACA

The PPACA now has a 3-1 record in US appeals courts.

Occupy Olympia camp attracting homeless Occupy Olympia camp attracting homeless

Occupy Being Occupied

The tents at Occupy Wall Street are increasingly housing the homeless.

Occupy Wall Street On The Verge Of Fizzling Out?

As the season changes, the Occupy Wall Street movement seems destined to peter out.

Obama Administration Petitions Supreme Court To Review 11th Circuit Ruling On ObamaCare

The health care battle is formally joined in the Supreme Court.

Despite Controversy And Doubt, Troy Davis Was Executed In Georgia Last Night

The execution of Troy Davis brings back to the forefront the reasons why the death penalty is inherently flawed.

Postal Service Labor Contracts Forcing Crisis

Workers account for 80% of the Postal Service budget vs. 53% at UPS and 32% at FedEx.

Fear of a Black Spider-Man

Marvel has created an alternate universe in which Spiderman is a half-black, half-Latino teenager. Some people are angry.

News as a Public Good

Real news reporting has never paid for itself. But the days of it being subsidized by the local car dealer are rapidly ending.

Casey Anthony Trial Got More News Coverage Than GOP Candidates

The biggest news story of the past six weeks was something completely trivial.

Sixth Circuit Upholds Constitutionality Of Affordable Care Act

The first Appeals Court decision on the Affordable Care Act was a victory for the government.

Texas Unconstitutionally Attempts To Nullify Federal Law On Incandescent Light Bulbs

How many Texas politicians does it take to screw in a non-communist light bulb?

Georgia’s New Immigration Law Leading To Crops Rotting In Farmers’ Fields

A new Georgia immigration law is causing serious problems for Georgia’s farmers.

Let’s not Forget Georgia

In addition to Alabama, we can also have Georgia on ours minds on the ongoing immigration debate.

Delta Airlines PR Gaffe Over Military Baggage

Charging soldiers $200 for an extra bag on their way home for war? Really Delta?

Judge Strikes Down Ban on Corporate Giving

The next shoe has dropped in the battle between campaign finance laws and the 1st Amendment.

Pedestrian Safety: Preventable Deaths?

Thousands of pedestrians are killed in America each year. Are we doing enough about it?

Ron Paul Says He Would Have Voted Against The 1964 Civil Rights Act

Thanks to an appearance on Hardball we’ve got another story about a 47 year old law.

King & Spalding Withdraws From DOMA Defense. Thuggery? No, Just A Business Decision

A major law firm has withdrawn from defending DOMA in Court, and a public controversy has erupted.

Supreme Court Rejects Virginia’s Petition For Expedited Review Of ObamaCare Lawsuit

The challenges to the Affordable Care Act will remain in the Courts of Appeals for now, but they’re still on a pretty fast track.

Zsa Zsa Gabor Trying to Have Kid at 94

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s 67-year-old husband says he and the 94-year-old actress are seeking to have a child through a surrogate.

What Lessons Has The Economy Learned From 2008? Apparently None.

The systemic risks of financial institutions haven’t changed much since 2008.

Affordable Care Act Lawsuits On Track For Supreme Court Review In 2012

Given the schedule they’re on in the Courts of Appeals, it is likely that the Supreme Court will rule on one or more of the lawsuits challenging the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act just before the start of the 2012 campaign.

Stop Us Before We Eat Again: The Case Against Food Paternalism

They’re from the government, and they’re here to take that tasty snack out of your hands.

How Antonin Scalia May Save The Individual Mandate

A 2005 concurring opinion from Antonin Scalia may be the piece of legal reasoning that ultimately saves the Affordable Care Act in the Courts.

Where Are America’s Jobs?

What happened to the 15 million jobs that were supposed to be created in the past 10 years but weren’t?

The NFL Stadium Shakedown

The NFL’s “especially mercenary” push to extract new stadia from cities–even where the stadium’s practically brand-new.

Mitch McConnell: Defeating Obama In 2012 Crucial To GOP Agenda

Mitch McConnell made clear today that he’s targeting Barack Obama for defeat in two years.

Fredi Gonzalez New Braves Manager

As widely rumored, Fredi Gonzalez has been hired to manage the Atlanta Braves, following the retirement of the beloved Bobby Cox.

New York Times Shocked That Clarence Thomas’s Wife Has A Job

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife Virginia is under scrutiny ? Why ? Because she has a job.