Henry Kissinger’s Annoying Habit of Being Right

Benjamin Wallace-Wells wonders with some irritation “Why Henry Kissinger Never Goes Away.”

Federal Government and Snow Days

Snow days are no longer automatic vacation days for federal workers.

Alexandros Petersen Killed in Taliban Attack

Dr. Alexandros Petersen, a scholar of Eurasian energy and a former colleague at the Atlantic Council, was killed in a bomb blast in Kabul.

Jon Huntsman New Atlantic Council Chairman

Former Utah governor and ambassador to China Jon Huntsman succeeds Chuck Hagel.

Why is Apple So Incompetent?

Why is Apple unable to meet the demand for its products?

Sell Wars That Need Selling

My latest for The National Interest has posted.

Monkey Cage Moving to Washington Post

The award-winning political science group blog The Monkey Cage is moving under the masthead of the Washington Post:

Whoever Wins, America Loses

In both Egypt and Syria, it’s damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

Back to School

Your humble host is making a career move.

John McCain: Obama’s Secret Weapon?

The president’s 2008 rival has gone from bitter foe to go-to deal broker.

Obama Administration Walking Back Obama’s Red Line

Is the White House distancing itself from the President’s “red line” remarks about Syria?

Atlantic Council Awards Dinner 2013

Last night, the Atlantic Council honored Hillary Rodham Clinton, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, John S. Watson, Tony Bennett, and Juanes.

24/7 News Even When There’s No News

A sensational story, little solid information, and instant analysis are a bad combination

Conservative News Consumers Again Surprised By Obvious

The Hagel confirmation, like Obama’s election, was big news to some avid news consumers.

The Hagel Fishing Expedition

The smear campaign against defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel has taken a bizarre turn.

The Army’s Leadership Problem

Tim Kane continues his campaign against the US military’s antiquated personnel system.

Turkey Embassy Bombing Not Another Benghazi

Ross Wilson, former US ambassador to Turkey, says yesterday’s suicide attack on our embassy in Ankara “was no Benghazi.”

Hagel Hearing Farce

My latest for The National Interest, “Ignoring the Hagel Hearing Farce,” has posted.

Cornyn To Oppose Hagel Nomination, If It Ever Comes

John Cornyn tells Jennifer Rubin that he’ll oppose the confirmation of his former colleague, Chuck Hagel, for Secretary of Defense.

Global Trends 2030

The National Intelligence Council has released its quadrennial strategic forecast, Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds.

NATO Patriots to Turkey for ‘Defensive Purposes Only’

NATO has agreed to deploy Patriot missiles along the Turkey-Syria border to protect Turkish airspace and territory, while making clear no escalation is intended.

Hurricane Sandy Open Thread

Were you impacted by Hurricane Sandy? If so, how did you fare?

Why Does Word Still Have a ‘Save’ Button?

Farhad Manjoo is trying the demo version of Microsoft Word 2013—which he likes—but notices something out of place.

Campaign Spending, Free Speech, and Disclosure

The Koch brothers will spend more money in this election cycle than the entire McCain campaign did in 2008.

Why NATO Won’t Go To War Over Syria Shooting Down Turkish Jet

Following yesterday’s shoot-down of a Turkish F-5 by Syria has once again raised the specter of NATO action under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. It’s not going to happen.

Stuxnet and America’s Cyber Credibility

The United States may have slowed down Iran’s nuclear program without firing a shot–not counting the one at our own foot.

Avoiding NATO Summit Disaster

My first piece for the Christian Science Monitor, co-authored with my Atlantic Council collegue Barry Pavel, has been posted.

Atlantic Council Awards Dinner

The Atlantic Council honored UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Britain’s Prince Harry, Unilever CEO and philanthropist Paul Polman, the enlisted men and women of the United States Armed Forces, and violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter.

Insurmountable Obstacles in Afghanistan

My latest for The National Interest,Insurmountable Obstacles in Afghanistan, has been posted.

Atlantic Council

Through a stroke of bad luck, the Atlantic Council server was down during a critical Google update

America’s Top Geostrategic Threat?

Russia is the most significant geopolitical player actively opposing significant American interests.

UK Defense Secretary Tough on Iran, Tougher on Europe

Philip Hammond addressed the Atlantic Council this morning in advance of a meeting with Leon Panetta.

Obama’s Defense Cuts: 1992 All Over Again

President Obama’s Pentagon is planning for an unlikely war with China rather than the small wars America will inevitably fight.

Can America Think Strategically?

America’s greatest statesmen fear America’s political paralysis endangers our ability to lead the world.

Kim’s Eulogy

We held Kim’s services this morning. These were my prepared remarks.

Kim Update

Russia on Combat Alert over NATO Missile Defense

We’re hearing the howls of a wounded bear.

GOP National Security Debate Live Blog

I’ll be liveblogging tonight’s Republican national security debate over at RealClearWorld along with a solid team of foreign policy analyst

The USA and the LRA

This is looking less crazy, less sudden, and less an exercise in presidential whimsy than it seemed.

Eurozone Crisis Panics Markets

A mustachioed German has once again sent the world into panic. This time, it involves euros not tanks.

Huntsman Lining Up Big Names

C. Boyden Gray, former White House Counsel and EU Ambassador, has signed on as the chair of the Jon Huntsman policy team, Mark Halperin reports.

President Obama’s Address to Parliament

While President Obama has had some amusing gaffes on his trip to London, including getting the year wrong in the guest book and an awkward toast to the Queen, his speech to Parliament today hit all the right notes.

DSK Resigns From IMF

Bowing to the inevitable, Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigned overnight as head of the IMF amidst high-level calls for his ouster in wake of a rape scandal.

Pakistan After Bin Laden: Frenemies Forever?

Changing our relationship status to Complicated.

Obama Libya Speech Post-Mortem

Ten days after sending American forces into kinetic military action in Libya, President Obama addressed the nation to explain “what we’ve done, what we plan to do, and why this matters to us.”

Libya Operation: Who’s In Charge?

Jorge Benitez has written a useful Libya Primer: Who is In Charge of Allied Forces? The short answer: No one.